Love at risk Episode 44

Love At Risk
Episode 44
He k!$$£d me paas-sionately holding me ti-ght
His hands went to my bu-ttons
this was definitely going to get far
I pu-ll-ed back
” I’m sorry
I’m not re-ady for S-x”
I said feeling embaras-sed
he sat back
” its okay Malia
I respect your decision”
I gave him a weak smile
” thanks”
he climbe-d beside me holding me ti-ght
I leaned on his shoulder as he stro-ked my hair
I closed my eyes and felt my heart beating so fast
” it will be night soon
get some sleep”
he said and stood up
I bited myl-ips
I almost forgot
he k!$$£d me lightly on thel-ips and walked out
I just wish that everything was normal
I wish he was normal
a tear rolled down my cheek, I cleaned it off with my index f!nger
and curled up on the be-d hvgging a pillow ti-ght.
I woke up with a slight pain in my stomach
I sat up and walked out
Amy was there talking with the two guys
” Amy”
” Malia”
I ran into her arms
” thank God your okay”
she said
” you too”
” I love it here”
she said and dragged me out with some seeds
” watch”
she said as some birds flew to her
she gave them the seeds
more c@m£
” wow
their cute”
I said feeding them too
Adrian showed up behind us
” hey”
I turned to him feeling damn shy
” you should get going
your mom must be worried”
” I don’t want to leave”
Amy chopped in
” I love these birds”
I turned back to Adrian
” let’s just take a walk”
I said to him with a smile.
After the long day
he made sure I was on be-d
” plea-se stay with me”
I said sounding stupid
” what?
You know I can’t”
I took his hand
” plea-se”
he chuckled
” tell me your joking”
I held him back
” I’m not”
he looked at me with puzzled eyes
” I nee-d you to not be a vampire tonight”
I k!$$£d him
he pu-ll-ed back
” Malia
are you okay?
I nee-d to leave, I’ll hurt you”
I feel possessed somehow
” your not leaving”
I said and walked to the door, I turned the lock
” if your ever going to hurt me
it’s going to be tonight”
” st©p acting crazy
this is not funny”
he held his head
” I nee-d to get out
let me out now”
” NO”
he gro-an ed and looked up
” let me out”
his teeths were transforming
” I won’t”
he was breathing heavily
I gulped in
he held me and pinned me to the wall
looking at my throat
I swallowed ha-rd
” look at me Adrian
I shouted and he looked up
” I nee-d you to change back
come back Adrian”
tears rolled down my cheeks
his grip softened on me
I hvgged him crying
he held me and I blinked
” Adrian?
I laughed and cried at the same time.