Love at risk Episode 14

Love At Risk
Episode 14
Herl-ips were so soft and h0t,
I held her ti-ghter but she just slummed on my b©dy
I almost forgot she’s drun!k
I carried her up in a bridal style, I took her to my room and la-id her on the be-d
looking into her face
she’s so pretty
I brushed some hair from her face
but stubborn and n@ûghty,
I la-id down close
Looking at her
She was breathing softly,
I soon fell asleep.
I woke up with a tap, it was mom
” time to chain up
its getting late
why is she here”
” she c@m£ home drun!k”
” drun!k? What did I expect when she’s in a crew of six guys ”
” a crew”
” yes
a dance crew
common son
I’ll have someone take her to her room”
A crew of six guys
It couldn’t get out of my head
why is she with six guys.
Malia’s Pov
I woke up in my room
my head hurts
I sle-pt so long
What happened
I got so drun!k
then D dropped me off
I bet I fell asleep immediately I fell on the be-d
I can’t remember a thing
I looked at Sasha’s be-d
she must have left for school,
I cleaned up and went out
Mrs Georgia wanted to see me
” good morning ma’am”
” morning Malia
Mrs Allen said that today is free for you”
” But why”
” are you asking me that
no one told you to get drun!k”
That’s good of her.
I spent hours talking with Amy and mom on phone
I really do miss them.
The boys c@m£ to take me out for lunch
” get her drun!kand you’ll get it h0t from me
Adrian’s mom said strictly
now she’s acting like my mom
” okay ma’am” D said with a smile.
I was so hungry
I ordered for a lot of things
” so Derek” Liam said
” I heard your Prom is just by the corner
who’s gonna be your girl”
” no one”
he said coldly
is he at Allen High
” are you at Allen High”
I asked
” Yah” he said
” wow
I’m schooling there too”
” really?
I’m not suprised
Allen High is way too big”
” so I think Malia should be your girl for Prom” Theo said
” Yah dude” D said
” wait
she might actually have a guy”
Scott said
” I don’t”
I said without thinking twice
” wow
we cool bro” Mason said to Derek
and he turned to me
” if she says yes”
I paused
my mouth filled with hamburgers
” plea-se”
they all said
I looked at him and he gave me a cool smile
These guys
” okay
” yes” they shouted
” you’ve got a girl bro”
” just for Prom” I added.
Adrian’s Pov
I stood on the balcony, a different guy dropped Malia off
must be one of the six guys
these dudes are trying my patience.
Someone is getting jealous.
Malia doesn’t remember the k!ss.