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Loner finale

❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by Enogieru Writes 💓✍️
I watched Loretta walk slowly towards the door and just as she was about to turn the door knob, the door opened.
“The police” I g@sped.
“I knew, you would come” Loretta said stretching forth her both hands joined together.
“Miss Loretta, you are under arrest for the muder of Mr Raymond” The officers said displaying their identity card after a brief introduction.
I watched Loretta, as an handcuffs was placed on her wrists. Tears dropped slowly from my face considering she was the only member of my family remaining.
Loretta moved out of the ward with the police officers.
“Lucy, you’ve to put yourself together” Shane consoled.
I bowed my heads as I felt my world crashing again. If only Douglas was alive!!!.
“Shane, please help me get my sister out of there” I pleaded as Shane turned his face away from me lost in his own thoughts.
Weeks later, I was discharged from the hospital. I went back to the cartel to see if I would see traces of Douglas, but the cartel was totally abandoned.
“How time flies” Shane said as he opened the gate.
“Shane!!!” I screamed his name and he paused. “I don’t think I wanna go in there” I blunted making a u-turn.
Shane followed swiftly and we boarded a cab back home, I mean, my mother’s house.
“Lucy, why not go see Loretta” Shane said.
“That would be tomorrow” I smirked. “Shane have you seen Paschal in a while” I asked slowly.
“No” Shane replied almost immediately.
“Well, I’ve a feeling that Douglas still lives” I shrugged.
“Have you been dreaming of Douglas” Shane mocked.
“No Shane” I smiled walking to my room.
Morning came quickly, I got up from my bed and took a quick shower. I hurried to the kitchen as I prepared some pancakes for Loretta, pancakes were her favourite.
I was about leaving the house when Shane screamed my name.
“What!!” I yelled.
He walk sluggishly from where he was sitting towards me. “Can I go with you”.
“The last time I checked, I didn’t tire your legs” I hissed loudly and he laughed.
“A minute please, let me change” Shane excused his self.
We got to the police station, we were directed on how we would see Loretta. After everything, Loretta came out looking so pale.
“Loretta!!” I pronounced her name softly.
“Lucy, please forgive me” Loretta said pathetically. “I know am gonna die soon” She coughed.
“Loretta, you don’t have to say such” Shane held her palm. “If Lucy hasn’t forgiven you, she won’t be here” Shane spoke on my behalf.
“I forgive you, Loretta” I rushed to hug her.
Shortly after that, I dished out the pancakes as we all ate.
“Well, the court case has been slated for next week Wednesday” Loretta said as she scoffed a handful of pancakes.
“In that case, we need a lawyer” I shrugged
“Have gotten one already” Shane said and I smiled.
“I promise Retta, I’ll get you out of here” I hugged her again.
All was set for the court case of Miss Loretta Raymond at the court of Justice. The court was full of reporters, lawyers and spectators alike, attracted by the s£nsational nature of the case. It was indeed a scene to behold. It was now a matter of life or death.
Amidst the hush – hush and last minute consultation going on in the court, the Judge entered.
“Order!, court!” The usher yelled, everyone stood up as the judge took her seat.
The judge sat and cleared her throat briefly, “what are the cases for today?” She asked.
“Case 1, The murder case of Mr Raymond” The court registrar said. “Miss Loretta” Two policemen lead Loretta into the dock taking a stand on either side of her.
I sighed deeply praying silently.
“That you, Raymond Loretta, on the 15th day of January 2010 at about 5 p.m. in the premises of Davins shopping mall, shot one Mr Douglas, contrary to section 100/5 of the criminal penal code.
That you, Raymond Loretta on the 20th day of October 2010 at about 2pm in the premises of Banana Estate, shot also Mr Raymond, contrary to the above section of the same code. Are you guilty or not guilty ” The registrar paused.
“Guilty, your Lordship, but it was for a reason” Loretta said painly.
“Tell me the facts of the case” The judge adjusted her wig.
“As your lordship pleases” Our Lawyer bowed before the judge. “That the above accusations was done in duress”
“Below are the evidence”
The evidence were p@ssed over to the Judge. After fl!pping through through the papers, the judge faced Loretta..
“What about the case of Mr Douglas” The judge said.
“I was never dead, your lordship” I turned to see Douglas at the other side of the court, standing beside him was Paschal.
“Douglas!!!” I screamed rushing to hug him.
“I miss you, Lucy” Douglas hugged me tightly.
We were locked in a warm embrace amidst whispers from viewers. Douglas showing up till this time, was a big relief for Loretta.
“Court!, order!” The usher yelled again and the court was dead silent.
“Loretta Raymond, you have been given a fair trial but as you know it’s not proper to take a life. There’s no atom of doubt in the fact that you killed Mr Raymond. I honestly think I should be linent in a crime of this nature. Having gone through the evidences, you are therefore s£ntenced to fourteen Years in imprisonment”
“Court!!!” Everybody stood up as the judge took her exist.
Loretta was escorted away by the police officer. I left Douglas and hurried towards her.
“I pray, I pull through this” Loretta said in tears.
“Please stay strong for me” I hugged her.
“I’m sorry Douglas” Loretta turned to face Douglas.
“Loretta, everything’s p@ssed now” Douglas said. “I’m changed and I forgive you”.
I watch Loretta as she was taken away in tears.
I turned my face from Loretta to face Douglas. Douglas wasn’t looking so bright.
“Anything the problem, Mr Douglas” I asked concerned.
“Not really, I only wanted to see members of the cartel and apologise to them” He said plainly.
“Douglas, it’s…..” I had barely completed my statement when a little girl ran toward our direction.
“Daddy!!!!, Daddy!!!” She kept screaming as she hugged Douglas.
“You’ve a daughter?” I stared at Douglas.
“Lucy, I’m really sorry things went this way” Douglas said and I could feel my heart melting away.
“Douglas, are you married?” I asked.
“Yes, I’m with a family now” Douglas sighed. “I’m sorry if what I did dash your hope” He said touching my face.
I tried to walk away but my legs couldn’t carry me. Soon, my head began to spin in circles. Life was indeed unfair.
I glared at Douglas as he carried his daughter walking away with Paschal behind. Just in a twinkle, I had lost everything.
I glanced at my wrist watch and it was 6pm, meaning I had spent about three hours after the court case. I grabbed my bags and managed to get on my foot walking through the streets. I was still walking when a car parked in front of me.
“Lucy!!!” The person called.
I tried to check whom the caller was but my eyes were to weak to get a clear vision. I moved a step further and my vision suddenly went blank.
“Lucy!!!!” I could hear my name faintly. I tried to mutter some words but couldn’t.
I opened my eyes to see Paschal sitting beside me.
“What am I doing here” I screamed and he smiled.
“Lucy, I s£nsed you were going to be in trouble so I decided to help” Paschal said.
“Well, I don’t think your help is necessary now” I said trying to get up from the bed but my head was too heavy.
“Lucy!” Paschal called my name slowly pulling me by my wrist. “There’s something I want to tell you” He said.
“If it about Douglas, I don’t not want to hear” I concluded.
“No, it’s about Douglas, it’s about us” Paschal paused. “It’s about my feelings for you”.
“Feelings” I repeated.
“Yes, I have loved you Lucy” He said emphatically.
“Why are you just telling me?” I rolled my eyes.
“Because, I didn’t want to disrespect my boss and break the cartel rules” He said.
“Paschal, you are saying trash” I got up from the bed in anger. “If Douglas s£nt you to make a fool of me, Go back and tell him am not available” I hissed loudly closing his door in anger.
I boarded a cab and went home. I was still lying on my bed when I heard a slight knock on the door.
I opened the door to see Paschal, “what do you want” I yelled.
“I brought you flowers” He said giving me a small wrap.
“Oops, flowers” I giggled remembering I had to give mom a flower in a week time.
“Can I come in” Paschal said pulling me out of my thoughts.
“Sure” I smiled and he sat on the couch.
Paschal followed me to give mom flowers on her one year remembrance.
Well, I tried to let go of my past and I accepted Paschal in good fate. We had lots of things we shared in common, At times we will go to the gym together, we would go shopping together, we did almost everything together.
My birthday was fast approaching. I particularly didn’t make preparation for it. I had left the house that day to make my hair.
Once I was done making my hair, I went to the market to get foodstuff. I got home to meet my doors opened.
“Did someone break into this house” I whispered as I tiptoed to the living room.
I got to the dining table to meet a cake with a small note attached to it. I took the note and read the inscription, “please marry me”.
I stood froze at that caption. I turned to see Paschal holding a ring on his knees.
“Complete my joy Lucy and marry me” He said calmly.
I didn’t know when tears started dropping from my eyes.
“Yes, I will marry you” I smiled in tears.
Paschal and I were giggling and laughing over a game of chess.
“I will win” I stuck out my tongue.
“That if you can” Paschal said with his eyes glued to the chessboard.
Dong!, Dong!…..That was the doorbell.
“Babes, go check the door” I commanded.
“You go” Paschal said.
“Go babes, Don’t be lazy” I pushed his shoulders.
Paschal opened the door. Wow!, it was Shane.
“Hey Shane!” I greeted from where I sat.
Paschal directed him to the couch.
“Hi, Lucy” He waved.
“It been ages, Shane” I said and we all laughed.
We were gisting and chatting about few things, mostly our stay in the cartel.
“Loretta, would be tried a second time on Friday” Shane chipped in.
Just then, it occurred to me that I haven’t heard from my sister in a while.
“We should tell Douglas about it, he could probably be of help” Paschal suggested.
“Loretta s£nds her greetings, she said she’s sorry for not attending your wedding” Shane said.
“It’s nothing, I understand” I shrugged.
“Please, forgive Loretta” Shane pleaded.
“I hold nothing against her” I smiled.
I followed Shane to see Loretta in the prison and also to see Douglas. Douglas accepted to help us and I sincerely hope that Loretta would be free. The case was tried again and Loretta was granted bail on a compensation of 50 million naria. Douglas paid the money and Loretta was freed.
Sometimes, she came visiting with Shane while other times, I and Paschal went to see her. She had come to see me one morning.
“Guess what Lucy? She laughed.
“Shane proposed” I smiled.
“How did you know” she playfully hit my arms.
I was happy for Loretta. I mean who would have believed that we would be able to scale through those hurdles.
Indeed!, To err is human and to forgive is Divine!!!!!!.


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