Love At Risk

Episode 34



Malia’s Pov


I got discharged that day,

I felt exhausted as I fell on the bed

exhausted from nothing

the door swinged open and Adrian walked in

” sorry to disturb ”

he said as I sat up

” no

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it’s okay”

he sat on the bedside

” I’m glad your okay”

” all thanks to you and D”

” what?

He did nothing


he did help me take you to the hospital”

” I don’t get it

why is he here”

” he’s my brother”

” your brother”

I said again

” he was just adopted

and I’ve been wondering why”

I reached for his hand

my heart was beating so fast

When will he ask me out

I know he loves me

or I think he does

but he hasn’t said anything

I really don’t want to look desperate

I drew back my hand

” its okay

you guys will probably get along”

” probably”

I punched his shoulder

” hey

deal with it, he’s your brother”

just then he walked in

” hey D

we were just talking about you”

” good to know”

he said coldly

looking at Adrian

I glanced at Adrian

his eyes were cold too


don’t tell me they hate each other

” Malia

its time for practice”

he said

” sorry

we’re about going out”

Adrian said and I sent him a confused look

he’s got to be kidding me

” practice is more important dude”

D said

” I know what’s important

and what’s not”

Adrian said

” Malia is coming with me”

D said

” your too late

some other time”

he said and looked at me

” why don’t you get dressed”

” Malia dont listen to him

you know practice is more important”


I’ve got to settle this

” I’m not going anywhere”

I said and laid on the bed

D stormed out

Adrian just stood up,

I looked up at him

” bye”

I said and drew the blanket over my head,

I heard him walk out

I breathed in heavily

then released it out .




school was boring for me

maybe because Adrian was all cold and ice to me

he’s been ignoring me and it hurts

I dont know why he’s acting that way

I dont want to ask either,

I sat down at a table with my food during lunch break

I didn’t have the appetite

but I just picked something into my mouth

I saw a hand on my table

I looked up to meet Stella’s eyes

I think it was her

she made me drown

” hello there


can I join you”

she pulled out a chair

” you bitch

you made me drown”

” are you sure darling

I think your having a hard time recalling things”

” it was you”

I stood up with anger

” oh?

How did I know that you dislike water

someone must have tipped me off”


” I ‘m sorry

I know she ‘s a friend”

I took my food and poured it on her

she gasped and stood up

she was about giving me a slap

a hand held her hand down

” lay a finger on her

and your ass is out of Allen High”





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