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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love at risk Episode 33

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Love At Risk

Episode 33


” Malia”

I said again as she tried keeping her eyes open,

but she closed them back

” Malia”

she didn’t move

What should I do now

I need to get her to a hospital

but I can’t go under the sun

a red flashing car drove to us and stopped at the shade

Dylan stepped out

” get in”

he’s saving my ass again

I don’t have much of a choice right now

so I got in,

the clouds darkened

the sun disappeared

all of a sudden

there were heavy rain drops

he drived to the nearest hospital,

I carried her in and she was taken into a ward,

I sat down waiting with Dylan

he followed me

this guilt just ran through me

I was so mean to him

I ran my fingers through my hair

why did he choose to help

I think I should put the hatred aside and get along with him

the doctor came out

” how is she doc”

Dylan asked before I could

” she’ll be fine

you can talk to her in two hours ”

” thanks doc”

he said and the man left

” Dylan”

I called and he turned

apologising is not really my thing

” I just wanted to thank you

for coming to get us”

” that’s what brothers do


” I was mean to you”

” you were just having a hard time taking everything in

that’s okay”

he looks so good

that makes me the bad guy

” you can go home if

you want

I’ll look after her”

” No

I’ll stay back too”

I said .




Derek’s Pov

” I can’t believe this

she’s alive

that bitch is alive”

Stella said angrily,

I poured some wine into a glass

I turned to her

” don’t get a heart attack

there’s always plan B”

I said and took a sip

” and I’ve got the perfect plan”,

he can’t prove me wrong by not getting burnt

he’s going to pay for trying to kill me.



Adrian’s Pov


We sat down waiting,

a nurse walked to us

” she’s awake now”

” great”

Dylan said and hurried to the ward

I did too

” Adrian”

she called and I went to her side

” hey”

I brushed some strands of hair from her face

Dylan held her other hand

” D

what are you doing here ”

” I’ll explain everything later”

he said and rubbed her hand

Is he making moves on her

I felt a stab of jealousy ,

” are you hungry

can I get something for you”

he said


He’s not the only one who cares

” don’t bother Dylan

I’ll get something for her”

” its okay

I don’t mind”

” I dont mind too

I know Malia’s favourites”

she arched an eyebrow at me


she knows I’m lieing

” I know her favourites too”

he insisted

Good Grief,

” you know what guys”

Malia jumped in

” I dont think I’m hungry”

he shot me a glare

guess he won’t be so good again,

I licked my lips

If he’s trying to compete with me for Malia,

he picked the wrong guy.



Malia get ready

they are coming for you.

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