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February 28, 2021


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Love at risk Episode 4

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Love At Risk

Episode 4


I watched as everyone gasped, then they started whispering

the laughter was trying to force its way out of my throat

I expected him to explode but he just grabbed his phone and car key off the table and walked out

Something big is coming.


I went home feeling so excited, serves him right

the jerk feels like he owns the whole world .


Adrian’s Pov


The new girl really has some nerves

I looked at myself in the mirror

” I swear she’ll pay”

My parents own the school and I can kick her ass out any time

I picked my phone to call the principal but I stopped

I have an idea.


Malia’s Pov


I arrived at school and left to pick my books

I had my headphones plugged in my ears

I love music

I opened my locker and a bucket of red paint poured on me.


I was soaked in and out

I heard laughters and turned to see everyone with their phones

I know who’s responsible for this

I stormed to class

he was sitting there with his headset on

” hey”

I said and he looked up

I almost freezed

he looked so cute

” I believe you came to talk ”

he said and I slapped my sense back

” you”

I said pointing a finger at him


what did I want to say

Why is he so hot

He chuckled and I cleared my throat

I wonder what I look like covered in red paint

” I know you did this”

He looked back at his phone


I’m talking to him

I snatched the phone from him

He took his car key and stood up

I stepped in front of him

standing so close

” are you going insane”

he said

” you have to pay for my cloths”

I said and he scoffed

” seriously”

He drew out some notes from his trouser pocket

he wants to pay me

what a show- off

He stretched it out to me

” my cloths cost a hundred thousand dollars”

I said

” you can take the phone

it cost a million dollars”

I scoffed

” step out of my way”

He said

” force me”

I said and folded my arms

” you dont want to kiss Allen High goodbye

do you”

” oh no”

I said touching my lips

I bulged out my eyes

” but Allen High is too big

my lips will only get rough”

I smirked and leaned in closer

” or maybe I should start with you”

” what”

” common”

I said and kept my face so close to his

” are you afraid that your lips are gonna test bad



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