Love and justice Episode 10 & 11

10 /11
“Excuse me Sir, where can I find some vehicles to the city or boarder where the Zambian customs are?” I asked a man pas-sing by, I had been standing on the tarred road for hours without any signs of a vehicles pas-sing by. I realized I was in Congo seeing the flag hanging across the road at a small school.
“Hm. You see, this place is so far away from the city. Vehicles ha-rd ly pas-s around this place, unless the military vehicles, they at least pas-s here once in a week.” He explained in his scanty English.
“Military? Is there a base nearby?” I asked him.
“Yes, but not from our country, it’s on the Zambian side. A few meters down the road”
“Zambian, that makes a lot of s-en-se, that bas***d is using those soldiers, I should have known “I said aloud forgetting the man was still standing.
“What are you saying?” he asked
“Um, no, I was speaking to myself, thank you Sir” I smiled at him and watched him walk away. I had to take my chances and see for myself what was going down at the base. I recalled one of the military bases was in the de-ep forest towards the boarder. It was used for further training and operations. For over an hour I trekked down the tarred road and another hour in the gravel road that was going further de-ep into the forest, I wished I had some boots on my feet. My shoes were ba-rely holding me as I kept sli-pping on the stones in the ground.
I was almost st©pping to rest when the base c@m£ into view. I stood on some hilly land watching the activities of the place. A few soldiers were moving about and I could see about 4 on guard.
“The only way is to use them” I thought to myself taking cover behind the bushes as one of the guards faced my direction his gun in his hands. I waited for another 20 minutes studying the place then I saw Mr. Benson talking to one of the soldiers. My eyes quic-kly went to his rank and I saw he was the commander, obviously station commander for the base. I saw them shaking hands as a vehicle pu-ll-ed over.
“This is your chance Ackim” I told myself running down the hill to where the car just parked. I waited for it to st©p. I was thinking of getting below it so they could lead me somewhere but I felt disappointed seeing Mr. Benson and the commander heading back inside and the driver of the range rover parking and turning off the engine.
“Just a few moments more, some guys from Lusaka are calling in and I have to talk to them” I heard Mr. Benson telling the commander.
“Take your time Sir” he responded and they walked away. I looked around still hiding. I wanted to hear them but it was too risky, I was going to expo-se myself. So I decided to get closer to the vehicle, slowly and steadily I went to the front and peeped to see the driver.
He was listening to some music, I could see him nod his head the phone in his hands. A few steps forward he still didn’t move until I opened the door to his seat, he looked at me startling but before he could shout I held his mouth and pu-ll-ed him down twisting his n£¢k and he fall on me silent.
I looked around to check if I had alerted anyone and satisfied, I pu-ll-ed him to the bushes where I had been, taking off his uniform and wearing it leaving the poor guy completely nûd£ a heap of the clothes I had on next to me, he was dead I was sure there was no nee-d to dress him up.
I stood up to walk back to the car and before I could turn to go a voice shouted startling me.
“Hey! “ I froze in one place not knowing what to do.
“Hey! Go on the boss is coming, what are you standing there for? “The man spoke again and I sighed in relief.
“Yes sir!” I answered.
“I was relieving myself sir” I added before turning my face down.
“well, move it man” the sergeant ordered and I walked past him to the car settling in the driver`s seat and putting on the seat belt securely.
There was a barricade between the driver`s seat and the back seat the only way of communicating was either throu-gh the small open space or the intercom besides me. Before driving closer to the Mr. Benson who was bidding his good byes to the commander, I turned it on so I could hear whatever was going on in the back.
“Let’s move! Will be joined by others by the road, that bas***d has injured most of my men. Am sure these boys have picked them by now” he spoke and I sighed silently without saying a thing.
“Hey, did you get a thing I said?” he asked and I knew he nee-ded my response. Worry creeped in when I realized I really didn’t know how the guy spoke.
sh*t!” I screamed in my heard.
“Yes sir!’ I tuned my voice and was relieved when my response was followed by silence.
I drove for almost half an hour towards the road and I started figuring out the way to go, I prayed in my heart, so that they could be only one way to wherever we were going and my debate ended when a wagon of vehicles c@m£ into view ahead of us.
One of the guys c@m£ to us as I st©pped and straight away went to check on his boss who rolled down the windows.
“Let’s move, have you got all the injured men?” Mr. Benson asked.
“Yes Sir, they are driven ahead we were just waiting for you” the guy responded. I looked ahead seeing the vehicles moving ahead and two more behind us.
“Way to go” I spoke inside myself excitedly.
The drive back was tiring but I had to stay alert and drive at the same speed as all the vehicle to keep track.
“What is your status?” I heard Mr. Benson talk on the phone. I sat up paying attention ma-king sure I kept my hands firm on the wheels.
“Okey, good. Make sure that mistake is not repeated” he added and cut the call.
“How far are we?” he asked me and I cleared my throat before ma-king up a voice.
“Approaching Solwezi town Sir” I answered.
“Hey Tembo, you sound tired, are you okey?” he asked and I knew my voice was selling me out.
“A little bit sir” I responded.
“It’s un-derstood given the work you boys have been doing, no worries though, you will be highly compensated for this” he chuckled.
“Yes sir, thank you” I responded
The second phone call c@m£ in just as we were about to join the road to his house.
“Yes daddy!” I could hear Paula`s voice as he had put the phone on loud speaker.
“Yes my baby, how is it going there?” he asked.
“Daddy, what the hell is going on there?” she screamed.
“What do you mean Paula?” he asked after a de-ep sigh.
“Ackim is behaving funny, is there something I should know? Is there any military calls for him again and he is hiding it from me, am worried daddy, plea-se tell me what is going on, I miss my husband but for the past 2 days he has not bothered to call me or anything, his line is off. Where is he daddy? You must know something or someone who knows what is going on right?” she asked, I could hear her sounding upset. I felt sad at the moment, realizing I had been so much into the issue of helping Steve get Justice and I had ba-rely thought of my wife and kids.
“What are you doing Ackim?” I asked myself.
“If I hear anything I will let you know but I think its best you stay in Australia for a while baby” He continued.
“What? You want me to stay this far ap@rt from my husband daddy? You know I can’t do that. Am getting on a plane first thing tomorrow morning, I cannot live on like this”
“No, no, listen to me baby” Mr. Benson cut her.
“let me find Ackim and talk to him, I will try find out what is going on, you know him, if he insists you stay there for while it means it is not quiet safe here. He is obviously trying to protect you all. plea-se stay for a few more days longer I will get in t©uçh” he convinced her and I heard her sigh in relief.
“A couple of days daddy” she warned and cut the line I heard Mr. Benson whisper something to himself.
“Any problem sir?” I asked him.
“That son of a b***h has to die, I cannot have him around my daughter any more. He has outlived his stay and I nee-d him out. I don’t want my daughter and grandchildren to get hurt. The minute I get those recordings he will go down too. Let’s hope these idiots’ finds him soon” he spit and I shook my head almost scolding him for being such a hypocrite. But I held myself in and sighed.
“You will pay dearly for this father in law” I screamed inside and looked ahead the road as the vehicles in front of me slowed down.
The serious faces of the men standing before me, their valor looks, made me feel great, I realized the reason why I joined the army in the first place. Even though I was the only soldier in the crew, I made sure the men Scar brou-ght in where brou-ght to speed on what to expect. I spent three days training them, I was impressed on how well they were able to grasp things, they alre-ady had the physical strength all they nee-ded was a positive impression that would keep them fighting.
“They are re-ady” I smiled talking to Scar standing next to me as I watched the boys pack up some arms in the trucks.
“Yeah. My men have spent half their lives on the streets, fighting for survival” he giggled.
“Yeah, am giving them a good reason to fight, this is not about ma-king money but a genuine war that will mark them for life. See, you all are going to come out different from all this, you will live to remember this noble act” I sighed
“Hahaha, are you scared?” Scar asked in his horse voice with a dry laugh putting the cigar between hisl-ips and I could bet I saw him smile, only it lasted for a couple of seconds
“Why do you think that?” I looked at him
“Well, my mother told me a man about to die or scared rants a lot” he shook his head walking away
“Don’t worry though am not dying today” he added sitting on the stool and spitting out some smoke.
I shook my head at him, he seemed fearless exactly what I was looking for. I had some intel from the only guy inside, the guy I had inside Tatila`s circle. My hope was he remained loyal and the last time I talked to him I made sure I put him un-der serious interrogation ma-king sure he was clean. He gave me something that could lead me to Queen.
“I overhead them talking about a tower. I don’t know where it is but I think you can check it out to be sure” he informed me and that day I took my time going to the tower I was suspecting they were keeping her and I discovered it was heavily guarded confirming the theory.
“Can you get me the details of the building plans” I asked him.
“I know of a guy that works at the council who might have access to the blue prints for many places. Let me get his line and I will give you a call” he explained.
“That’s good. Actually am not leaving any stone unturned, am coming with you” I insisted and we went round town trying to find the guy. After trying a few people around they directed us to the guy. A tall slander guy with small slim hands that suited his entire b©dy.
“Hey, am Steve” I introduced myself the moment he sat in the pas-s£nger seat of my truck.
“Hey man! Am Logan. What can I do for you?” he asked with a weird smile which I quic-kly ignored wanting to pay attention to the right things.
“Heard you the guy with maps and blue prints for most of the government buildings?” I asked him straight up.
“Depends on which buildings man” he sighed. I knew what he wanted so I bent forward and gr@bb£d some stacked cash lifting them up.
“The small tower in this location” I handed him the picture and the guy wi-dely grinned. He extended his hand to gr-ab the money but I pu-ll-ed it back.
“When can I have it?” I asked seriously
“I nee-d time man, those thing are not easy to find. It can take a week or two”
“I don’t have a week, I nee-d it by tomorrow morning can you get it for 2Ks?”
He pretended to be thinking throu-gh it for a couple of seconds and nodded his head. “I will nee-d to ask a guy who knows exactly where they are” he uttered looking at me this time no smile.
“Here, Get this 1000, upon completion of the job I will add a 1500” I told him. I warned him before he left how I would not tolerate him talking about our deal.
“The way I found you for this, that’s how I will find you if you decide to bullsh*t me” my f!nger was pointing at him as he stood outside the vehicle.
“He is not joking man, get the blue prints and if you know what is good for you bring them tomorrow morning” Scar who was seated silently all this while spoke up and the man looked at his stern face once quic-kly looking away. I am not sure it was fear of his scar or the fact that the guy (Scar) was dressed in a black hood and his eyes where red from the dope he just had.
“I get it. Will give you a call” he added and walked away putting the money in his pockets and patting it securely. We watched him walk away for a reasonable distance before starting off. As promised, the following morning he called around 7 am, earlier than I had anticipated.
We spend the rest of that morning discussing the plans and ma-king sure everyone was up to d@t£ with the plan of going in.
“I can bet they are keeping Jim and Chama at the same place, I nee-d my guys and woman back in one peace. No mistakes guys, master this piece and stick to the plan. Those men that we are to face this evening are not only trained soldiers, most of them are rogue and angry, they are so pissed and fearless, they will do anything to protect the interests of those they save. That is what soldiers do, they follow orders to their death, they will fight to death and so should you” I stood to talk as everyone listened in.
“I nee-d anyone who feels they are not up to the task to speak up now and leave before it’s too late” I added looking at each one of them.
“The cut is good and let’s make it worth it” Scar spoke up too and they smiled murmuring amongst themselves. I could bet that was the kind of motivation they nee-ded, a monetary reward and not the sh*t of fighting for a good cause. I watched in silence as Scar went on telling them how to stick together and protect each other as brothers they were, I felt myself laughing at how poetic that sounded, the guys actually thought they were family and I could see the respect and loyalty they had for Scar, it was evident they would die for him.
“We are leaving the moment the sky gets dark, make sure everyone is in the vehicle at the first signal” I concluded and the men went to do various things, others trying on some last sh0ts, others seated to smoke, and a few stayed inside our newly acquired house silently lost in thoughts.
“That one is Joe, my greatest friend of all times, he made me join the league. The guy can go to any war with me a good and fast shooter I could bet.” Scar broke the silence between us as we stood leaning on the truck outside. His hands where de-ep in his pockets and his muscle t-shi-t outlined his perfect muscles, I wondered what happened to his face for him to get the scar, it was the only thing that made him look like a criminal he was, otherwise the guy would pas-s for a handsome contest.
“Hm, I see, so why did you start?” I asked carelessly, I was not genuinely interested in knowing his past but I thought I could use some small talk to pas-s time and cage my nerves a little bit.
“I did well at grade 12 and my widowed mother couldn’t afford the fees to further my education, your bullsh*t government couldn’t even accord me a place in the university, only the rich felas got their bursaries. I had to survive” he sighed shrugging.
“Hm. Never thought of such a lame excuse to start stealing” I found myself uttering without caution.
“Are you always this straight?” he chuckled looking at me.
“Mostly” I smiled
“Hm. You will never un-derstand man, you probably grew up in the barracks with a family and father to look after you”
“Far from it” I answered dismissingly
“My father died when I was still a little boy, 2 maybe. I never knew my mother”
Scar looked at me and shook his head.
“What?” I asked scoffing
“That was a sh*t life there, that’s why you so sad man” he tea-sed
“look who’s talking” I hit his shoulder unconsciously and I realized we both were giggling like little boys.
“Time up!” I sighed looking at my watch. “Load your men now, too much chit chats for one night” I walked to my truck and we called all the men to board the cars.
I got about 10 in my truck, two in the cab and others in the trailer. 10 other guys were ri-ding with Aaron. I looked at the road stretched in front of me and sighed inwardly.
“Am coming for you my woman” I whispered inside determined to have success. I extended my hand to get a cigarette but withdrew wanting to be sober. You would want to fasten the seat belts” I looked at the guys next to me as I increa-sed the speed.
About an hour later, we were parked in front of the small tower in de-ep silence one would hear an insects crawl. The dark sky giving us the advantage of staying out of sight.
“What now?” Scar asked walking closer to me.
“You will lead your men in the back and I will go up front, stick to the plan” I signaled and gestured for everyone to be re-ady as we walked on feet from meters away where we parked the cars.
The stomping feet reminding me of the days in training, only this time I knew I was in a company of thvgs that had no s-en-se of war except fighting for money and survival on the streets. I de-eply wished that would hold them in that night`s fight. We stood a few yards away from the entrance and I could see the small lights from the small gate. Another t©uçh was showing high up the tallest p@rt of the tower.
“Well guys this is it” I sighed looking at the guys around me and they murmured their re-adiness and he took positions to wait for the sniper to take out the night watch guy.
To be continued…
©Tisa Phiri