Love At Risk

Episode 42



Derek’s Pov

My plan B worked perfectly, too bad Ken had to die

I forgot to tell him that vampires can’t control their anger.


I’ve proven myself right, I just need him dead

I took a drink

no one knows where he is

so Malia will be a good bait to bring him out..

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Stella’s pov


” what do you still need with Adrain”

Lisa said as I paced around the room

” I know he’s a vampire

but I can’t get my mind off him

he’s cute and rich”

” he’s wanted”

Lisa added

” it doesn’t matter

I want him and that Malia is just in my way”

my phone rang

” hey Derek”

” Stella

I need you to do something”

” as long as Malia get’s killed

I’m in”.


Dylan’s pov


I went to see my parents at the mansion

mom won’t stop crying,

I saw a car in the garage

looks really new

I turned to a gardener

” hey

who’s car is that

the new one”

” oh?

Sire Adrian gave it to Malia

the maid who worked for him”

he even gave her a car

too bad he has lost her now

a smile curved my lips as I got in my car.

I went to Malia’s house

her little aunt came out

” Malia doesn’t want to see anyone”

” tell her it’s D”

” not even you

only one person and that’s Adrian”

that monster

she still loves him,

” okay”

I said and turned back

my heart aching

can’t she just love me too

it’s always Adrian.


Malia’s pov


Adrian was on everyone’s lips in school

” he was so cute”

” I still have a crush on him”

” he never spared me a glance”

I went into the rest room and sat down crying

” hey your okay?

Someone said from outside

” Yah” I managed to say

I stood up and went out to wash my face

I look so pale

I looked at the mirror and saw Stella behind me

“hey Malia”

I turned to her

” what now Stella”

” oh?

Nothing much

I just need you to come with me”

I scoffed

” has anyone ever told you that your crazy ”

she chuckled and brought out her phone

she made a phone call

” Yah

she’s here”

I heard a voice from the phone

” Malia”

” Amy?

” Malia dont listen to her”

she hanged up

” what have you done”

” oh?

It’s kinda of a bait for bait situation

come with me and your little aunt is save”

” your an animal”

I said angrily

she rolled her eyes

” common

I dont have all the time in the world”

she said and turned out.


She took me to an old building in a lonely place

I was suprised to find Derek there

” your a traitor Derek”

I said and he walked to me

he smirked and kicked me in the stomach

I groaned and fell down

” don’t worry”

he said as he took shots of me

” you’ll get Adrian here in no time”.



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