Love at risk Episode 16

Love At Risk
Episode 16
I went home feeling exhausted,
I had to have some pity for the guy’s ba-lls
Prom is just by the corner and I dont have a dress
its so fustrating.
I changed into my work cloths
I met Sasha watering the plants
I picked a can and helped her
” how was your day with the guys”
she asked
” great
as always
a guy picked on me”
” what?
” dont worry
he’ll never pick on a girl ever again”
” Malia?
” what
I didn’t do anything to him”
she arched an eyebrow
” whatever
you should be cleaning sire Adrian’s room”
I know
I dont just feel like
but do I have a choice.
I went into the j£rk’s room for cleaning
I wasn’t even in the room
but the loud music almost bur-sted my eardrums
I knocked
how on earth will he hear me
I opened the door and walked in
he was sitting on the be-d with his headset on
he was busy with a game
and was so engrossed in it that he didn’t see me walk in
I stood by the door
I cleared my throat
the music was too loud
how can he stay in such a noisy room
I went ahead to clean
I sort of loved the music
it was pop.
Suddenly, the music went off
I turned to see him looking at me
my b©dy went chill
he always have this effect on me
” do you mind showing me some of those moves you learn with your crew”
He pu-ll-ed down his headset and turned on the music again
he does not really expect me to dance for him
that’s impossible
” no
I’m not dancing for you”
” I’m not going to beg”
” you can’t f0rç£ me either”
I said and folded my arms
” if you dont”
he said and paused
he walked to the door and locked it
my throat dried up
” if you dont
I’m going to k!ssyou”
he re-moved the keys
” and there’s no running out”.