Love and justice Episode 4 & 5

There was silence for a few minutes, I was staring at the men before us standing like we were in a war. In all honesty that made me feel great. That was the kind of men I nee-ded, men who would stand and fight with me.
Clearing my throat, I looked at Aaron, popularly known as Scar. “They wanted to kill me, they want to take over control of our country using some of our own, and they took my woman.” I stated the issues at hand without wasting time going round.
“I nee-d my woman back and I cannot let them take over this country. We nee-d to set a good foundation for the next generation and if we don’t do anything about it it’s all going to waste.” I added seeing him eyeing me silently.
“Good, for once in your pathetic life you are going to do something worthy while. But what the hell has that got to do with me? I have no complaint and I don’t give a damn what those in this wasted government are upto.” He sighed pouring some wine in a glas-s and lifting it to his mouth as he pauses.
“There are government hidden treasures” I started and he looked up at me shrugging.
“Cars, some large damn cars that would give you a big cut.” I added and at the mention of that he looked up my face, I knew I had his attention.
“What do you want? ” he asked straight up. I loved the flow of our conversation. The last time I had a face to face encounter with the guy was some years back when he wanted to invade some large goverment machines which were coming in the country and even though we had no evidence against him. I had a face off with him and it ended up in a good fight. I had to follow him around for some time till I was certain he had nothing else planned.
“What brings you here soldier, speak we have no whole day” Scar spoke again snapping me.
“I nee-d men and vehicles. We are going against the state army, I had some men but our hide out was compromised and most of my men are dead. Get me what I want and you will have a lion’s share in the operation. There are more hidden things i know which can give us more than we have both dreamed off. p@rtner with me and you will have something for your children if at all you will have some in future.” I pres£nted my deal.
“50 % or nothing” Scar remarked standing up.
“45% arlnd we are a go” I smiled standing up to shake his hand too and he shook it.
“Deal” he sighed.
People thought I was so serious and smiled less, but seeing the man before me would prove them wrong. The man had a serious face all throu-gh and most of his smile was a ba-re grinn and nothing more.
After half an hour of talking and planning with him we p@rted and I drove out with my guys.
“Go back to the second base, clean up and have some food. ” I told Chama after hours of driving from Scar’s from kabwe.
“Yourself?” He asked me.
“I nee-d to get something and will join you soon.” I grinned at him but he shook his head.
“Do you ever eat? The only thing I see you having is dope. You nee-d food too man” he giggled
“Man shall not live on bre-ad alone” I let a laugh ma-king him do the same.
“But on dope?” He tea-sed walking to join others.
“Get out!” I shook my head at him and watchd till they disappeared on the corner.
I had to stay calm and think. First of all I had no idea where they had Queen and secondly I nee-ded to know where I could find the guys that had faked a unit.
I nee-ded to get to someone inside and I recalled the guys I had planted inside Jacob Tatila’s circle.
I drove slowly after reaching his offices and noticed security had increa-sed around the place. I as-sumed they knew I killed Mberere and where taking precautions. I looked around pu-lling dark shades on my eyes as I drove pas-sed.
“Where are you?” I called my guy after driving a few meters away.
“Am inside boss. We have a briefing in a few minutes.” I could hear him whispering.
“What the hell are you even paid for you bas***d? I pay you to keep an eye inside there. How on earth did my men die without warning from you?” I shouted in the mouth piece.
” sorry Steve, I was off duty when they moved in. They never hold any meetings from here so it’s ha-rd to keep track.”
“I know what that meeting is for, I killed Mberere” I informed him without warming.
“What? Are you nuts? They are obvoysly coming after you and if am discovered …”
“Shut up!” I cut him
“Just shut the hell up and listen to me. If you mess up this time am killing you too. Go in there and tell me whatever they are to say. I nee-d deatils of everything. am i clear?”
“Yes Sir!” He responded
“Good, another thing. I nee-d to find where they have my woman
I will s£nd you her ph0to and if you see or hear anything…
“I heard you sir I got to go now” he responded before I could finish my s£ntence and he cut the line.
I couldn’t move on, I stayed near the place wanting to wait till he told me what was going on.
I was lost in thoughts when a vehicle drove to my direction at great speed and before I could tell what was going on I heard a loud ban-g behind my truck and I moved forward hitting my head on the steering .
“sh*t!” I yelled knowing they were on me. As I turned the Keys in the ignition some shoots started landing at the vehicle and I started off with a screeching noise getting away.
“Follow him now!” I heard one of them order and I increaed speed moving at 140 kilometres per hour even though the road was quiet conjested I had to keep dodging some cars and the they followed me with wailing I could tell tell it was the police.
“Dammit!” I spat as I went on going throu-gh the T junction and some cars swaying away some of th hitting it each other.
They followed me in circles till I decided to take it out the busy areas. In minutes I was on the small tarred road in the outSk-irts in the east side of Lusaka noticing others cars where after me too.
I had to save myself or that would be the end. With determination to survive I cruised throu-gh the small road and turned into the bushes patting my way throu-gh the small bushes I prayed my tires would not t©uçh any sharp metal to bur-st them.
I looked back and they where on my tail.
“Time to fight you bas***d!” I screamed and turned the vehicle around heading straight to where they were coming. They didn’t anticipate my turning and they wanted to sway aside to avoid collusion but it was too late.
With a loud ban-g our vehicles crushed and thank God my truck had a head bu-mper which left the smal police vehicle crushed i could see the people inside shaking slowly as they awake from the hit.
quic-kly before they could move out and the other car approach I drew my gun and moved forward firing at then till all four guys where dead.
Shooting in the tires of the other car approaching its tires went instantly flat and I ran back forward shooting direct at then . One guy fall back injured and the driver recieved a sh0t direct in his skull.
“Out now!” I ordered the injured guy. I nee-ded one of them alive and noticing they all wore army clothes. I knew they had me on watch or atleast someone ti-pped them about me and my whereabouts.
“Move now dammit I don’t have the whole day!” I yelled holding the gun firmly realising he was moving slowly.
He lifted his hands and walked to my car where I plunged him in the back seat and tied him up before moving to the drivers seat as the third car c@m£ into view.
My hands felt numb from being tied for a long time. I had blacked out the time they captured me the last thing I recalled was a loud ban-g outside when I was lying in be-d. I was excited waiting for Steve as he gave me a call he was on his way.
“It’s over now my babe, I’m coming to you and I don’t intend to leave your side. You know what kept me alive in that place I was held up?” he paused asking me.
“What?” I asked with a smile
“The thought of you my woman, I knew inside myself I had to fight to stay alive. Anyway am coming home okey?, just prepare from me cause tonight is gonna be a good night!” he spoke in a lullaby.
“Well, I cannot wait to see you too, plea-se drive safely” I had concluded and walked around the room excited. I then l@ydown waiting for him when the loud ban-g outside c@m£ and I ran to the door to see what was going on, two men by the entrance were laying down dead. Others were getting in position to fight back and I was shaking with fear. I rushed back in closing the door and getting my phone, but before I could get to call Steve to tell him what was going on, the door ban-ged open and two strong men walked in pu-lling me up rou-ghing I cried out.
“Who are you and what do you want?” I tried to ask kicking to flee myself but the guy took me up like a piece of paper and walked outside into the car.
“is she the one?” the man in the front seat asked in a cold de-ep voice I tried to look up to see who it was but before I could get his face they placed a cloth to my nose and I blacked out. The last word I heard was “yes, now do as told”
The next time I awake I was in a closed room with small windows high above the wall. I looked around and tried to listen to hear any sorts of sounds or movement but there was nothing.
“Let me out of here!” I screamed on t©p of my voice for almost an hour but nothing. No one c@m£ to my rescue, it was silent I gave up and crawled into a corner and cried myself out.
“Where are you Steven?” I asked amid tears. I lost count of how many hours I had been held in the place. I could not even tell whether it was morning or afternoon, the only light in the room was a small light bulb that illuminated the corners of an empty room. I started un-derstanding the meaning of being in a prison, the only sad p@rt was I didn’t know what crime I had committed until later in the day, I heard the keys cl!çk!ng and the door open wi-de a tall man stood there watching me for a minute before moving forward and speaking.
“Am sure you are wondering why you are here” the sound of the voice was so familiar I sat up to see who it was.
“That man you are with is not a good man, he has committed a lot of crimes against this nation and he nee-ds to be st©pped. He two nights ago killed a man who was my best friend too. ” the voice drew closer to me I stood up to make sure I was not seeing wrong.
“Makasa?” I asked seeing his clear view.
“Yes my lovely Queen” he drew closer to me with a smile. He c@m£ to t©uçh me but I pushed his hand away. The man before me was my ex-b©yfri£ndwho had left me for another girl humiliating me in public. Up until I met Steve I c@m£ to the decision that I would never d@t£ anyone because of what he did worst still a man in combat.
“What are you doing here?” I asked him moving backwards as he stepped closer to me.
“Wow, I didn’t know you have become a bad girl, you used to be humble and reserved. How on earth did you cross paths with that psycho Steve?” he laughed
“What do you want?” I ignored his teasing.
“Well, the question should be asked to you, what the hell are you doing with him? How on earth did you meet?” he asked and I shook my head.
“Am not telling you about my life you lying bas***d, what? Are you jealous?” I giggled looking at him.
“Well, I wish I had time to chit chat with you Queen, but no, my interest is to get that idiot here and I know he will come for you. Being a fool that he is he has forgotten that a woman is a man`s downfall. So now, I want you to tell me where the hell he is, who works with him and what he is planning right now” he spoke and I laughed out cl@pping my hands.
“oh I see, so you are p@rt of the people that betrayed Steve, you have always been a disappointment, why am I not surprised, you cheat your way throu-gh everything in your life, am not telling you a damn thing you bas***d!” I screamed in his face and before I knew it a ha-rd sl@p c@m£ across my face ma-king my eyes a bit black till I recovered my full sight.
“You will respect me Queen, I am not your clas-s, I have the power to end your life right now, and so you better corporate” he shook me r0ûghly.
“Go to hell!” I spat in his face all the anger I had against him coming back, I was not one to harbor any anger, but his mare sight caused me to relive the pain and shame he made me go throu-gh. I knew his intention was to get me scared but I refused to be intimid@t£d especially by him.
“I will ask again, where is he? Who is he working with?” he gr!pp£dmy hand shaking me again.
I looked at him without a word and he shook his head after pushing me to the wall.
“If you know what is good for you, you will start talking” he signaled the other guy who all this time was standing by the door to come in.
“Make her talk” he told the rou-gh looking guy who instantaneously moved forward, whatever he did with my arm sh0t excruciating pains in it I screamed out in pain.
He repeated the act for the third time and I felt my life was slowly draining away from me.
“plea-se st©p “I begged crying like a little child.
“St©p!” Makasa ordered
“Are you re-ady to tell me?” he stepped forward as I l@ythere crying and wimping in pain.
“I don’t know anything Makasa, I swear, he took me in recently telling me I was in some kind of danger, he doesn’t tell me anything about what he does, plea-se don’t hurt me” I looked at his face but he stood shaking his head.
“Well you leave me no choice then “he gestured for the other man to continue and I moved away quic-kly. The room was not enough for me to run from the man as he caught up with me in seconds and started on his torture. They repeated the same for over 5 times and I refused to say a thing. There wasn’t much I knew anyways, but I wasn’t going to give them the plea-sure of knowing the little I knew about Steve. I vowed to die than sell him out to his worst enemy.
After they had left, I fall to the ha-rd floor and cried myself to sleep hoping the night mare I was living would come to an end.
I woke up my hand feeling so-re with pain, my entire b©dy felt so weak I knew the effect of hunger was taking its cause on me.
My mouth felt so dry I li-cked the little liquid I had in my mouth and felt myl-ips cracked. The door opened and I moved back wimping like a mutt. A plate of food was placed in front of me by a very silent man, who moved out no sooner had he placed the plate and large cu-p of water down.
I was so hungry to feel any pride of rejecting the food. I rushed to the plate and ate the food fas-ter than I intended to. Guzzling the water in a steel cu-p, I sighed feeling my legs again.
I decided to repl@ygood memories in my mind to avoid thinking about what i was going throu-gh. Hoping my Steve would find me as soon as he possibly could.
To be continued…
©Tisa Phiri