Love at risk Episode 15

Love At Risk
Episode 15
I stayed in my painting room painting
I just wish I had a normal life
I wish I was just like every other teenager
I can’t go out un-der the sun
I can’t go to night p@rties
and even Prom
I felt a burning anger
I’m a monster
I pushed my paint and drawing board away
” are you okay?
I heard someone say
I turned to see Malia by the door
I think she c@m£ in to clean
I felt like hvgging her ti-ght
I nee-d someone right now
I sat on a chair and sobbe-d
” hey”
she c@m£ close and held me
” you can tell me anything”
I looked up at her
her eyes were so soft
I held her and hvgged her ti-ght
crying into her hair
it helped a lot,
I realised myself and re-leased her
she looked down
and I looked away not knowing how to apologise.
Malia’s Pov
” you mean sire Adrian cried”
Sasha said
finding it ha-rd to believe
” no
I think he was probably shooting a movie”
I said getting annoyed
” so what did you do”
she asked
what I did?
I st©pped breathing,
I was so shocked when he hvgged me
why was I even concerned
He looked like he was pas-sing throu-gh a lot
maybe he has a bad disease
like br@in cancer
” he was sad
I think he’s pas-sing throu-gh a lot
I wish I could help” I said.
I hanged out with the guys as usual
I’m getting used to them
They were pla-ying basket ball
I sat with an ice cream
watching them
A boy c@m£ to me
” hey”
he said and sat beside me
I ignored him
” I’m talking to you
don’t pl@ydeaf” he said rudely
” get lost”
I snapped
he held my hand
” you little thing”
” let me go”
the guys left the game and c@m£ to us
” let her go” D said
He re-leased me seeing them
” why were you hurting her”
Theo said
” none of your business”
he said
” well?
She’s our girl”
Liam said
” what
your all getting ti-ght with her
I g@sped
Derek held him up with his collar
his feets left the ground
” say that again”
” I said your all fv¢king her”
he said and Derek landed a punch on his face
He lost balance and fell down
Scott dragged him up by the hair
Mason gave him a knee kick in the stomach
He gro-an ed and fell down
D kicked him in the side
” I’m sorry plea-se”
he said struggling to breath
Liam held him up by the hair
another punch landed on his face
he spitted out blood
Still holding his hair
He dragged him to me
” say it to her”
” I’m so sorry”
he said in a hurry
” do you forgive him Malia
or we should crush his ba-lls”.
Someone should have warned that guy about Malia’s six b©dyguards .