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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Longest night Episode 5 & 6

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Chapter 5♥️



BIMPE missing, how? when? where?? I asked already shaking.

Mr ADELODUN you are next, the secretary was referring to me.

“i am sorry I can’t do this, my daughter is Missing “I said and rushed out of the office, i drove like I had never driven in my life, I didn’t know where I should go exactly whether the police station, home, or her school. i decided to call mama and asked her where she was, then she said she was at the school.

mean while there was a police station close to her school. i rushed to the police station first, and told them my daughter was Missing, of course they started their normal procedure talk telling me they can not declare her missing or do anything untill 24hours

“o my God, I am finished ” I thought and drove to her school and met mama in tears, she was in company of some teachers and the head of school.

“welcome Mr Oluwadamilar…

“where is my daughter? I was asking no one in particular, where is my child ” I shouted.

Calm down Mr Oluwadamilar, your daughter was not in school today “Bimpe teacher said

“what are you talking about? I personally dressed my daughter before leaving the house this morning “I said

“But she was not in school

“the class teacher said she was even holding the class register, where she had marked her absent, the security man also confirmed he didn’t see Bimpe been brought that morning, he knows her personally since he lives close to us.

“Mama! what’s happening here, what are they saying? didn’t you bring Bimpe to school this morning “I asked her.

My son I am sorry I am very sorry “my mother said in tears

“ohhhh God ,mama what are you sorry for, where is Bimpe, didn’t you bring her to school today “I asked again

My son, I was about bringing her to school this morning, when Ramson our neighbor asked me not to bother, that he was going to her school direction and he was going to help me drop her in school.

“what?? mother you handed Bimpe to Ramson, for heaven’s sake, we know little or nothing about that guy, he came to the compound less than three months …

“I am so sorry my son, he looked gentle, I didn’t know he could hurt BIMPE, what do we do now?

i was weak and shaking, my legs could not carry my body, I sat on the floor and removed my suit jacket, my daughter, oh my child, I have failed you, I have failed you, I am so sorry my daughter, oh lord please help me, I neglected my responsibility, I should have dropped her in school before going for the interview, oh God I am sorry “I said in tears

“no my son please don’t

say that, you have been an amazing father, the fault is all mine, I am so sorry , please for give me “mama was crying, even the teachers.

“Bimpe is such an adorable baby, but who would want to hurt her, the world is so evil “a teacher said.

“My head and eyes were spinning so fast, I wanted the ground to open and swallow me, I can’t imagine a life without my baby Pepe any more. what do I do? I brought out my phone and tried Ramson’s number, but it wasn’t connecting, then I knew I was doomed.

Our neighbors had heard about the situation, even those around that cared about Bimpe all came to school, before we knew it, the school compound was filled. the proprietress had to politely ask us out that it wasn’t good for her school’s reputation, saying people may begin to spread rumors that her school isn’t competent not knowing the child didn’t come to school at all. she said that she will be with us all the way and render any assistance in her power.

I understood where she was coming from, we all left the school premises and went home, well meaning neighbors were there with us. No one knew what to do, or how to help exactly.

it was already to 2 by now. where could my daughter be, is she okay, has she eaten? these were all the thoughts going through my head…

Suddenly I jumped up and was rushing back to the police station, i had remembered something


Chapter 6♥️


some of the young men in my compound ran after me wondering where I was going.po….po..police station I managed to say, as i got to where my taxi cab was parked, probably they didn’t believe me, thinking I was planning on committing sucide, about two of them decieded to follow me, i drove as fast as I could to the police station.

“oga shebi we done tell you say we no go fit go fine your pikin now, you have to wait for 24hours “one of the police men who I had met earlier said

“oh no no sir, I actually think I may have an idea as to where my daughter is.

What? let’s hear it “another officer said.

“This morning I had an early morning interview, I had come out to use the toilet, on getting there I noticed Ramson was inside he usually goes to the toilet early mornings to smoke, he was on the phone telling the person on the other end that he would try and go to schools to try and get the goods that they should meet at a particular place by 4pm for business “I said

that’s a very good lead, the goods he was talking about could be your daughter, but where did they plan to meet “the officer asked and I couldn’t remember exactly, because I wasn’t really concerned about the call that minute, Never the less, I tried my best, and I finally remembered, I told the officers, by then it was already few minutes past 3 the police men went in their van, while me and the other guys followed behind with my taxi cab, although the police suggested we stayed, but I just couldn’t hence we went with them. the description was a very lonely and bushy area, the police officers took cover and even we.There was a car parked and a man standing besides it who seems to be waiting for someone. its was few minutes past 4pm now.

We waited patiently, the man seems to be on the phone, asking the person on call to hasten up. Minutes later, we saw Ramson came out, carrying my daughter who seems to be oblivious of what was happening, as she seems fast asleep. i almost ran out from the hiding, but the police asked me not to that they wanted to see what would happen next, the man beside the car handed a polythene bag to Ramson who inturn handed my daughter over to him with a smile, just then the police officers came out asking them to put their hands up that they are been surrounded, I quickly ran to where my child was and carried her, i tried waking her up ,but she wasn’t waking up. the police men asked Ramson what he had done to Pepe, he said my baby didn’t stop crying calling for dada, that’s was what she was calling me he said the crying was calling attention on him, hence he had to get her to sleep by giving her a sleeping dose.

Oh my God, a sleeping dose for a baby of a year and eight months?,I rushed her to the nearest hospital and she was admitted and the drug flushed out of her system, the doctor said I should be happy that I brought her to the hospital on time, because the drug was way more than her. that was how my Pepe was saved…

Ramson confessed of kidnapping little children from schools and selling them to ritualist, Pepe wasn’t really the target but when he saw an opportunity ,when mama allowed him take her to school he decided to sell her and save himself the troubles of looking for another child, he had sold her for 1.5 million naria, Bimpe was his fifth victim, when asked how he gets the children to go with him, he said he uses snacks, money and sometimes offers to drop them home in a car, which of course is for one of his friends.

Ramson and his cohort were charged to court and was sentenced to life in prisonment with hard labour….

I was more than happy to have my daughter back, I just couldn’t imagine my life without my little princess in it anymore. my daughter is indeed grace personified, as I held her.

Mama was very sorry for her negligence, saying she had learnt her lesson

I am so sorry Dami, please forgive me, you have lost a job ,and would have lost your daughter all because of my negligence

“oh no mama, It’s okay, we all make mistakes, the job wasn’t mine yet and God has a way of doing things if not how everything happened another innocent child would have gone like that, God just used us to put a stop to all Ramson’s dirty deeds thank God for Bimpe.

The following Sunday at church I had a Thanksgiving where I invited family and friends, to join me in appreciating God for spearing the life of my baby.



Thank God our bimpe have been found ♥️♥️

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