Love at risk Episode 35

Love At Risk
Episode 35
” you’ll pay for this bit-ch
winter is coming”
she said and stormed off
” out of my way”
she shouted as she pushed someone from the door
such a drama queen
good riddance
I turned to Adrian
” hum
I managed to say
he turned away without saying a word
my heart cracked.
I went home feeling so depressed
I took a shower and went down for lunch
I was just sitting at a table when Sasha pu-ll-ed out a chair beside me
” hi girlfriend”
” don’t try to act nice with me
you betrayed me and I hate traitors ”
” what?
She said and I rolled my eyes
” I don’t get it”
” go call Stella your girlfriend
cause your now allies with her”
” Stella
the girl at the competition?
” no
the girl at the banquet”
” I don’t have anything to do with her
We just talked about you during the competition
what’s wrong Malia”
I rolled my eyes again
” you betrayed me
you told her I hate large bodies of water so she could drown me”
she laughed
” common Malia
be serious for once”
I lowered my lashes at her
” your really serious?
Oh my God
did she try to drown you”
” no
she was probably using me to shoot a movie”
” I had no idea
I’m so sorry
are you okay?
” does it look like I’m dead”
” I said it with no bad intentions
plea-se Malia
you have to believe me
I’m so sorry”
She looks honest
to tell you the truth, I do believe her
acting tough is just my thing
” Malia?
I rolled my eyes and looked away
” okay
I’ve got something for you”
I poked my nose up in the air
she ran off and c@m£ back with a small cake
” I just thought of giving you an advance birthday treat”
that certainly got my attention
I turned to her
” who’s birthday is it”
” tell me your joking
you can’t possibly forget your own birthday”
oh my God
I did forget
I gave her a big hvg
” thanks Sasha”
I said and pu-ll-ed away
” I forgot my own birthday”
I said and chuckled
” I’m so sorry for accusing you
Stella really got into my head”
” it’s okay”
she said
” but don’t you think that you should have given me the cake tomorrow”
” nah
I have bigger plans for tomorrow”
oh really
” wait for it”
she said in a whisper and I giggled
” can’t wait
let’s eat the cake
it looks yummy”
I said
” did you make it?
” yes
anything for you girlfriend”
” Oh my gosh
I’m sure it’s really yummy”
I said and we laughed.
I went into Adrian’s room to clean up
he wasn’t in
I went on cleaning
I felt someone in the room
I turned to see him at his wardrobe
in only a towel
I gulped in nervously
and turned back trying to focus on cleaning
” can you leave
I want to dress up”
he said and I turned
his voice was so cold
” okay”
I said and walked out
I went to the rest room
my heart was burning and tears were clouding up in my eyes,
I sobbe-d quietly
trying to let the pain out
why does it hurt to be in love
I can’t even stand him being cold to me.
I woke up with a heavy heart the next morning
it was a saturday
I went on with my duties
and tried to ignore the stab in my heart
I cried twice or thrice
if not more than that,
Sasha was out the whole day.
I took a walk around the house in the evening
I st©pped by the pool
my phone beeped and I took it out from my dress pocket
It was a message from Sasha
” meet me at the green garden
call me when you get there”
the green garden?
what do you think
is it Sasha’s bigger plan
or Derek’s plan B.