Love at risk Episode 2

Love At Risk
Episode 2
There was a teacher with this Harry Potter glas-ses
I cleared my throat and let out a weak laughter “good morning sire”
“and you are? He asked rudely
“Malia Hals, I’m sorry for coming late, really really sorry if there’s a bigger word for sorry I’d say it, I promise never to come late again” I said and formed some puppy eyes
“get in”
“thank you sire”
I said and walked in to take my seat, looking for my number, I finally saw it, there was a cute guy in a red pu-llover
I sat down and glanced at him
wait! I know him
he’s Adrian
immediately the man went out I said hi smiling, he didn’t even turn “I’m Malia and have always wanted to meet you ”
he pu-ll-ed on his headset
what? Who the hell does he think he is
I’m trying to be friendly and he’s acting like a j£rk, I rolled my eyes and sat back
I saw the other students laugh at me
what’s funny or am I sharing a clas-s with phychos.
Adrian’s Pov
I’m not suprised that the new girl is trying to flir-t alre-ady, they are all the same
we had our last clas-s and everyone poured out, some going for after school clas-ses.
I pu-ll-ed on my hood and walked out heading to my car, I saw Lydia leaning on it
she’s another girl who really gets on my nerves
“hey handsome” I looked up and my forehead got burnt
“are you okay” she asked, I just got in my car and speed off.
Mum sat beside me on the be-d applying some cream on my forehead
“it didn’t burn bad, be more careful next time”
I didn’t say anything
” I’m so sorry Adrian, if there’s anything have been regretting for the past sixteen years is taking you camping, none of this would have happened I’m so sorry”
“its okay mum, it wasn’t your fault”
“but it feels like it is, I should have been a better mother, I should have watched over you I was so careless, I blame myself for everything”
she said crying and I felt bad
“what happens when people find out, they don’t even believe in vampires I don’t want anyone seeing you as a monster”
“mum, no one will ever find out”
she pu-ll-ed me into a hvg, she pu-ll-ed away and arranged my hair
“I have a really cute son” she said smiling
“get some sleep I’ll have the chef prepare your food”
“okay mum” she pe-cked my cheek and went out
I lied down pu-lling on my headset.
Malia’s Pov
I gro-an ed as I sat on a chair in the the kitchen “how was school” Amy asked preparing lunch
“annoying, why didn’t you wake me up”
“you should learn how to wake yourself up”
she said
” but you know I’m bad at that”
“that’s why you have to learn”
she said
“so did you have a crush”
“what? No
everyone there is grumpy especially that j£rk called Adrian
“oh my God, Adrian Allen
his parents own the school you should really respect him”
“like I should li-ck his as-s”
“that wasn’t what I said”
“I hate him, just the sound of his name makes me wanna puke ”
“Adrian ”
“are you trying to get on my nerves”
she said again
“now your really picking on me Amy”
“Adrian Adrian Adrian” she sang
I scooped a handful of flour and poured on her
she picked a whole bowl and I ran out.
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