Love at risk Episode 36

Love At Risk
Episode 36
Amy’s Pov
I can’t believe we weren’t there for Malia on her birthday
we had to travel out for a relative’s funeral
then our flight got delayed
she didn’t sound happy on phone
her mom is trying to make it up by throwing a small p@rty
I’ve been trying to contact her friends from her previous school
she’ll give me a big hvg for that,
I can’t just wait for tomorrow
I can’t wait to see my n@ûghty niece again.
Malia’s POV
I changed into my casual cloths and headed to green garden without a second thought
the evening was a dark one
no moon
it was pitch black,
I like sitting at the green garden sometimes
mostly to re-ad or just get some stuffs off my mind
it’s a really nice place
with soft thick gras-ses
which are de-ep green
it has large trees too which forms a good shade
no matter how h0t the day is
green garden is always cold
I love this place
but right now I’m freaking out
the shade makes it look so scary
Where is Sasha
I reached for my phone in my trou-ser pocket and pu-ll-ed it out
I dialed Sasha’s number
she didn’t pick up
I tried again
still no response
then I heard a really de-ep voice behind me
one I’ve never heard before
I turned
my knees becoming weak
I couldn’t see him
it was dark
and it looks like he was dressed in black
but I knew where he stood
” waiting for someone”
” Huhhhh
what are you doing here” I managed to ask
” waiting for you”
oh my God
this is another tra-p
I stepped back and ran as fast as my legs could carry me
he was running after me
this is not happening
then it got worse
there were heavy drops of rain
Oh no
I was g@sping for air
my b©dy was becoming weak
worst still
I was running de-ep into the green garden
if I could just hide and make a call,
I increa-sed my speed
I was suprised to see him in front of me
I j£rked and turned back but he held me ti-ght from behind
oh no
” let me go”
I screamed and kicked my legs
I managed to turn to him
God save me from the shock
it was Adrian
” Adrian”
” suprised?
He said still holding me ti-ght
” your voice”
still holding me ti-ght
he re-moved a tiny black thing from the collar of his jacket
” you mean this”
dont tell me its short oh
all these while
u were thinking it was Derek’s plan B
when it was all Sasha’s bigger plan.