Love at risk Episode 17

Love At Risk
Episode 17
He’s really crazy, ” I’m waiting”
he said and sat on the couch
his eyes on me
” I know what your trying to do
your trying to make me k!ssyour uglyl-ips”
he chuckled
” like you haven’t k!$$£d them before”
” what do you mean by that”
he stood up and walked to me
” you c@m£ throwing yourself on me
don’t act like you can’t remember”
I found myself laughing
I laughed so ha-rd
” what’s funny”
he said looking disgusted
” your lie su-cks”
He scoffed
” why should I lie to you”
” I was wondering the same thing”
I said and he chuckled
” fine
I don’t care if you believe me or not”
” don’t dream of it
your never going to get that chance”
I said proudly
” your really insane
you know a lot of girls can die
just to have me k!ssthem”
” like I care”
I said and rolled my eyes
I could feel a stab of jealousy
of course I’m not jealous
why should I be jealous
he’s nothing but a j£rk
” those girls are really cheap”
I said
” they may be cheap
but they worth more than you”
” what?
How dare you say that to me”
He moved closer
” you know,
the day I saw you in my room
those moves
I want to see them again”
He’s crazy
he expects me to twer-k for him
” get to a psychiatrist as soon as you can
your losing your sanity”
I said calmly
His eyes ran all over me
” if you don’t
I’ll get someone else to”
” I don’t care”
I said and looked away
folding my arms
he picked his phone
” I nee-d a girl with some fat as-s in my room now”
Is he serious?
” immediately”
he said and dropped the phone
” so you called for one of your who-res
can I leave now”
” no”
he sat back on the couch
” your going to watch”
I chuckled
this guy nee-ds some mental treatment
he can’t be serious
The music was alre-ady off
there was a knock on the door
he stood up and opened it
a girl walked in
without cloths
he closed the door and moved back to the couch
He used the remote to increase the volume of the music
I can’t stand and watch this
she catwalked to him
and twer-ked right in front of him
the stab c@m£ back
this time very sharp and it hurted
I walked to the door
Thank goodness he didn’t lock it
I walked out and he didn’t call me back
I went to the toilet
I just wanted to be alone
I really had this urge to cry
he isn’t here to see me anyway
I cried out
it helped a lot.
I was so gloomy the next day during practice
I still felt so hurted
and I dont know
D dropped me off
I stepped down and he did too
he c@m£ to my side
hiding something behind him
” I have something for you”
he said with a smile
” what”
I wasn’t really interested
he brou-ght out flowers
there were so many colors
” its beautiful”
I said taking it from him
” one more thing”
he gave me a light k!sson thel-ips and stepped back
” see you tomorrow”
he got in his car
I was still rooted to the sp©t
did he just k!ssme
he drived away
I breathed in heavily
and turned to see Adrian looking down from the balcony.
Someone is gonna get jealous.