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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love at risk Episode 43

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Love At Risk

Episode 43



” what do you want with Adrian”

I managed to say as the pain stabbed through my stomach

” I just want him dead

nothing much”

” you animal”

I growled and he slapped me

I looked up and spat on his face

” you’ve really got some nerves”

he said as he cleaned it

he kicked my stomach

I groaned

struggling for breath

he kicked me again

” stop please”

I said almost in tears

” he’s here”

Stella said and he turned


he looked so cold

just the sight of him made my heart ache

” you want me

leave her out of it”

Derek smirked

” what do you want”

Adrian asked

” I want you dead”

” then go on

if you can”

He removed a pistol and pointed it at him

Adrian didn’t flinch

he stood still looking at him and the pistol

“are you crazy?

I’m pointing a fucking gun at you”

” go ahead and pull the trigger”

he said and I gasped

Derek scoffed and pointed the gun at me instead

” I think killing her in front of you will give you more pain”

Adrian stood still looking at him


” you think I can’t do it huh?

He said already pissed off

two guys showed up behind Adrian

” I told you to come alone”

” suprised?

Adrian said with a cold smile and one of the guys shot him in the leg

he groaned as he fell down

the gun dropped from his hand

Adrian walked to

him and held his head up with his hair

” I out smarted you this time”

” I don’t care

the whole world hates you now”

Adrian leaned in closer

” do you bother about the fact that I can rip your throat out”

I could see the fear in his eyes

” go ahead

you almost did that once”

he still managed to blab

Adrian scoffed and stood up

one of the guys was holding Stella

” I’m so sorry Adrian”

he pointed a gun at her

” please”

she said crying

he shot her in the leg

” that’s for drowning Malia”

he shot her again

” that’s for hurting her again”

” Adrian please”

she said wailing

“You don’t deserve mercy”

he said as he pointed the gun at her head

” Adrian please”

I said and he turned to me

tears rolled down my cheeks

” don’t really be a murderer”

I said with tears rolling down my cheeks

He looked back at her and dropped the gun

he came to me and carried me up

” Amy is here”

I said

” she’s fine”

he said and walked out to a car.


He lived in a deserted neighbourhood with trees

in a nice bungalow.


He laid me on the bed and used hot water on my stomach

I tried to concentrate on the pain in my stomach

but the one in my heart was more

tears rolled down my cheeks

he held my hand

” I’m sorry Malia

I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye”

I looked down at my fingers

” I understand”

” I was going to tell you

I hope you forgive me”

I looked up to meet his eyes

I missed him so much

I threw my arms around him

hugging him


I got shy and pulled away

he held me back and kissed me.



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