Love at risk Episode 32

Love At Risk
Episode 32
Adrian’s POV
I can’t just seem to gr-ab everything in
Mom and dad had an adopted son all these while
its sort of a relieve that he’s adopted
” he got kidnapped and we never saw him again ”
she said and gave his hand a gentle squee-ze
” I don’t get it
why did you have to adopt him when you had me”
herl-ips opened slightly
then it closed back
” why is it so difficult for you to say”
” common dude
are you mad?
” I didn’t say a word to you”
” your talking to my mother”
” she’s not your mother”
” don’t try to act all tough,
you should be thanking me for saving your dirty secret”
” enough you two”
mom said
How did he know,
” you two have to get along as brothers”
I looked at him with rage
I know he saved me
I don’t just get the hatred
” I really don’t have time for this”
I said and walked out.
I had a cold shower and fell on the be-d
I had a lot of things running throu-gh my mind
who kidnapped him
what for
where has he been all these years
I mean
this dude owns a car and also belongs to a dance crew
he looks so well off,
A message entered my phone
it re-ad
” Looks like someone is going out un-der the sun today”
” who the hell are you”
I texted back
” doesn’t matter”
my heart was pounding so fast
” you see
I’m sorry this had to happen”
what’s this all about
” uhh
Malia is about to die soon”
” don’t you dare t©uçh a strand of her hair”
” oh?
Someone is furious
I’m scared”
” is this just a game
what do you want”
” nothing
I thought I’d be kind enough to tell you that Malia is drowning
and if you care for her
you won’t want her dead”
My breath got stucked in my throat
” Rue de Rivoli street
behind the theatre
River seine,
those are the details you nee-d
I’m sure you dont want her dead”
I hurried off to get dressed
I picked my car key and ran out.
Derek’s Pov
Everything is going as planned
by the time he gets there
Malia would be dead alre-ady
Stella gets her p@rt of the deal
If he gets burnt by the sun
I get mine.
Adrian’s Pov
My heart was racing so fast
My palms were we-t,
I pu-ll-ed over behind the theatre
I stepped down from the car
Trying as much as possible to avoid contact with the sun
I ran to the river and jumped in
it was ha-rd to see anything
I sp©tted something white
I swimmed close
it was her
Looking lifeless
I hurried to her and held her
I swimmed to the t©p to take in some air
I almost got burnt so I dived in again,
I held her ti-ght and swimmed
I went to the surface again
it was cold
we were near a big tree with a good shade,
I swimmed out
I carried her and walked to the tree,
I la-id her down and pressed her che-st
nothing c@m£ out,
I su-cked from her mouth
still nothing
she can’t be dead
I pressed her che-st again
” common Malia
open your eyes plea-se”
she didn’t move
tears rolled down my cheeks,
I held her and took herl-ips
maybe this was going to be the last
I k!$$£d her like my life depended on it,
she coughed
I looked up
she coughed again
this time some water escaped her mouth,
” Malia”
she blinked her eyes open.
thank God she’s okay
her prince knight went to the rescue.