Love at risk Episode 1

Love At Risk
Episode 1
My name is Adrian Allen and my life is really complicated,
my parents own one of the biggest schools in the country Allen High
Yah it has my family name
I turned eighteen a couple of months ago, my dad gave me two new cars but mom beated dad to it by giving me my own pri-vate helicopter with my name on it.
A lot of people adore me and even worsh!pme like a demi god but they don’t know my biggest secret. When I was a little boy of two, I and my parents went camping in the woods along with their friends and their kids
I wandered off into an old cave, I don’t remember much now but my parents said that after searching for me for so long they heard a loud scream from the cave, they ran towards it only to find a strange spider with teeths de-ep in my hand, it was killed but
I fell sick immediately and we had to go home, our home doctor was called, the spider’s poison had circulated every where ma-king it impossible to control.
That was how I was turned from a regular kid to a vampire, every night before I become hungry for blood my parents lock me up in a basement chaining me to the walls .
My parents are the only ones who know my secret, I st©pped having friends and I burn un-der the sun so I only go out with long jeans and pu-llovers with hoods.
After being unchained in the morning by my mom, I went into the shower
that’s it
I can’t remember the last time I sle-pt at night
I’m always taking anti sleep drugs to keep myself awake during school hours and it works.
I wore a black jeans with a red pu-llover, I pu-ll-ed on my black space jam, my hair was messy but I didn’t care
I pu-ll-ed on my hood and sli-pped my headset on it increasing the volume to the last, I carried my phones and my car keys, my back pack hanging losely on my left shoulder I went down for breakfast
I pu-ll-ed the headset down to my n£¢k while I ate
Dad is out of the country and mom left early for a business conference. I took few spoons of my food, took all my coffee and stood up, I walked out with my hands in my pocket, my head slightly down
I got into my car, it was red and went with my outfit .
I drove into school and packed at my usual parking sp©t
I just stepped down when Chloe c@m£ running to me
Chloe is the leader of the cheerleaders, she’s also the most popular girl in school
“hi Adrian”
I ignored her and headed into the school building ” you can’t ignore me forever Adrian” she said following me behind
I got into the hallway and pu-ll-ed down my hood
“gosh you look so cute, I love your messy hair makes you look h0t”
really? She’s such a flir-t
now she was by my side
“can we hold hands” she asked but I only st©pped at my locker to get my book
I turned to see her behind me, she pouted herl-ips
“you look damn ugly” I said and pushed her aside
“not fair” she said following me again
“everyone knows I’m the prettiest girl in Allen High your perfect girlfriend
I sli-pped on my headset, I can’t be wasting my words on such a cheap br@t , she actually st©pped following me
such a who-re
well? I can’t blame her, every girl has a crush on me
Malia’s Pov
The sun brightened into my face ma-king me blink my eyes open, I looked at the time
oh? Shoot
I sprang up from be-d
meeen, why don’t I hear my alarm ring, now I’m gonna be late and its just my first day at Allen High
mom didn’t bother to wake me up, Amy didn’t either
I cleaned up in five minutes and dressed up tieing my hair in a messy bun
I took my back pack and ran out
I ran back in and gr@bb£d my shoes.
My name is Malia Hals, I’m seventeen
my dad died when I was nine, I live with my mum and her sister who is three years older than me, my mom works as a secetary in a small company
I’m actually on scholarsh!pin Allen High mum salary can’t go for everything in the house and my fees too.
I st©pped a cab and got in
I was so late, I paid the cab man and ran into school.
I was p@n-ting as I was running
I located my clas-s and barged in
all eyes turned on me
oh $h!t!
T. b.c