Love at risk Episode 27

Love At Risk
Episode 27
” Adrian you’re in love with Malia?”
“Mum… I swear, I.. I didn’t intend to hurt you or something but….. Malia..” I gulped in nervously
“Malia is the best thing that ever happened to me… She showed me to a new p@rt of me that I’m willing to hold unto… She… I don’t know… I’m in love with Malia”
The tears flew recklessly down her cheeks, my bones weren’t supportive, I love Malia but my mom too, and I get this burning s-en-sation in my heart whenever I see her cry.
“Ever since the incident in the camp that turned you into… into a… vam… vampire” she sniffed “Ever since then my life bec@m£ a nightmare, my little boy was struggling with something deadly and I couldn’t help him…..” she kept quiet and the tears flew more, her hands trailed the painting and rested on the painting’s smile
“It’s been a real long time since I saw a genuine smile on your face Adrian,…. Malia always had her’s … She always had a smile plastered on her face” she sniffed again then looked up to me and smiled in her tears
“Malia was kind enough to share her smile with you…” her tears began flowing again.
I just stood there staring at her, battling with my emotions and thoughts, is she okay with Malia and I or?
“I’m really sorry Adrian but…..” she sniffed again
“I never saw this day coming, I can’t control it, my boy is honestly…. Honestly in love… I feel like I’ve finally seen light in a dark tunnel… You’ve never been this happy in a long while now”
My heart cracked open and many things gushed out, pain, res£ntment, hate, anger, fear…Many things that I’ve been holding in for years gushed out…. The tears that I’ve been too cold to cry ran h0tly down my heart literally this point happy is an un-derstatement, I had a glimpse of heaven.
I ran into my mum’s embr@ce, like a little boy I used to be, I missed the feeling of letting anyone love or care for me… In here in my mum’s arms was warmth, care, love, and joy. As I closed my eyes enjoying every minute in her arms, Malia’s face sli-pped into my mind, I saw her smile, the smile that she shared with me…our smile….a broad smile crept on my face..
Malia’s POV
“One! two! three! bend!! Spiiin and roll” the instructor yelled as we danced according to his instructions
” I said spin and roollll! For godsakes guys, roll!” He placed his hands on his head
“One more time guys…. One! Two! Three! bend! spin and roll!” We danced ma-king sure that we got the steps right
” Perfection! Thank you… We’ll meet again next time…
And Malia work on your fli-ps” with that he packed his bags and left
Oh heavens, my b©dy ached, I ran throu-gh my bags, picked my and cleaned my sweat as I sat on the ground
” Hey”
I lifted my head and saw D
” Oh Hey, how are you?”
“Good” he said sitting beside me
“Your wound?”
“I’m alot better, wasn’t so bad” he answered
My mind wandered to the story he gave of how he got wounded, he said that a human monster attacked him. That he sh0t it on it’s shoulder… My mind flashed back to Adrian’s wound..
No, it couldn’t be, I was just imagining things..
” Let me drop you off” he said standing up.
He stretched his hands to me and I took it standing up
We walked out of the practice building hanging our bags.
He opened the door of his car for me and I got in and he shut it.
I gave him a weak smile and rested my head on the chair and closed my eyes.
Adrian plea-se, I’m just imagining things right.
“You okay?” D asked as he turned the engine on
I smiled weakly
” Yeah, sure”
” I really want to thank you for believing in me, many people said I was just imagining things. The cops even ceased my gun saying it was illegal”
” No nee-d to thank me” I told him.
He drove into the road. We were silent all the while.
My b©dy still ached but now my head joined in…
” I know who is behind my wounds”
I blinked twice looking at him
” You mean that you know the vampire?”
” Yeah…. at least I have a strong suspect… I can prove it”
I gulped..
” Who is it?”
” He is in our school” he said and ti-ght£ñed his grip on the steering and glanced at me
” He is Adrian”
My heart st©pped…….
Ad..? .. Adrian??
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