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Loner episode 9 & 10

❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by #Enogieru💓✍️
Shane immediately pulled over and I got down from the car. I followed the path which the man took and still didn’t see anyone.
“Shane, wait by the car!” I ordered as I took a step further.
“Lucy, hope….” Shane tried to say something.
“I would be fine” I smiled at him making him to shut up.
I was still staring around when someone held my left wrist from behind. I turned and was surprised at whom I saw.
“Daddy” I yelled his name in excitement.
“Shhhh” He place his hands across my l!ps and closed my face with a mask.
I didn’t see direction of where I was led into since my eyes were closed.
The mask was taken off my face and I found myself in a small building.
“Lucy, I’ve been worried sick about you” Dad said sitting beside me.
“Daddy, you left the hospital that day” I said sadly. “I did really miss you”.
“I saw them, Douglas’s @ss@ssin and I knew they were after me” Dad paused.
“How did you manage to escape” I asked suspiciously.
“Well that day, I left the ward for a stroll and luckily I saw the @ss@ssin, I quickly jumped over the hospital fence and once I was out of the hospital, I changed from the ward clothes” Dad explained.
“Ah, But Daddy how did you manage to do that even when you had an operation?” I glared at him
“You won’t understand” Dad said and I grinned at him.
“Dad, why is Douglas after your life” I asked
“That would be a story for another day” Dad sighed getting up from where he sat. “Lucy you’ve to return back to Douglas”
“What did you say?” I widened my eyes in shock.
I thought seeing Dad would change things, I thought I would never had to work for that beast called Douglas. How I wished!!!!.
“Lucy, you can’t stay with me because if Douglas find out, he would wipe out our entire generation” Dad paused staring into space. “Go back to his mansion, keep pretending and help me get him”.
“Daddy, I don’t want to be an @ss@ssin” I squealed.
“Lucy, Do this for Daddy” Dad pleaded hugging me.
“How do I see you again?” I shrugged.
“I don’t entirely live here, but when you come here, write on the sand close to that tree” Dad said pointing to a particular tree.
“How then will I see you” I was totally confused.
“Just do as I say Lucy” Dad turned away from me. “You must go back this minute” He whispered loud enough for me to hear.
Reluctantly, I walked back to the Road. Shane was walking around the vehicle muttering some words to himself.
“What kept you Lucy?” He said angrily the moment he saw me.
“I was trying to check out the environment” I lied adjusting my Jean.
“We are behind schedule Lucy, Boss won’t be happy” He said as he leaped into the car.
“I’m sorry shane” I quickly apologise as I wore my seat belt.
We got to s£nator John’s house and the compound was empty.
“Shane, I thought Douglas said the s£nator was around” I got down from the car.
“Remember, Boss Douglas said 9am” Shane grinned.
I glanced at my wrist watch and the time was 12pm.
“Ouch” I smirked thinking of an alternative.
Calling Boss Douglas was totally out of the alternative.
“Lucy, I suggest we lay ambush till evening” Shane said starring at me.
We laid ambush, time was tickling. I glanced for the hundredth time at my wrist watch. Now the time was exactly 8pm.
“Shane, we should go home now” I said
“Home!” Shane smirked. “What home, seems like you are oblivious of what Douglas would do when he finds out we couldn’t achieve a simple task” Shane laughed briefly.
“Shane, he won’t kill us” I said walking angrily to the car.
Shane followed me swiftly. I got into the car and turned on the car. I made a U turn and left the s£nator resident immediately.
“What happened” Boss Douglas yelled as he pulled the trigger.
Well, he actually shot into the atmosphere.
“Boss, it was Lucy” Shane said frightened.
“Lucy, did what?” He yelled angrily.
“As at 9am, s£nator John’s residence was empty” Shane lied and I glared at him.
“Paschal, take them both and lock them up in the dark room” He ordered as he lit a cigarette.
We got up from our knees and followed Paschal. I pitied Shane because I made him go through these stress.
“I’m sorry Shane” I said once Paschal was out of sight.
“I warned you” Shane said with a teary voice.
“Shane, don’t worry I’ll get you out of here” I said confidently. “Thanks for covering up for me” I hugged him.
I close my eyes even though I wasn’t sleeping. So many thought ran through my mind. I was still pondering on my thoughts, when the light was turned on. I opened my eyes to see Douglas.
“Are you ready to tell me the truth” He bent to my height since I was sitting on the floor.
“Shane is innocent” I said sheepishly.
“Yes, I know he’s innocent” Douglas smiled. “You saw Mr Raymond today, right?”
My heart skipped the moment he mentioned Dad’s name. How on earth did Douglas know I saw Dad today.
“No!!” I faked a surprise face.
“Don’t think you’re smart because I can wipe out your entire generation” He gave a wicked smile and left the room turning off the lights.
“Lucy, you need to be careful” Shane said slowly.
“I thought you’re asleep” I sighed loudly. “Shane I need your help, I need to get my family out of this bondage” I pleaded.
“How do I come in?” Shane asked in a whisper.
“First, you’ve to help me get my sister out of this mansion. Loretta isn’t save here” I said.
“I will help you, but we need to get out of here first” Shane closed his eyes.
“Yeah” I admitted sighing in defeat.
Two weeks p@ssed and Douglas didn’t bother to see us in the dark room. Once in a while Paschal brought food for us when Douglas wasn’t around.
Shane and I were discussing on possible means to take Loretta out of Douglas mansion when Douglas walked in.
“I need a favour from you Lucy” Boss Douglas smiled.
“What favour” I stared at him.
“I need you to see some officers” Douglas said
“Why” I asked
“It’s Official” He shrugged.
“Is it the police?” I asked again.
“Yes, and you must tell them that this mansion is your home” Douglas frowned.
“Only on one condition” I said boldly
“Which is” He laughed.
“Free Shane from this place” I grinned
I glared at Douglas as he kept laughing like an idiot.
“So you now have to give your boss conditions” He laughed again and this time it was louder.
I glanced at Shane whom all these while was silent.
“Paschal, take them both out of here” Douglas ordered and left the room immediately.
Paschal immediately released us and we went to our room.
The scorching sun peeped through the curtains as I yawned loudly. Damn!, it was morning again. The events of these last days kept playing in my mind as I struggled to the washroom.
I took a quick shower and after that walked straight to my closet. I was still pondering on what to wear when I heard a faint knock on the door.
“Lucy” The voice outside called and I recognised Paschal’s voice.
“You can come in” I sighed wearing a cream top.
“Boss Douglas wants to see you” He said and left the room almost immediately.
I wore a skinny jeans on the cream top and a black pair of sandals as I headed straight to the boss room. I got to the room to meet Boss Douglas lying on the bed shirtless.
“Hmmm, Lucy” He cleared his throat the minute he saw me. “Sit” He said tapping his bed twice.
I sat on the bed still beside him. I was thinking of the best way to get him.
“Lucy” He called again pulling me out of my thought. “I’m very sorry for everything, I mean for every harsh thing I’ve done to you” He paused.
Could it be I was hearing Double?. Almighty Douglas apologising to me. I smirked lightly.
“Are the agencies around” I whispered faintly.
“No Lucy, this isn’t about the agencies. This is about my feelings towards you, from the very first time you stepped into the cartel, a lot of things about me change” He spoke softly with an atom of truth in his voice.
“So what am I supposed to do” I shrugged totally confused.
“Allow me love you, give me a chance Lucy to prove my love” He leaned to place a klzz on my l!ps but I instantly turned my face away from his.
Growing a soft spot for Douglas was definitely gonna wors£n things.
“You would have to give me time to think about it” I said as I got up from his bed.
“One more thing, tell Loretta that she would be leaving the country tomorrow for her surgery” He sat upright on the bed.
So Douglas finally agreed to help my sister, I rushed to hug him. He smiled and klzzed me lightly on my forehead.
Soon, Loretta was out of the country. It was like everything was starting from the beginning. I agreed to date Douglas not so sure of whether it was my feelings. I called Dad to tell him everything and he was excited.
While I was with Douglas, I was careful not to mention Dad’s name. We had come back from a meeting, I mean Douglas and I. Amb@ssador Clinton had offer us the contract of acting as his special @ss@ssin for a whopping sum.
“How did you manage to do that” Douglas asked as he opened the car door.
“Do what?” I feigned ignorance.
“Get the amb@ssador to change his mind on the price” He said.
“It was simple, The amb@ssador needed us to work for him so all we needed do was to threaten him” I smirked.
Talking about Douglas’s other @ss@ssins, we stilll worked together and did our normal things but to an extent, I helped.
I introduced something like monthly salary where everyone was paid 70% of what they had worked for the week. I also gave them opportunity to move around but on the oath of not betraying Douglas.
I had kept my eyes on Shane and warned him sternly to keep his mouth shut on everything he knew. Douglas had replaced Paschal with me.
“Do you even care about your sister” Shane asked while I was alone in the penthouse.
“Shane, you know one of these days, you will get us into trouble” I rolled my eyes.
“Loretta is somewhere battling with her life and here you’re dating someone your sister detest most” He spat.
“Shane, I’m in this mess because of everyone, because of you!, because of Loretta!, because of dad!” I yelled. “And then the best you can do is to sit there and insult me” Tears trickled down my faces.
“Aren’t there better ways than to fall in love with that monster” He yelled back at me.
“I’m not in love” I wiped the tears which glued to my face.
“You are!, just be careful Lucy” He rolled his eyes. He was about leaving when Douglas walked in.
“I heard voices” Douglas glared at us.
“Ohh, that!, Shane and I were just arguing about the last football tournament” I quickly lied to prevent Douglas from suspecting.
“Lucy, I didn’t know you love footballs” He sat beside me klzzing me lightly on my cheeks.
“I love football, my club has been” I paused thinking of what club to say when Paschal arrived.
“Boss, I wanted to ask if I would still accompany you to see the Amb@ssador” Paschal said with his head bowed.
“That won’t be necessary, I would love to spend my evening with Lucy” Douglas smiled and I gave a light chuckle.
Both Paschal and Shane left the penthouse leaving Douglas and I alone.
“Lucy, I still have my fears” Douglas said ad he laid on my thighs.
“What that” I let out a frown.
“That someday, you would betray me” Douglas said.
“Why then did you choose me” I asked
“I didn’t choose you, my feelings did” He said slowly and I felt guilty.
I excused my self and went to my room. I was about lying on my bed when my phone beeped a text.
💬: Lucy, we are about changing the plan.
No doubt, that text was from Dad.
Lucy is falling in love oh, more troubles !!!!!!!…..


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