Love at risk Episode 20

Love At Risk
Episode 20
He suddenly went out of the car,
” Adrian”
he c@m£ to my side of the car and opened the door
” what’s wrong with you
for God’s sake”
he dragged me out
” you can’t leave me here
He left me and got in the car
” Adrian”
he drived away
I cried till I was choking on my tears
what did I do to him
I saw a car coming
it was Derek
he st©pped beside me
” Derek”
he c@m£ out
” did he hurt you”
I hvgged him ti-ght
” its okay
I’ll take you home”
” okay”
I said and got in the car with him
” so you followed us
why didn’t you st©p him from taking me”
” I’m sorry
I can’t stand up to Adrian in his parent’s school”
” so what if he hurted me”
” your just stressed out
I’ll drop you off, we can talk tomorrow”
I kept quiet
I’ve never felt so scared.
He dropped me off and I went to my room
I fell on the be-d and curled up to sleep.
I kept on having scary dreams
I saw Derek drowning in a pool of blood
I screamed and woke up sweating
it looked so real,
I sat up for a while
then went back to sleep
I had another dream
he was calling out for help
” Derek”
” help
He’s going to kill me
blood gushed out from his throat
I screamed again and woke up
it was morning alre-ady
I took my phone and called him
he wasn’t picking up
” oh no
plea-se answer your phone”
I called the third time and he picked up
” Derek
are you okay”
” he’s not”
” D?
” Yah
I’m with his phone
Derek got attacked by something strange yesterday night”
tears rolled down my cheeks
” he’s not dead”
” he’s not?
I said cleaning my cheeks
” he has some injuries
that’s all”
“I’m coming to see him”
” okay
I’ll pick you up”
I hanged up
my hands couldn’t st©p shaking
what’s going on.
I dressed up in a black jeans with a grey pu-ll over
I packed my hair into a cap and went out
I saw Adrian’s parent hold him in
he was sh0t in the arm
oh my God
what happened
” don’t worry Malia
we’ll take care of him”
his dad said
this is the first time he’s talking to me
I looked at Adrian and our eyes caught
My heart jumped
I felt scared all of a sudden.
I walked out to see D waiting
I got in his car and he drived off.
We got to a hospital
Derek was in a ward
talking to some police
we walked in
the other guys were there,
” I know what I’m saying
I’m not insane
it was a human kind of beast”
” did you see its face”
” no
it was dark”
” tell us everything you can”
” I was going home from Prom
after droping my friend off
It was a quiet drive home
then something jumped on my car and broke the front glas-s
it looked like a guy
and I’m telling you
whatever it was
it was after ripping off my throat
so I sh0t it”
” so you have an illegal pistol”
” I keep it for protec-tion”
” but its not legal”
” what’s the meaning of this
I almost got killed
and all you can say is my pistol isn’t legal”
” can you question him later”
Liam said
” he’s been throu-gh a lot alre-ady”
” yes
you may leave”
Mason said
the policemen walked out
” they won’t even believe me”
” we believe you”
I said
relieved that he’s not dead
but wait
Adrian was brou-ght home sh0t
” so Derek
you said this thing looks like human”
” yeah
I’m sure”
” where did you shoot it”
” I sh0t randomly
but I saw it hold it’s arm”
he said and my heartbeat st©pped.
Adrian’s Pov
I sat down with a glas-s of wine
I can’t remember a thing from yesterday night
ap@rt from dropping Malia on a deserted road
I drank more of my wine
I nee-d to get drun!k
dad was walking around the room
mom sat down crying
he c@m£ to me
a sl@p landed on my face
” how could you let this happen
you could have been killed”
I t©uçhed my cheeks
did he just
sl@p me
” you ingrate”
he wanted to sl@p me again
I held his hand
” don’t make the same mistake”
I said and flinged his hand aside
” son”
mom said
” I know you probably did it because you love her
” I don’t love her”
” I know you do
but the thing is
you can’t
you’ll put her life at risk
and your secret too
so you can’t love her
I think she has to leave”
” mom
you can’t do that”
” I have to
your taking things too far
she’s leaving Allen High too”
” why
because you think I love her”
” no
because you love her
its too risky
she has to be far from you
I’m sorry”
” you can’t take her away”
” we have to”
I felt a rising anger
” you’ve never cared about how I feel
you think I love being a monster
I love being chained up in a basement
while you guys have your evening dinners
and night p@rties”
” Adrian”
” I’m tired of everything
I never asked for a camp in the woods”
” it wasn’t our fault”
dad said
” of all the kids
I’m the one who gets bitten by a mysterious spider
I’m the one who’s life gets ruined ”
” we know how you feel”
“no you don’t
and then you say I can’t fall in love
but your happily married with dad”
” I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to hurt you”
” we have to get rid of her
for good”
dad said
” you don’t have a say on this
if you do love her
stay away from her
this is all her fault
ever since she showed up
you’ve been proving an insanity or the other”
” if she leaves
I leave too”.
Now the real story begins.