Love at risk Episode 41

Love At Risk
Episode 41
My knees went weak, I watched as he ran into the dark
I lost my breath, someone held me and I pas-sed out.
I was unconcious for a couple of weeks
when I got back to my self
I learnt that Adrian had murdered two guys that night
Ken and the other guy
I found tears rolling down my cheeks
He disappeared that night and no one has heard from him.
Mom made sure I moved my things out from the mansion
Amy was at home to welcome me
” welcome back Malia”
” hey Amy”
I said
trying to find my voice,
” Malia”
she held my hand
” I know it must be ha-rd for you”
with that
tears ran down my cheeks
” allow her Amy
she nee-ds a lot of rest
I can’t believe my daughter almost ended up with a monster
a cold blooded killer”
she ru-bbe-d my shoulder
” thank God he didn’t l@ya scratch on her”
I gulped in
” who would have thought
un-der that cold breath taking handsomeness
la-id a vampire
Amy said
I couldn’t take it any more
I stood up and headed to my room
once inside
I closed the door and leaned on it
h0t tears rolled down as the memories c@m£ back
From the day I spilled food on him on purpose
to when I knocked him down with a cu-p of coffee
his voice
his looks
our k!ss
I can’t take all of this
how could he keep such a dark secret from me
I sat on the floor and wept.
Mrs Allen’s pov
I can’t st©p crying, no one has heard from Adrian
how could he have taken such a risk
he knew he would soon transform but he still headed to the p@rty
all for Malia
the police won’t st©p
” your son murdered two young teenagers
we don’t care about your place in the country
no one is above the law”
” I’ve told you
we don’t know where he is”
his father roared and I sobbe-d more
my baby
where are you Adrian.
Malia’s pov
” common
you have to eat”
mom said while I stared into space
” plea-se Malia
eat something
your stomach is empty”
I looked at her
” I’m in love with him”
tears rolled down
” I’m in love with Adrian”
More tears rolled down
” I’m in love with a vampire
and until he shows up
I’m not eating anything”
” he’s a muderer”
I looked at her sniffing
” he is”
I wiped a tear
” because of me”.
He’s gone
Adrian is gone.