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July 30, 2021


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Longest night Episode 7 to 10

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Chapter 7♥️



it was a wonderful time in church that Sunday, I even provided refreshments, I couldn’t thank God enough for giving my child a second chance to life. i became very careful with my child, too careful actually. I always wanted her to be by my side every second of the day, i had to calm down a little when I saw it was hurting mama, she was beginning to feel very bad as the reason for me been too up tight with my daughter.

That Sunday after the Thanksgiving, I had a message from the company I had gone for interview asking me to report on monday. i got ready the Next morning being Monday and went to the company.i was taking to see the boss, on Getting in his office, he asked why I had left the interview the other day and I narrated what had happened to my child, he looked at me for sometime, then he said he was impressed with my CV, he had asked about me only for him to be told I had gone home because my child was Missing.

I admire men who are very responsible with their family, a man who values and cares for his family will value and care for his source of income, because he needs that income to sustain his beloved family. he asked one or two questions and then told me I was hired and that I could resume work immediately, I was to undergo a sort of training for two weeks before I can be fully and dully staffed. i called mama and told her about the development so that she could go pick up Pepe from school.

After two weeks I had become a staff, the pay was very attractive, I even had allowance..

I had to look for a better and a bigger apartment for us, we moved in soon and my girl was growing fast.

After some months, I saved up and opened a mini supermarket for mama, she had a girl working for her there.she goes to pick Bimpe from school, and then bring her to the shop, untill I come to the shop and we all go home together. i had returned the taxi cab to the owner, but was given an official car.

I took my daughter out on weekends, I wanted her to have a taste of the good things of life that I was deprived off, i had come to love her so much, i had called the doctor that encouraged me to go with her to tell her how grateful I was to her for giving me the courage to take this little bundle of joy, talking from another end was a man, who happened to be her husband, he told me the worse news i ever had in my life, the doctor had died, she suffered a heart disease for a long time, she had died some weeks earlier. i was so speechless, I was hurt like I had known the doctor for life..

Life at the office was wonderful, a lady in her early twenties soon came to join us, she seems to had liked me from the very minutes, she smiled so brightly at me but am not one that believes in love at first sight.more over , I had not been in a relationship for a long time, she was a very beautiful fair and intelligent lady. she was the boss’s secretary.

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After some months, I found her quite interesting and i asked her out and she said yes but before we went far or before she would start coming to my house, I wanted her to know I was a dad..

So I took her out on a dazzling dinner, a week after we became an item, i then told her that I had something to tell her….

“Please Lizzy, I’d like to tell you something about me” I said

what’s it sweetie, you know you can talk to me, she said

I am a single parent, I have a daughter of 4

“you have a child???,she asked

yes I do, I wouldn’t want you finding out yourself, hence I thought it was wise to let you know, please I want you to love and accept her as you love me “I said

“Hmmmmmmm , she made a deep sigh with a not too friendly face


Chapter 8♥️


She was quiet for sometime and I wondered why, nevertheless I gave her time to digest all she had heard…

What about her mother ?she asked

she’s late, she died after she gave birth to my daughter “I said then she brightened up

that’s okay then, I just don’t want her showing up sometime and trying to get my man “Lizzy said and then I laughed

that was the reason for the long face…oh no, no body is stealing me from you “I teased her.

we had our dinner peacefully, she was all smiles, while I felt lighter and better like a scale or a burden had fallen of my chest.

Lizzy came home the following weekend, and I introduced her to mama, and mama was happy that I had finally found a woman in my life, that has been her delight.

my daughter is four years plus, she was a very smart kid.

Pepe meet aunty Elizabeth, but you can call her aunty Lizzy ”

Goodafternoon aunty Lizzy ” my daughter said

goodafternoon little one, how are you ? Lizzy asked

i am fine thank you “Pepe responded.

I was very happy that Pepe loved Lizzy, she took and accepted her like her own. she practically moved in with us. Lizzy was hard-working, she made our meals, do the laundering, and maintained the house.

Mother would not stop pushing me to marry Lizzy, according to her, such ladies are rare to find, that I should be glad I found one in Lizzy.

I was taking my time in watching lizzy, because I wouldn’t want to make a mistake. mother was only interested in having more grand children, I needed a good woman that will stand by me and I wanted to be sure.

Lizzy was great, except for the fact that she was very secretive, especially with her phone calls. when ever she had a call she must look for a conducive place before she would talk.

I was trying not to make a big deal out of it, but it was getting too much and i had to confront her one day.

“why do you always have to go out to pick a call? I asked her

“how? she asked back

I mean is there anything I should worry about, you are my girlfriend…

“exactly, your girlfriend and not your wife yet, so please don’t just bring this up, I love my privacy “she said

“hmmmm okay, if you say so, I had to drop the topic.


One evening, I went outing with my family, Lizzy, my mother and Pepe, it was an enjoyable time, everyone had fun.we even had dinner and took some home.

Mother and Pepe had gone to bed, then Lizzy said she wanted to have a word with me.

“okay darling, am all ears..

“don’t you think it will be nice to get an apartment for Pepe and your mother “she said and that came to me like a shock, I honestly didn’t see that Coming,,,,

“But why? this house is big enough for us all, isn’t it?i asked

well no because I want my man to myself, and I need some privacy “she replied

“Lizzy are you serious, but we are a family pepe and mother loves you ” I said

and I love them too, I just want you to get an apartment for them, that’s all “she exclaimed

But I have never lived without my mom and my daughter has been with me ever since she was born, I can’t live without any of them, thankfully you all get along and I have been grateful to God for that……

“Well, you will have to choose which of us you will get use to not living with, I or your mother and daughter, I love them but want them to live elsewhere.

I was looking at Lizzy, wondering what had come over her.


Chapter 9♥️


Lizzy what has come over you, you know I love you as much as I love my mother and pepe, did my mother offend you or what, I mean we just came home from a family outing, this isn’t what I expected to hear, have I been neglecting you or what?

“see Dami, I want my man all to myself, especially when am home, sweetheart you know I love you so much and asking to be alone with you is not too much to ask, see it’s not as if we won’t be visiting them ohhh, may be every Sunday we would be going to say hi to them “Lizzy said

Are you kidding me right now, you want me to be seeing my daughter once in a week, and as for mama I am an only child, she sacrificed been married again just so I could be Happy, it’s been more than 26years I lost my father,and that woman you want me to send out of my life has been my both parents. Lizzy come on, be considerate I beg of you,, I love you so much but please don’t make me choose.

“Well there comes a point in every man’s life when he has to leave his mother and father and cling unto his wife, when you understand that part of the Bible then you come for me, for now you are still confused and I don’t deal with confused men…

She went into our bedroom, got her bag and left.


At work, Lizzy acts so formal with me, I know we had an understanding that we should exhibit work relationship at the office and then pick up been lovers once we get to the office gate, but she was been rather too official..

What’s wrong with you Lizzy, I held her hands as she brought a file to my office, you can’t continue like this, it’s been two weeks Lizzy

“I don’t understand what you are talking about sir “she said of course been formal

oh come on Lizzy, I have ran out of excuses, mama and Pepe have been asking after you, please don’t do this, I love you and you know it.

“Please sir if you don’t mind I have some work to finish on my desk “she said as she worked out of my office…

I was going mad, mama has never leaved without me, and my daughter, it isn’t going to be easy on her. She isn’t privilege to have a mother like every other child, and I will still deprive her of a father,,,oh no, I just can’t do that to my baby girl…

Pepe 5th birthday is in two weeks, you must be around and help me with the preparation, oh stop all these Lizzy, you know I can’t ask my mother and daughter to leave elsewhere, stop this and be reasonable.

Lizzy! Lizzy!! “she had hung up, I never knew mama had been close by and she heard all I said,,,

So Elizabeth wants my granddaughter and I out of the house?,but what did we do to her ? my mother asked

“mother is not what you think,,,

now I know the reason for her not coming around anymore, my mother turned back and walked away….

“Oh my God, I didn’t want mama to be aware, this certainly won’t be good..

From that minute, mama became quiet, she wasn’t her usual self.

the next day, she called me and said she Wanted to have a conversation with me, I already knew it was because of the matter at hand

my son, in as much as it hurt, I shall grant Lizzy’s wish, I have always heard motherd in law and daughters in law don’t coexist, but I had always had a different view, I tried my best to be very accommodating and sweet to Lizzy just so she knows I could be her mother too, but its obvious my best wasn’t good enough, at some point a man has to start his own family and leave his parents, that time has come my son

“oh mama don’t talk like thissssss

“hold on, let me finish, you shall get an apartment for me and Bimpe so that you and Lizzy can start a home, I am not angry, just tell her to allow us plan and celebrate Bimpe’s 5th birthday first, then we can go..

“Mama no, I can’t leave without my daughter and you, i want everyone to be happy under the same roof, this house is big enough for the four of us, Lizzy will get to understand and come to her senses ” I said to her


I got to work the following day been Monday, and Lizzy was not around, asking her office mate, I was told she called that she was sick and can’t make it to work, I tried calling her but her phone was not connecting so i went to her house during launch break and she wasn’t home, i went again after the close of work, still I met her absence.

She came to work the next day, but still wouldn’t talk to me, she wasn’t looking her usual self.

the following day, she came with a resignation letter and some medical reports, saying she needed some rest as she wasn’t sound medically.. Lizzy was taking the whole thing too far and it was beginning to annoy me..

I went to her house after work, but I met an empty apartment she had moved out and her neighbors didn’t know her where about…

I tried calling her but her number wasn’t connecting..

I continued trying her line, but same thing, I was heart broken, I then understood that she probably quit her job because of me. i became a different person, I lost concentration at work and at home, dealing with heartbreak is one terrible thing that even the strongest of men becomes weak…

It was one week plus, no word from Lizzy, I had to let go and move on for my daughter’s sake,I have a birthday to plan for my child, it’s her big 5, I had to put myself together and give my daughter a deserving party..

It was four days to Pepe’s party, I was getting ready for work as usual, when I heard a knock at my door, lo and behold some policemen where standing at the door.




Coming out and seeing the officers, I was suprised as to what their visit was for, then I saw my boss he was very furious and he spoke

“that is the criminal, arrest him..

“Me a criminal? what are you talking about sir

“how dare you change figures, and extort money from my company “he furiously said

“meeeee? I have never done that and can never do that

oh shut up that gutter you called a mouth,officers, arrest this criminal

my mother begged them to let me be that I’d never do a thing like that, but of course they didn’t listen. i was cuffed and bundled out like a common criminal even though my daughter didn’t understand what was happening she somehow figured it wasn’t a nice thing, and she cried and watched as I was taken away. i didn’t understand anything myself, I was trying to figure what it was about…..

I later realised I was arrested for some missing money under my care, and the very one that got the attention of the boss was 4.5million naria.

The boss had gone to his bank and his balance was not what he expected, asking for a bank statement, he saw I had withdrew five million instead of five hundred thousand as it should be…

The boss had issued a cheque of 500,000, I was having a terrible headache that day, I went to the bank with Lizzy who was trying to help because of the way I was feeling, I just sat while she did everything, the bank confirmed the cash was issued to me using my I’d, the boss had placed a call to his manager that he was sending me to them, he was leaving the country hence he wasn’t going to be around Incase they call to confirm later. Lizzy had added an extra zero and took an extra sum of 4.5million and gave me the supposed 5 hundred thousand, i didn’t know she did all that.

Mother came later after she had taken Pepe to school,I told her all that I was accused of and all I knew

oh my God, how could Elizabeth do this to you, what did you do to that lady? could this be what she was talking about that afternoon

“what do you mean mama? I asked..

I heard her on the phone with someone, telling the person she was able to change everything and 4.5million was extra,I believe the other person on the phone asked her when she will be coming and then she said she wants to get more before coming,,,,, I asked her who she was on the phone with and she said it was her elder brother in abroad, I didn’t even take any of it seriously, I believe that was why she wanted I and your daughter out of your house so we won’t stand as an hindrance to her evil mission. oh my God, what do we do son, how do I locate this woman ? my mother asked

“mama her phone numbers are not connecting, she had relocated from her apartment and had stopped working…..

I and mama pleaded with the boss and told him all I knew, but he said he has no business with Lizzy, as he didn’t leave any money with her.. I was tortured and mistreated for what I know nothing about.

it was days already and I was still in the police custody, it was the worse experience of my life…the boss asked me to pay every penny that I took else I was going to die there… he even refused to let me out. it was my daughter’s birthday and I was still with the police, my mother brought my daughter so I could celebrate with her, my daughter held me and asked we went home, oh poor child, only if she knew I wanted to go home as much as she wanted me to…

The boss came that day and saw my daughter crying and begging me to follow her home, her tears may have melted the Rocky part of his heart, he asked that the police men should let me go, but I had to sign that I shall return his money in less that a month, I had to sign, I had about 3.5million In my account, I could start with that and beg the boss to be paying others as I continued working…

We went home together and celebrated my daughter’s birthday the little way we could.

The next day I went to my bank, hoping to withdraw the sum of 3million and then go to the boss with that, and beg to pay the rest on instalment.

I arrived the bank with the cheque of 3million, only for it to bounce, I requested to see the bank manager, only for him to tell me I had eight hundred and something thousand in my account about 2.7million was out, I requested for my bank statement, only to see that Lizzy has been making transfers from my account to hers every single night she slept over, and was sure to delete the alert before I woke up. i was doomed, my end had come I thought,,,what do I do? my head was spinning in circles…

I still managed to go the office and explained everything to the boss, even showing him my statement of account and all Lizzy had done to me.he was sorry for me but told me he needed his money to run his company effectively, I had withdrew the 8 hundred thousand, and gave him, he told me to get his remaining money if I didn’t want to be locked in prison. he had also relieved me of my duties in his company, I went home shattered.


I had to sell some of my valuables, and the land I had bought to raise a substantial amount of 2.2 million to give to the boss so I don’t go to jail for what I didn’t do, the boss had compassion, and asked me to forget the other money, but he never wish to set his eyes on me. i was grateful at least and thanked him..

I was back to nothing, we had to look for a smaller apartment we were living from the profit from Mama’s shop and I didn’t know what to do.




Jesus 😭😭

Lizzy is so evil😡😡

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