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March 7, 2021


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Love at risk Episode 3

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Love At Risk

Episode 3


She finally caught me and emptied the whole bowl of flour on me

I spitted out some from my mouth, she laughed and took pictures of me

“I wish it was halloween cause you look like a ghost” she said

I tried cleaning myself but only ended up coughing and spitting out more flour.


It was night already and I retired to my room, I removed my diary from my secret place to write on it

I hide it from Amy, she’s such a troublesome aunt

I slipped it back when I was done writing and fell on the bed looking at my locket

Dad gave it to me before he died and I wear it every time

it has a picture of the both of us when I was three

tears rolled down my cheeks

I still miss him very much

I hugged my pillow as I cried the more.


( The next day)

I was late to school again, this is all Amy’s fault she should be waking me up

I was relieved when I didn’t find a teacher in class but the jerk was there

he’s acting like he owns the world and it annoys me

During lunch, while everyone shared a table he had one all to himself

A thought came into my head, I smiled and walked to the table with my food

I pulled out a chair and sat down dropping my food on the table

he looked up but I ignored him and went on eating

“what do you think your doing” he asked rudely

“what does it look like I’m doing” I said and scooped more food into my mouth

“get off my table now” he bawled making everyone turn

I pretended to look around

“I can’t find a name on it”


he almost exploded

“don’t you dare try my patience”

“fine” I said and stood up

my plan was working perfectly

I pretended to trip and emptied my food on him

I saw everyone gasp.



Malia is something else

sorry its short

I’m busy.

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