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May 12, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love at risk Episode 35

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Love At Risk

Episode 35



” you’ll pay for this bitch

winter is coming”

she said and stormed off

” out of my way”

she shouted as she pushed someone from the door

such a drama queen


good riddance

I turned to Adrian

” hum


I managed to say

he turned away without saying a word

my heart cracked.




I went home feeling so depressed

I took a shower and went down for lunch

I was just sitting at a table when Sasha pulled out a chair beside me

” hi girlfriend”

” don’t try to act nice with me

you betrayed me and I hate traitors ”

” what?

She said and I rolled my eyes

” I don’t get it”

” go call Stella your girlfriend

cause your now allies with her”

” Stella

the girl at the competition?

” no

the girl at the banquet”

” I don’t have anything to do with her

We just talked about you during the competition

what’s wrong Malia”

I rolled my eyes again

” you betrayed me

you told her I hate large bodies of water so she could drown me”

she laughed

” common Malia

be serious for once”

I lowered my lashes at her

” your really serious?

Oh my God

did she try to drown you”

” no

she was probably using me to shoot a movie”

” I had no idea

I’m so sorry

are you okay?

” does it look like I’m dead”

” I said it with no bad intentions

please Malia

you have to believe me

I’m so sorry”

She looks


to tell you the truth, I do believe her

acting tough is just my thing

” Malia?

I rolled my eyes and looked away

” okay

I’ve got something for you”

I poked my nose up in the air

she ran off and came back with a small cake

” I just thought of giving you an advance birthday treat”

that certainly got my attention

I turned to her

” who’s birthday is it”

” tell me your joking

you can’t possibly forget your own birthday”

oh my God

I did forget

I gave her a big hug

” thanks Sasha”

I said and pulled away

” I forgot my own birthday”

I said and chuckled

” I’m so sorry for accusing you

Stella really got into my head”

” it’s okay”

she said

” but don’t you think that you should have given me the cake tomorrow”

” nah

I have bigger plans for tomorrow”

oh really

” wait for it”

she said in a whisper and I giggled

” can’t wait

let’s eat the cake

it looks yummy”

I said

” did you make it?

” yes

anything for you girlfriend”

” Oh my gosh

I’m sure it’s really yummy”

I said and we laughed.




I went into Adrian’s room to clean up

he wasn’t in

I went on cleaning

I felt someone in the room

I turned to see him at his wardrobe

in only a towel

I gulped in nervously

and turned back trying to focus on cleaning

” can you leave

I want to dress up”

he said and I turned

his voice was so cold

” okay”

I said and walked out

I went to the rest room

my heart was burning and tears were clouding up in my eyes,

I sobbed quietly

trying to let the pain out

why does it hurt

to be in love

I can’t even stand him being cold to me.




I woke up with a heavy heart the next morning

it was a saturday

I went on with my duties

and tried to ignore the stab in my heart

I cried twice or thrice

if not more than that,

Sasha was out the whole day.




I took a walk around the house in the evening

I stopped by the pool

my phone beeped and I took it out from my dress pocket

It was a message from Sasha

” meet me at the green garden

call me when you get there”

the green garden?





what do you think

is it Sasha’s bigger plan

or Derek’s plan B.

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