Love at risk Episode 45

Love At Risk
Episode 45
I sniffed and looked up at him
” it worked”
” I still have to get out
I don’t feel too good”
he said but I just leaned on him again
” your not leaving”
there was a knock on the door
” Malia
Malia open up”
it was Amy
” is Adrian in there
the guys can’t find him”
she just had to ruin this moment
I went to the door and opened it
” he’s here”
” Malia
Have you gone insane”
she said looking at him
” why does he look normal
a little bit not okay”
” I’m not okay”
he said and rushed out
” what happened”
She asked
” I locked him in”
” what? Malia”
” isn’t it obvious
he can control himself but he finds it difficult”
” that was so risky and insane”
She said and I sat on the be-d
she sat beside me
” it’s okay Malia”
she said holding my hand
I hvgged her and found some comfort in her arms.
Amy went home the next morning
promising those guys to be back
I’m not suprised
Amy likes ma-king friends with guys and it totally su-cks.
I took up feeding the birds
I was doing that when Adrian showed up
” hey”
I said feeling nervous
it’s true
I acted totally insane last night
” thanks Malia
for last night”
” your not mad at me?
he c@m£ closer
” you showed me that I could control myself
I have no reason to be mad”
I blu-shed uncontrollably
he held me ti-ght and I leaned on him
his heart was beating so fast.
I got a call from Sasha
” hey Sasha”
” Malia
turn on the tv right now”
” what’s wrong”
she hanged up and I rushed in to turn it on
there was Adrian’s mom with the press all over her
angry crowds too
and if I’m not mistaken
right in front of their house
her face was swollen from tears
” when I had Adrian
I cried because everyone thought I was barren
he meant the world to me”
tears rolled down her cheeks
” I took him camping and everything changed from then
he was just a little boy who wandered into an old cave”
what’s she doing
” he got bitten by a mysterious spider no one has ever heard of
he’s life bec@m£ a nightmare
as a little boy
he went into depression
he couldn’t go for sleepovers
he couldn’t pl@yfootball with his friends
he had a lot of restrictions so he went into painting
every night”
she cried more
” my little boy got chained up in a basement
he bec@m£ cold and didn’t make friends
he met a girl”
the crowd were taken by the story
I felt tears gathering up in my eyes
” for the past sixteen years
his secret was save
he never la-id a scratch on any one
but he started ma-king crazy moves
going out at night
staying out late
and it was all because he was falling for a girl
on that night
everything happened because he went for her
if you all hate him
you don’t hate him for being a vampire
you hate him for being in love”
I wiped tears from my face
” it wasn’t his fault
it was a plan by Derek”
Amy shouted out
” he wanted all of you to hate him
he wanted to make him look like a threat to our lives
so he used those two guys as bait for his plan
Adrian acted out of anger and jealousy
he killed but he didn’t mean to
it was all Derek’s fault
let’s not give him the satisfaction”
” Derek is the traitor”
someone shouted and it was Liam
” Adrian is not a murderer”
a boy shouted and I recognised him from school
” he’s not”
another shouted raising a board
” Adrian is not a murderer”
they shouted like an angry mob
they were all from school .