Love At Risk

Episode 37


” I don’t understand” I said as he slowly released me

” I know there are lot of questions running through your mind”

” of course

you suddenly turned cold to me”

” It was all about Dylan

that day at your room

you made me look like a fool”


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” I didn’t just want to choose between you two”

” and that was what got me cold

do you have feelings for him”

what in the name of

” no

I dont have feelings for him”

his hair was soaked

messing all over his face

making him damn too cute

just too cute

is he even human?

” Malia”

He said and I looked into his eyes


they were so soft and killing

” I’m in love with you”

that landed like a bomb in my head

” and I can’t stand you being in love with Dylan”

whoever told him that

He was looking at me

expecting a reply

but the words seemed too heavy

he stepped back

” I’d understand if you don’t love me

I’m a monster”

he said with a voice full of hurt

” your not a monster Adrian”

” that’s because you don’t know me”

I walked closer

” I may not know you that much

but your not a monster”

he turned his back to me

” you know

this was why I built a wall around my heart

because it hurts to be in love

so much”

he sounded like he was crying

” I love you too Adrian”

I said without a second thought and he turned to me

I ran into his arms and he held me tight

I stayed there for some time then

I lifted my face to his and gave him a tiny bite on the lips

” ouch”

he said and took my lips

his lips were so soft and hot

I melted into him

we may have kissed before

but this time the feeling was different


we love each other

and that’s all that matters.




I woke up feeling so excited

Adrian drived us home and carried me up to my bedroom where he gave me one last kiss and it was breath taking.

I headed down for my duties


his breakfast

I went to the kitchen and all the maids were staring at me

What’s going on

I walked in to find Adrian trying to cook


something is really going on

” Adrian”

I said with a soft voice

” Malia”

he walked close and gave me a peck

oh boy?

In front of all these maids

” Uhhh

what are you doing?

” making your breakfast”


Something was burning

he rushed to the oven

” oh shoot”

he said as he blew fire from whatever he was baking

It only got worse

so he threw it in the sink and turned to look at me

I giggled.



what a breakfast Adrian

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