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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love at risk Episode 41

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Love At Risk

Episode 41




My knees went weak, I watched as he ran into the dark

I lost my breath, someone held me and I passed out.



I was unconcious for a couple of weeks

when I got back to my self

I learnt that Adrian had murdered two guys that night

Ken and the other guy

I found tears rolling down my cheeks

He disappeared that night and no one has heard from him.

Mom made sure I moved my things out from the mansion

Amy was at home to welcome me

” welcome back Malia”

” hey Amy”

I said

trying to find my voice,

” Malia”

she held my hand

” I know it must be hard for you”

with that

tears ran down my cheeks

” allow her Amy

she needs a lot of rest

I can’t believe my daughter almost ended up with a monster

a cold blooded killer”

she rubbed my shoulder

” thank God he didn’t lay a scratch on her”

I gulped in

” who would have thought

under that cold breath taking handsomeness

laid a vampire


Amy said

I couldn’t take it any more

I stood up and headed to my room

once inside

I closed the door and leaned on it

hot tears rolled down as the memories came back

From the day I spilled food on him on purpose

to when I knocked him down with a cup of coffee

his voice

his looks

his lips

our kiss

I can’t take all of this

how could he keep

such a dark secret from me

I sat on the floor and wept.




Mrs Allen’s pov


I can’t stop crying, no one has heard from Adrian

how could he have taken such a risk

he knew he would soon transform but he still headed to the party

all for Malia

the police won’t stop

” your son murdered two young teenagers

we don’t care about your place in the country

no one is above the law”

” I’ve told you

we don’t know where he is”

his father roared and I sobbed more

my baby

where are you Adrian.


Malia’s pov


” common

you have to eat”

mom said while I stared into space

” please Malia

eat something

your stomach is empty”

I looked at her

” I’m in love with him”

tears rolled down

” I’m in love with Adrian”

More tears rolled down

” I’m in love with a vampire

and until he shows up

I’m not eating anything”

” he’s a muderer”

I looked at her sniffing

” he is”

I wiped a tear

” because of me”.




He’s gone

Adrian is gone.

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