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love again episode 36

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 36👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽


This was my first day back to bakery after a
week. Liam was the one handling everything
behind me and I was grateful to him for that.
Evan’s driver dropped Cara and me to the
bakery. Both of us trudged inside and the
familiar heavenly scent greeted us.
I left Cara on a seat and gave her a story book
to read. Then I made my way inside the
kitchen and surprised Liam who was busy
making glazing for his cupcakes. He jumped
excitedly when he realised my pres£nce and
took off his gloves and apron to envelop me in
a tight hug.
“I missed you, cupcake. This bakery had no
life without you.” he said, still hugging me
tightly. There was something in his voice told
me that he was sad and the reason wasn’t my
abs£nce entirely.
“I missed you too.” I said and parted from
him. “Guess what I brought for you?” I grinned,
hiding the box behind my back.
“What is it?” he attempted to look behind me.
“Give it to me.” he extended his arm but I
ducked backwards. He pouted in return and
turned his face away.
“Okay, don’t pout like a baby. Here.” I gave the
box to him.
He opened it impatiently and when he finally
found the [email protected] that I caught him
drooling at one time, his smile widened. “Oh
my God, thank you Scar. I can’t believe you
remembered.” he said and gave me another
“Okay, enough bonding now. Let’s go back to
work, shall we?” I said and looked at the list of
the orders we had for today.
“Yes. Thank God, you’re back. Your loyal
customers missed you more than me.” he
rolled his eyes and I smiled at this. Together,
we started baking the rest of the items on the
list, the first of which was meringue pie.
All the while we were baking, I noticed Liam’s
lack of concentration. There was definitely
something on his mind, irking him. Last I met
him, he was happy and excited to call Helena
back after their night together.
“Liam, is everything okay?” I asked.
“Yeah,” he said and refused to meet my eyes.
“What about Helena? Did you call her yet?” I
asked and his face contorted at this. He shook
his head lazily and continued mixing the
ingredients. “What happened Liam? You know I
know you better than everyone else. There is
something bothering you, I know.” I said and
pulled the bowl out of his hand.
His brown eyes dripped with agony as he
stared at me. “I went to meet her two days ago
and… and she was with someone else.” he
told me and my jaw hanged low in surprise. I
couldn’t believe she did that to Liam. He was
the sweetest man I ever met, how could
anyone hurt this ball of sunshine?
“I don’t know what to say.” I sighed and
rubbed his arm.
“She said she wasn’t interested in me in that
way. It was just a one night stand for her.” he
said in a gloomy tone.
“Oh,” I whispered. “I… Well… I hope she
realises that what she did hurt you badly.”
“It doesn’t matter now. I should have
understood. She is a successful
businesswoman and I am just a baker. What
did I think?” he let out a humourless laugh.
Pity filled me and I pulled him in for another
hug. We have always been there for each other
but this time, I was too busy enjoying my
honeymoon that I totally forgot to check up on
my friend.
We were still hugging when I heard footsteps
coming into kitchen. I pulled away and stared
at the unknown girl that just walked inside
“Oh I forgot to tell you, Scarlet. Our waitress
quit so I had to hire this girl yesterday for
help. Today is her first official day here. Are
you okay with it?” Liam informed me.
I observed the girl briefly. She looked like she
was in her early twenties. Her straight brown
hair reached her neck and she was wearing
[email protected] that made her look cute and
intelligent. She was wearing a brown blazer
over a white blouse and dark blue jeans.
“Hi, I am Rachel. It’s nice to meet you.” she
said and extended her hand for a shake.
“Hi Rachel, I am Scarlet. Hope you’ll like
working here.” I smiled at her and shook her
“Come on, I’ll show you around and brief you
about your duties.” Liam said and together,
they walked out of the kitchen. I stated at their
retreating figures and smiled as I imagined
them as a couple. They both were certainly
cute and somewhat nerdy, perfect for each
I had to cover a lot of work today and then
shop some things for the bakery so I called
Geena at almost 4pm to pick up Cara. By the
time I returned to the house, Cara had gone to
sleep and acocrding to George, Evan was in
the study room.
George further told me that Evan refused to eat
dinner today and it filled me with worry. I
asked Kelly to serve the dinner in two plates. I
balanced both plates of grilled chicken and
vegetables in my hands and made my way to
the study room.
Entering inside, I walked towards his desk and
placed one plate in front of him and the other
one in front of me. He was looking at me with
narrowed eyes that were hiding behind a sleek
pair of [email protected], much to my surprise.
God, he look hot in [email protected]
“Stop gaping and start eating,” I said and took
the first bite. I didn’t eat much the whole day
so by now, I was starving.
“I am not hungry,” he said and continued
reading the file in his hands.
“Evan, come on. Eat few bites at least. I am
sure you didn’t have lunch.” I ordered and a
scowl appeared on his face.
“I am busy.” he said stubbornly.
“You can never be too busy to eat.” I retorted
and leaning on the table, picked up the stack
of files that was in front of him. If looks could
kill, I would have been six feet under the
ground but that didn’t stop me. I continued
glaring at him until he finally picked up the
plate and started eating.
“Why do you work so much?” I asked in
between the bites.
“If I won’t, who will?” he questioned in
response to my question.
“What’s the point of building an empire if you
can’t find time to eat properly?” I asked further.
“If I will stop working and spend my day in
just eating or sleeping, this so-called empire
will collapse.” he replied.
“Maybe then, you can start working with me.” I
grinned and he made a sour face at this.
“Imagine the Evan Parker, putting the pink icing
on the cake with his delicate f!ng£rs.” I
imagined the scene and ended up laughing.
“Why do you want me to work with you, dear
wife? Did you miss me the whole day and now
you want us to stay close in the future?” he
raised his eyebrows.
“You wish,” I rolled my eyes and stabbed the
last piece of vegetable with my fork. “So are
you coming to sleep or not?” I asked.
“What if I say no?” he raised his eyebrows.
“Then I’ll start sleeping with Cara from now
onwards.” I smirked.
“You won’t,” he said calmly.
“I will.” I shrugged. “Watch me.”
I stood up and then cast a challenging glance
towards him, which he mimicked not-so-
subtly. Huffing, I stomped out of the room and
made my way towards Cara’s room.
Once I reached her room, I extended my arm
to grip the knob but suddenly, I was picked up
and thrown over someone’s shoulder.
“Evan,” I shrieked and punched his muscular
back that was in line of my eyes.
He didn’t speak anything until we reached his
room. Walking towards the bed, he put me
down on the soft mattress gently and then
crawled over me. “What were you saying?” he
asked, surveying my face from up close.
“I….” I forgot how to speak because his face
was practically inches away from me.
“You act so innocent but you are a tease,
Scarlet.” he whispered into my ears and his
hands reached the ba-re skin of my stomach.
“Am I?” I asked breathlessly.
“Yes,” he said and made circles on my waist
with his f!ng£rs. “You know what I’ll do to you
if you challenge me next time?”
“What?” I challenged again with raised
“This,” he leaned his l!ps towards mine and I
closed my eyes in anticipation. His breath
warmed the skin around my l!ps and my
heartbeat quickened.
The very next minute, the soft touch on my
waist shifted into [email protected] tickling. I shifted
on the bed like a maniac as he continued his
“Stop, I am ticklish.” I shouted to defend me.
He didn’t care for my begging and only
stopped once I was completely out of breaths.
When his hands finally stopped moving, I
pushed him away angrily and hopped out of the
bed. “I hate you,” I said and stomped into the
closet to change into my pyjamas.
When I closed the door behind me, I heard his
loud chuckles echoing the room. A smile
appeared on my face at his mischievous


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