Love at risk Episode 19

Love At Risk
Episode 19
” Its polite to accept an apology”
” well?
Its not polite to break a girl’s wrist”
” but I just apologised”
” I don’t nee-d your apology”
” fine
I take it back”
he said
” whatever”
I said becoming hurted all of a sudden
why should he take his apology back
A doctor c@m£ to check on me the next day
I was given some drugs
it feels so good to be sick
I’ve sle-pt all day
on a big comfortable be-d with soft pillows
I wish I can have a room like this
Once I’m okay
I’ll go back to that tiny room
I have to keep on acting sick.
The guys went with me to a mall to pick a dress for Prom
There were so many choices
D kept staying close to me
what’s his problem,
I finally picked a long red go-wn which was so shaping
The back was open
it would go perfectly with silver jewelries.
I’m still staying in the big room
its a dream come true
I la-id my dress on the be-d
with my jewelries and shoes
the long awaited Prom
girls will be dressed to kill.
I sat at the mirror combing my hair
I don’t feel like a maid
I feel like a princess in a castle
I combe-d my hair into curly waves
It was so black and shiny.
I’m done
I looked at myself in the mirror
I look like a princess
going to a ball.
Adrian’s Pov
I sat at the cabinet drinking when Malia c@m£ down
I almost choked
She looked so beautiful
I couldn’t get my eyes off her
I know she’s going to Prom
A guy with corn rows c@m£ in
” Derek
your here”
she said excitedly
mom c@m£ down
” Adrian
its late”
she said
I watched them walk out together
I felt a burning anger.
Its time to go back to the animal I am
I get chained up in a basement
while Malia goes to Prom with another guy
” son”
mom said as I st©pped in front of the basement
” I’m not getting chained up”
” what?
mom said looking scared
” I’m going to Prom”
” but you can’t”
” Yah I can’t
so Malia shouldn’t be out there with another guy”
” your not thinking straight”
” I am mom”
I held her into the basement and locked her in
” you can’t st©p me”.
Malia’s Pov
I was having fun with Derek
” Adrian”
I heard girls scream
I saw him
he wasn’t dressed for Prom
he wore a black jeans
with a black jacket
He walked to me
” Adrian”
I said
he gr@bb£d my hand
” your coming with me”
he said
wait! What?
He dragged me out with everyone staring
” Adrian
let me go
your hurting me”
I said
he pushed me into his car
” Adrian”
I said getting scared
” let me go
he got into the car and drived out
” where are you taking me to”
I said crying
” just shut up”
he roared and I cried the more
” don’t hurt me plea-se”
he st©pped in a deserted road
I shivered
He sat still with his hands on the wheels
” where are we”
I said sniffing
he leaned his head on the wheels
breathing heavily
” get out”
he said
his voice was so de-ep
” are you okay?
I said and moved my hand to t©uçh his shoulder.
I think Malia is in danger.