Love at risk Episode 43

Love At Risk
Episode 43
” what do you want with Adrian”
I managed to say as the pain stabbe-d throu-gh my stomach
” I just want him dead
nothing much”
” you animal”
I growled and he sl@pped me
I looked up and spat on his face
” you’ve really got some nerves”
he said as he cleaned it
he kicked my stomach
I gro-an ed
struggling for breath
he kicked me again
” st©p plea-se”
I said almost in tears
” he’s here”
Stella said and he turned
he looked so cold
just the sight of him made my heart ache
” you want me
leave her out of it”
Derek sm-irked
” what do you want”
Adrian asked
” I want you dead”
” then go on
if you can”
He re-moved a pistol and pointed it at him
Adrian didn’t flin-ch
he stood still looking at him and the pistol
“are you crazy?
I’m pointing a fv¢king gun at you”
” go ahead and pu-ll the trigger”
he said and I g@sped
Derek scoffed and pointed the gun at me instead
” I think killing her in front of you will give you more pain”
Adrian stood still looking at him
” you think I can’t do it huh?
He said alre-ady pissed off
two guys showed up behind Adrian
” I told you to come alone”
” suprised?
Adrian said with a cold smile and one of the guys sh0t him in the leg
he gro-an ed as he fell down
the gun dropped from his hand
Adrian walked to him and held his head up with his hair
” I out smarted you this time”
” I don’t care
the whole world hates you now”
Adrian leaned in closer
” do you bother about the fact that I can rip your throat out”
I could see the fear in his eyes
” go ahead
you almost did that once”
he still managed to blab
Adrian scoffed and stood up
one of the guys was holding Stella
” I’m so sorry Adrian”
he pointed a gun at her
” plea-se”
she said crying
he sh0t her in the leg
” that’s for drowning Malia”
he sh0t her again
” that’s for hurting her again”
” Adrian plea-se”
she said wailing
“You don’t deserve mercy”
he said as he pointed the gun at her head
” Adrian plea-se”
I said and he turned to me
tears rolled down my cheeks
” don’t really be a murderer”
I said with tears rolling down my cheeks
He looked back at her and dropped the gun
he c@m£ to me and carried me up
” Amy is here”
I said
” she’s fine”
he said and walked out to a car.
He lived in a deserted neighbourhood with trees
in a nice bungalow.
He la-id me on the be-d and used h0t water on my stomach
I tried to concentrate on the pain in my stomach
but the one in my heart was more
tears rolled down my cheeks
he held my hand
” I’m sorry Malia
I’m sorry for leaving without saying goodbye”
I looked down at my f!ngers
” I un-derstand”
” I was going to tell you
I hope you forgive me”
I looked up to meet his eyes
I missed him so much
I threw my arms around him
hvgging him ti-ght
I got shy and pu-ll-ed away
he held me back and k!$$£d me.