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Loner episode 5 & 6

❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by Enogie💓✍️
I kept my phone in my pocket still staring at Douglas. I prayed silently for him not to ask for my phone.
“Anyways, I’m sorry for the way I reacted earlier today” He apologized.
Sorry!, did he just say he was sorry?. I blushed inwardly as I glared at him.
“Douglas, I don’t think it necessary” I blinked my eyes feigning ignorance.
“I’m sorry Lucy” He pulled me closer to him, giving me a hug.
He was about leaving the room when he stopped. I was still glaring at him completely lost in thought.
“You said your late mom, did you?” He eyed me suspiciously.
“Huh, yes, I was actually talking to my mom” I composed myself quickly.
“But you said late” Douglas said.
“Eh, I have two mom, a real mom and a step but my real mom is late” I tried to explain which was a lie. “Me saying late was actually a sl!p of the tongue” I rubbed my sweaty palm on my jean.
“Sorry about your late mom” He said and finally left the room.
“Oops!, narrow escape” I sighed sitting on the bed.
Wait!, why was he acting like he cared. I was still pondering on event that happened these last few minutes, when my room door opened.
“Who likes who?” Loretta asked sitting beside me.
“Stop being silly” I yelled angrily
“I was wondering why Boss Douglas would stoop so low to apologise to you” she said with mockery in her tone.
“You know what, retta, drop this topic” I sneered
“Allright, shall we” She smiled getting up from the bed.
“Where to?” I scowled at her.
“The gym” She said pulling me up from the bed.
Sluggishly, I stood and changed into my gym outfit. I got to the gym house to see Paschal and Shane giggling.
“Do you mind me joining?” I said sitting on small couch.
“Lucy, you’re special” Shane smiled at me dropping the dumbbell
“I’d take that as a compliment” I let out a frown. “Paschal how do you manage to come up with ideas” I said facing Paschal.
“Because I have lived with Boss Douglas for years” He faced another direction.
“Who’s smarter between you two” I laughed.
“Lucy” Shane yelled my name and I smiled.
“Just kidding” I laughed again. “Gotta to go”
I went to meet Loretta who was already waiting for me impatiently. I didn’t get to where she was before she hissed loudly.
“What kept you” She frowned.
“I was discussing with Shane and Paschal” I said plainly. “Why didn’t you join us”
“Because I don’t want to” She said sternly
“Why” I frowned at her.
“Wanna know?” she asked rolling her eyes
“Yes” I grinned
“Because I like Shane, as in I’m having feelings for him” She blurted.
“So how does that make you not talk to him?” I asked.
“Talking to him would only make the feelings worse” She said sadly. “The cartel prohibit love, lvst, romance and the likes of them”.
“Why not tell Shane about the feelings” I suggested.
“And have him killed like my previous lovers were” She said in tears.
“Calm down Loretta, everything would be fine” I consoled.
Lorreta hurried to her room in tears, I followed her slightly and shut the door immediately we got to the room.
“Retta, I still feel you should tell Shane about this whole thing” I sounded so sure
“A year back, I met and fell in love with a guy” Loretta smiled.
“The guy actually felt same way and I told Boss Douglas about him. I met this guy when we went for an @ss@ssination mission” She paused.
“I had taken the sniper rifle aiming at the target which was the governor. About to pull the trigger, someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to see dark complexion, blonde hair guy. Somehow he saved the governor from being killed and he also saved me from Boss Douglas lashes” She smiled in tears.
I listened with rapt attention, “what then happened next?”
“He indicated his interest in the cartel just to be with me. We became lovers and when Boss Douglas noticed it, he insisted on the fact I can’t get married. I was devasted and the guy promised to talk to Boss Douglas” Tears tricked down her face.
“Did he succeed” I asked still staring at her.
“Boss Douglas did allow, only on the condition that we will have to go for a final operation. I suspected the task and I begged him not to go but he refused insisting he wanted our freedom” She sighed loudly.
“Oh….I see” I said still much active in her discussion.
“He went but I couldn’t go. I pretended to be sick. I was still lying on my bed when I heard he was shot. I got up and ran to Boss Douglas in my weakness only to see the one I love in the pool of his blood. I wanted to scream but I suddenly had lost my voice. Douglas gave me a gun and asked me to shoot him finally. I couldn’t do it, I refused and he threatened to kill me if I didn’t”.
“So that was how you killed him” I concluded for her.
“I had to do it to save my life but I had promise to revenge his death” She said boldly.
“How did you manage to get here” I asked.
“My mother gave birth to me out of wedlock, according to what I was told, my father was married to another woman but he insisted on still loving my mother whom was his ex”.
“Ex as in, I don’t get” I was really confused.
“My father was dating my mother but their parents disprove the relationship for reasons best known to them. In anger, my mom travelled to London leaving everyone behind and when she came back, she found out my dad was married to someone else. My dad loved her and few things happened”
“Few things like” I laughed.
“Stop acting dumb” She smirked. “My mother found out that she was pregnant. She told my dad about it and my dad insisted on keeping the baby. Mom had no choice but to keep the baby. My dad’s wife found out and she was angry. I really didn’t know what happened next” She concluded.
“So your mom?” I asked.
“Someone was after dad’s life. People would come with gun. Mom was scared and she brought me to Boss Douglas. She thought I could probably get nerve to challenge Dad’s attack, but what did Boss Douglas do?, Little did I know he was after Dad’s life” She cried.
“So Douglas is also after your Dad’s life” I asked pitifully.
For me, I couldn’t tell if Douglas was after my dad’s life still.
❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by #enogieru💓✍️
Getting up from her bed, she walked slowly to her bed bringing out a photo album.
“Here, that’s my dad” She said handling over a photo to me.
“Daddy” I screamed not conscious of the people around me.
There was nobody actually but what if Douglas had walked in that minute.
“Oops” I sighed loudly with Loretta still glaring at me.
“You know him” Loretta asked surprised.
“This is my father” I said sternly and we gave each other a funny look.
“Are we sisters?” we both asked simultaneously.
I gave a sad face as I turned my face away from Loretta. I was sixteen when it all happened. Our story was almost the same or could it be a coincidence. I took the photo album from Loretta to see if I would see mom’s picture but there was none.
“Why is Douglas after Dad’s life?” I asked despicably.
“From what I know, Dad and Douglas were business partners. They both invested in a particular business where it was agreed that Dad would take 40 percent of the money while Boss Douglas would take 60 percent since it was Douglas that brought the deal” she paused.
“Let me guess, Dad didn’t keep to his own side of the promise” I chuckled lightly even tho I was serious.
“Something like that” she took a deep breath. “After the business, the money was transferred into Dad’s account. Dad insisted on a 50/50 but Douglas refused and Dad absconded with the money” Loretta concluded.
“Oh, daddy, I miss you” I sobbed loudly.
“Lucy, we can get out of here and save dad because the Douglas I know won’t rest until he ensures Dad’s dead” Loretta coughed.
“How are we going to do that” I asked confused.
“Lucy, everything in life requires planning. We can do it darling” she said confidently
“Yes, we can” I rushed to hug her as we both sobbed in each other arms.
We were still in that position when Paschal walked into the room.
“Boss Douglas wants to see you” He said facing me.
“Me” I asked touching my chest with my index f!ng£r.
“Yes” Paschal smiled before leaving.
I got to where Douglas and I met him lit a cigarette. I grined at the awful smell.
“I hate you Douglas” I muttered within me.
“Lucy, sit beside me” He commanded and for a second, I thought he heard me.
“Any problem Boss?” I asked.
“Lucy, from the very first time you entered the cartel, I knew there was something unique about you. You’re exceptionally beautiful and intelligent” Mr Douglas lingered and I blushed silently.
“I feel so elated” I smiled briefly before giving him a stern look.
“Yes, you should feel so but then I have my fears” His countenance changed as he turned his face away from mine.
“What fears” I eyed him
“That someday, you will betray this trust, that someday you will destroy what I have spent years to build” He stammered as his eyes turned red.
“Douglas, I would do no such thing to you” I grinned knowing I was lying.
I was going to do worst than his instinct had told him. I was going to ruin him for making my father go through stress. I hated Douglas, and one thing was sure, I would destroy him.
Noticing how weak he had become, I helped him to his bed. Once I placed him on the bed, Douglas closed his eyes. I stared at his room briefly before walking out of the room.
“Loretta!, Loretta!!!” I screamed her name on getting to her room.
Her roommates were also in the room but they were none of my business. I pulled her out of the room.
“I think I’ve a plan” I snickered
“What’s that” She whispered excited.
“I think Boss Douglas likes me” I brightened my eyes in excitement.
“So how is that a plan” Loretta rolled her eyes.
“Don’t you get” I playfully hit her arms.
She smiled brightly, “yes!!!, and please Lucy no mistake”
“I know that sis” I laughed loudly
“Shss” Loretta placed a f!ng£r on her l!p which meant I should be silent. “No one must know we are related” She whispered loud enough for me to hear.
“I love you, retta,” I said hugging her.
“I love you more” she broke the embrace and hurried back to her room.
I went into my room thinking of how best to bring Mr Donald down and with that thought, I nestled into my bed and was consumed by a deep slumber. I woke up past 6pm according to the small clock hung on the wall. I thought of what to do next when an information came that Douglas wanted to see everyone of us.
“What for” I asked no one in particular as I wore a green hoodie.
I got to the penthouse to meet Boss Douglas and few members of the cartel seated. Paschal, Shane and Loretta where no where to be found.
“Where are the other members?” I asked.
“Boss Douglas s£nt them on a task” Davis replied almost immediately.
“I called this to let everyone of you know that I would be travelling for something urgent by tomorrow” Douglas said and I glared at him.
“When will you be back” I asked
“It supposed to be a three day journey but whatever happens, you all must protect the cartel” His tone was sardonic.
Three days, I was so happy. I was already thinking of how I was going to throw a party for everyone in the cartel when Douglas cleared his throat.
“Lucy, you will go with me” He said slowly.
Did I just hear him or I was beginning to hear double. How could only the boss and I go on an @ss@ssin journey?. Paschal was supposed to go with him not me. I blinked my eyes continuously to prevent tears from falling.
Morning came quickly and Loretta was yet to return. I trudged down the stairs to meet my luggage close to the car. This actually going to be my worst Journey ever, I thought with me self.
I got into the car and sat at the rear seat. Since no one was going with us, Douglas drove himself.
“Don’t you think we should have used a bike instead” I suggested.
“I prefer this” Douglas yelled zooming out of the compound.
We left the city and was now going into an interior City. I became uncomfortable noticing a car following us.
“Boss, I think they are after us” I became restless.
“Keep calm Lucy” Douglas smirked wickedly.
Hope Douglas didn’t have all this planned, ohhh poor Lucy😩


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