Love at risk Episode 26

Love At Risk
Episode 26
Okay now… I didn’t feel anything, I expected to feel a few bones crack, but all I felt was nothing.
I opened my eyes to see Adrian hold his hands, the grip was so ti-ght that I can bet he cracked some bones.
With his grip becoming tense, Adrian gave a cold piercing stare at the guy but didn’t say a word to him.
The guy’s face was a mixture of pain and a struggle to look tough… Finally the guy blurted
” I’m sorry girl”
Adrian looked at me for confirmation of the apology, my head grew big! I folded my arms and tilted my head to the left still staring at the guy
“Well…. Uhh.. fine…. that will do”
I said with the most plea-sant girl smile ever!
Adrian let go of the guy’s hand, the guy held his hands and jogged off glancing back once…
I took a few steps forward and turned back,
” Sorry for bu-mping into you anyways” I called out to the guy between chuckles.
A car drive past me immediately almost knocking me down, Adrian pu-ll-ed me to the left side of the road, ” the safe side”.
“Behave yourself Malia before you become an actual imbecile ”
My eyes bulged.. He really did just talk to me like a lil girl! I pouted my mouth to protest but he asked.
“Wanna go to the park?”
“Yeah, sure!”
I smiled, I was beginning to love the air around us, Adrian was becoming free with me!!
Adrian’s POV
We had gotten to the park and sat on a chair, the park was deserted save for a few group of people around.
The gras-ses were full and greener, the flowers grew everywhere in their different petal colours, but daises dominated.
It was literally my first time of noticing these little details, like the big tree that fed all the birds, and how each bird sang after a nice meal on the tree.
The sight was beautiful.
I watched Malia as she stretched her legs and took a de-ep breath __smiling__ . There was something about her, there was an unexplainable energy that she carried, it radiated around her, it was contagious.
I had intentionally dropped my phone
I wanted to spend time with a normal human.
There was this strange feeling stirring up in me… I felt like I wanted to tell her everything and just live a normal life __by her side__
“Adrian” she called my name with a sm-irk
” You’ve improved ”
she said patting my back,
” You’re not with your phone for the first time since I met you” she said chuckling.
I laughed ha-rd and she joined in , we laughed so ha-rd that tears sli-pped from my eyes
” My phone will definitely nag when I hold her again” I managed to say
“Too bad! She’ll be jealous of me ” Malia cracked again…
1 hour just went by and we were still talking, about foods, clubs, life, pas-sion and a whole lot
” Okay now, back to your question, you asked what my greatest fear is?” Malia chatted
” Well…… I have a great fear for water, large b©dy kinda water…… You know,.. that’s how my dad died.. he drowned on his way back from a trip….. Sooo, ever since, I’ve had several nightmares of water .. and.. panic attacks because of it”. She said with her eyes lowered as she fiddled with her f!ngers
” I’m.. I’m , really sorry Malia .. must have been traumatising” I said with my eyes piercing into her’s
She smiled drly and to-re the gaze ..
Deciding that the air was tense I asked,
” So you don’t swim?”
” Mock me all you want” she said with a sm-irk
“Not my intentions, lady” I chuckled
” Well … I really don’t have much to say” I started,
” just that I hate the sun and I prefer staying indoors at night and I don’t get along well with my dad”
” Wow, thats a whole lot” she replied, keeping her eyes in mine
” Why don’t you like the sun?”
My pulse raced, my palms felt sweaty, I couldn’t get myself to tell her the truth, she had been completely honest with me but I couldn’t
” Nothing…” I looked away from her, I’m sorry Malia but I can’t tell you this one.
Her phone beeped and she took it out and re-ad a message, must have been a good one because she smiled
” What’s it? ” I asked
” I’ve gotta get going, it’s the crew, we’ve been selected for a dance competition. Her smile grew bigger.
We got up and I bent down and picked her shoes, it was the least I could do for her and as for that group of six fv¢king male dancers, I would squee-ze out their blood if I get the chance, thanks to them this was ending.
I noticed her cheeks burned with rose colour as she saw that I carried her shoes for her
” Thanks Adrian” she blu-shed again
I st©pped in front of her and looked in her eyes, what the cra-p is happening to me.
My heart burned. Her eyes, those puppy eyes, I couldn’t get them off my head
” Thank you Malia, I had a great day because of you” I looked at her , the rose colour on her cheeks grew
My gaze ran down her fulll-ips, h0t strawberry is all it looked like… I wanted to k!ssevery single life out of them. I gulped in feeling nervous… It was my first time of initiating a k!ss
My br@in st©pped functioning
Slowly I leaned in, p@rted myl-ips, I felt her breathe on myl-ips, her eyelashes ca-ressed my face as she closed her eyes, slowly I placed myl-ips on her’s, heat built up inside me as she responded, I savoured every p@rt of herl-ips, her hands trailed up to my hair c@r£ss!ngit.. My heart ti-ght£ñed, my hands ran down her slender hands to her w@!st as I pu-ll-ed her closer till there was no space left between us.
Slowly we withdrew p@n-ting for breathe.. she bit herl-ips
” Remember you asked about my favorite colour?” I asked
” Yeah?” She said still blu-shing
” My favorite colour is the rose colour on your cheek”. I answered with a smile
We laughed, sure could win numerous awards for blu-shing…
She sli-pped her hands into mine as we walked towards the car, I love you so much Malia, you’re the first girl to capture my heart.
I held her hands firmly, I will never let her go, I will always protect her, I knew that…
Still smiling I walked into the house after returning my car keys to the key keeper .
I recalled everything that happened today.
Was sure the best day of my life.
Opening the door to my painting room, I s-en-sed someone was there, I got into the room being alert.
It was my mom, that was a relief.. Her back faced me, my eyes trailed to the painting in her hands,the painting that resembled Malia…cra-p!
” You love her don’t you?” Her voice c@m£
I didn’t know what to say, she wouldn’t approve of it
“I….. I”
She turned and faced me ..
with a teary eye she said
” Adrian you’re in love with Malia?”
Adrian is that trouble you’re in?
I fulfilled my promise 🙃
Dear ghost re-aders 😏
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