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July 30, 2021


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Longest night Episode 19 & 20

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Chapter 19❤



Her words were like bombshell, Atleast i didn’texpected that. i knew Stella was very nice to me, but I never knew it was in such a way. i took her hands and hugged her tightly.

“calm down Stella, please calm down, i took my bag inside and stayed till the next day…

In the morning of the next day, I called her very early, and told her I wanted to have a word with her, meanwhile, I had prayed for several hours all through the night asking God for a sign if Stella was the one for me, and if she isn’t, he (God) should put the right words in my mouth, and he should touch her heart.

“Stella, you are an amazing person, with a good and pure heart, it’s a privilege to know you love me, and I love you very very very much, but not in the kind of way you want me to, i love you just like I love my daughter and mother, you are not like a family to me, you are family to me, you are the sister I never had, I want what we have to last forever, we may not be compactable as lovers, but as family, we shall ever be. If I had such feelings for you, I would have told you a long time ago. Stella I would help you heal, I may not have been in your shoes before, but I know it will not be easy giving love and not getting it in return. i would stay as long as you want me to, untill you are able to come with terms with the whole thing. i could have just say I love you too, but I wouldn’t want to decieve you, because you deserve everything good, and a man to cherish you.

Some tears drop were falling off her eyes

“thank you Dami, you are right, if we were met to be, you would have felt the same for me., I appreciate you telling me the truth, tanks alot, I may not have gotten a lover, but I know I have gotten a brother for life, it will not be easy, but I know I shall be fine.

i hugged her gently, her tears were dropping on my back.

I took my bags inside, and I unpacked, I made breakfast for us that morning, I was chatting with her ,trying to make her know nothing has changed, so she doesn’t become shy in my presence.

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in the evening, I took her and together we went to see a movie and we were dragging the popcorn pack as usual.

I was driving us to work in her car, I just wanted her to feel comfortable and become her usual self…..

A friend of mine invited me for a party, and I invited Stella to go with me, I was seriously praying for God to send her own man, that would love and cherish her, even though she wasn’t aware. it was the day of the party

that Saturday, I woke up not feeling myself, I was kind of down with fever, Stella got me some medications. i told her I won’t be able to go to the party anymore, she said she wasn’t going either, that she was going to take care of me at home, as Pepe your God daughter abi, come-on will you go and get dressed for The party, David is expecting us both, it will so be unfair when non of us shows up. after much conviction, she agreed to go ….

There was a party actually,but another reason I wanted Stella there was because of David’s friend by name Nelson, I see the way he looks at Stella whenever he Comes with David to see me,bI strongly believed he liked her, he’s probably looking for the right time and place to spill it out ,no better time and place than in a party.

And yes you are right, I was fine, very fine actually, I just wanted Stella to go alone ..I assisted her in choosing something Fab for the party, I needed her to be her best, and trust me she was looking stunning.

“woowwwww you are looking so adorable sweetie, I had said to her

“go joor, you want to make my head big

no for real, you know you are the most beautiful woman alive, of course apart from my mother and my daughter, we both laughed… she was trying to grab her car keys

no no no, sometimes a girl just have to use Uber to some parties, you mustn’t drive you know, (I actually wanted Nelson to drop her home, therefore having opportunity to talk, going with her car would reuine everything.)

“Are you kidding me Dami, don’t you know it probably would have been late by the time the party is over “she said

“oh come on dear, someone may drop you off, I mean David is there.

“okayyyyyy boss “she said

i called a cab, and in no time it was with us

okay Dami, take care of yourself, don’t miss me too much “she said…

Who will miss this one, come go and have fun, I teased, I was very happy as she went for the party.

At about 10:30pm, she was back, Nelson had brought her home, I was so overjoyed, my effort didn’t go to waste.

“how body bro? Nelsonasked me

“guy I dey ohh…

“David said you were a little under the weather

“yes oh my guy, but am getting better though, how was the party?

“oh it was great

“I missed ohhh, tanks for bringing my madam home, hope she wasn’t much of a burden?

oh no, she was a wonderful company, I had fun being with her, I wouldn’t mind having her around other times

“of course no problem, feel free to come in anytime anyday,.

“Helloooooooooo you two, can you stop talking about me like am not here “Stella said laughing

if you come dey here nkor, abeg shift “I said

“okay bro, I’d like to get going, it’s late

no wahala, I gat it, take care.

“take care of yourself ” Nelson said to Stella

“I will, and you too “replied Stella…..

Loveeeeeeeee is a beautiful thing, this loveeeeeee na for you and me, be my Juliet and I’ll be your Romeo, my love, ohhhhh my love,

And when the stars come out tonight

I’ll think about you my love my love o

And in the dark I see your lovely eyes

Darling you are my light you are my love ooo,

I was singing a song by Jonny Drille in sarcasm

“and what’s the meaning of that ?Stella asked

“so I can’t sing madam

“hmmmmm okay ohhhh, nothing is going on between Nelson and I “she said

“madam who asked you, anyway, Nelson is a good guy, I like him “I said

“Dami please I am tired, I am going to rest….

“okay my lady, have your beauty rest….

Nelson became a regular face at home, I knew he wasn’t coming to visit me, never the less he uses me as an excuse, sooner than later, they became an item.

I was so happy for both of them, especially Stella, she had found a good man who loved and cherished her.

Back at the office, I soon discovered the boss lady was always sad, I know she is always frowning as the iron lady she is, but I felt there was something making that lady a beast and I was bent on knowing what that was.


Chapter 20❤


It was lunch break that afternoon, I had gone to the boss lady’s office.

“what do you want me to get for you for lunch, or would you want my local rice of that day?

“mr Dami, I believe I didn’t tell you I was hungry, so what in heaven’s name is your problem?

I am sorry, I am just been concerned, I noticed you haven’t left your office since morning, and I probably thought you’d need something to eat.

“well thanks, but am very fine.

“okayyyyy if you say so “I left.

I had entered her office, I knocked, but she probably didn’t even hear me as she was lost in thought, some tears were falling off her eyes.

“excuse me ma, excuse me ma, she wasn’t answering, I had to touch her shoulder

“what is wrong with you? don’t you know you are supposed to knock before entering someone’s office, are you so daft to know that “she shouted

“mam I knocked

well you were supposed to be told to enter before you do

“am sorry ma, i brought these for you to pend your signature

“drop it and get out “she ordered.

You know, no matter what you are going through, crying does not help, you have to be in a stable mind to handle anything, worring and crying doesn’t change a thing

i said get out of my office “she shouted again and I have no choice but to leave her office.

Stella was enjoying her love life with Nelson, I was very happy for both of them, seeing she was stable and doing well, I told her I was moving out, this time she agreed, she and her boyfriend assisted me in getting my new place together, they even stayed the night with me.

i was doing quite alright, I had an apartment and a small car, everything seems to be going fine, expect I missed my daughter and mother.

One Friday evening, I had gone to see a friend after work and i was driving home, when I saw the boss lady, she had left the office say 2_3 hours earlier, I wasn’t expecting to see her, she seems stranded as her car had developed a fault,, I decided to stop and know what was wrong.

“Hello mam, what’s wrong with your car “I asked

it’s nothing, I can handle it thank you “she said

you know you mustn’t be a boss lady everytime and everywhere, especially after working hours and outside the company premises too. so young lady, what’s wrong with your car?

do you know you are annoying? she asked

thank you, I’d take that as a compliment. so, what’s wrong with you car?

I don’t know, it just stopped, worse is, I had been trying to call my machanic but his number has not been Connecting.

by this time it was 8:45pm, I will tell you where we shall fine a safe place to park your car ,and then you can pass the night at my place

“your what? you must be kidding me

“this place you are is so not safe for a lady, especially at this time, please go with me to my house since my house is closer to where your car is, I managed to convince her.

I looked for a safe place, and parked the car in, and then we were on our way to my place….

“Are you sure this will go down with your woman, I mean ,Won’t Stella be mad seeing you come home with me, without her notice “she asked as we were about going Inside, I had a little laugh

“so funny, first of all, Stella is a sister not my mistress as you put it the other day, secondly, this is my house, Stella has hers,and she has gone home to her place..

“hmm, I see “she said as we went inside.

Nice apartment, she said as we arrived the living room.

“thanks alot mam

“eheenn, Dami, we are not at the office, drop the formalities and call me Mirabel please

“okay iron Lady

excuse me, what did you say?🥴😂

I said Mirabel ma

this must be your daughter from the other day “she said as she came close to Pepe portrait hung beautifully on the wall.

ohh yes, that’s my world ” I said and she was kind of shy and felt cold, I believe because of what she did on her first meeting with pepe.

“okay mam, let me show you to the bedroom, so you can frenshen up, while I fix us something to eat.

i took her to my personal bedroom, the house had just two bedrooms, and mine was the master’s, I wanted her to feel comfortable. but this is your bedroom, I could use the guest room or the living room, I wouldn’t want to be a burden “she said

“oh no mam, you are not, just relax, I’d sleep anywhere, it could even be in the kitchen, she smiled, okay mam, just see to anything in the wardrobe that could make you feel easier, freshen up while I set the table, as I was about walking out of the door, she called me, dami! I turned.

I am sorry for the first day we met, I was in a terrible state of mind,,but I needed to have that presentation, I am sorry I took my furstration on you, no parent could ignore a sick child, I was so unreasonable, I am so so sorry for everything “she said

it’s nothing, that’s by the way now.

thank you very much “she said.

Thank goodness I had some meal in the freezer, I microwaved something for us. she came out in one of my polo shirt, but she was wearing it inside out, when I saw her, I couldn’t help but laughed

I look so horrible in it right ?she asked

oh no mam, you look dazzling, yes she looked beautiful in it though, but mam, you are wearing it inside out

ohhhh really, well anyways, my dad said when one wears his or her dress in such a way mistakenly, good fortune is coming for such a one

oh really, we both laughed, I had never seen the iron lady laughed, she looked so beautiful.

you really needed to have seen her, and she got the finest set of teeth I had ever seen, I was just starring at her, please mam, don’t stop laughing, you look like an angel when you laugh, she kind of became shy, “am so sorry ma “I had realized I was crossing the line.




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