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Loner episode 15 & 16

💖🔥 LONER🔥💖
❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by Enogieru💓✍️
I turned towards the direction of the sound to see Douglas lying helpless on the floor.
“Douglas!!!” I screamed as I hurried towards his helpless body.
I was still screaming when Paschal walked to the scene.
“What happened?” He asked.
“He was shot” I said with a teary voice.
“Lucy, go back to the cartel and take care of everyone” Paschal ordered.
Paschal carried Douglas into the car and in a twinkle zoomed off.
“Lucy, where’s Douglas?” Shane asked the moment I stepped into the room.
“He was shot” I sighed trying to prevent tears from falling.
“Loretta is around” Shane said and I brightened my eyes.
“What’s she doing here?” I rolled my eyes. “Where’s she?” I asked.
“In Douglas’s room, she freed every member of the cartel” Shane smiled.
How could Loretta take such decision without my cons£nt?. I hurried to Douglas’s room to meet Loretta searching Douglas’s closet.
“Hey sis!!!” Loretta smiled at me.
“Loretta, this isn’t what we planned. You went against my rules” I yelled.
“Lucy, no body went against your rules, you thought it wise to fall in love with your father’s antagonist”.
“But so you know, Dad betrayed Douglas” I glared at her.
“Hahaha hahaha” Loretta laughed loudly. “Where’s Douglas now?” She smirked.
“Loretta, so you s£nt @ss@ssins after Douglas” Tears were almost rolling down from my eyes.
“No, you father did, just like Douglas has been doing to others” Loretta laughed briefly. “I’m not done, precisely I have gotten his house do¢vments and few other things” She said.
“So what’s remaining?” I eyed her in disgust.
“I need the do¢vment belonging to the cartel, I need the agreement signed. This cartel must be destroyed” she gave a devious smirk.
“Douglas spent forty years of his life building this cartel” I said.
“Forty years!” Loretta mimicked. “Forty years destroying innocent lives of many, forty years of treating helpless people the way he felt, forty years raping innocent ladies” Loretta was screaming. “He deserves worst to death”.
“Why is it difficult for you to understand that Douglas has changed completely?” I wiped the tears which rolled down my face.
“Douglas doesn’t deserve pity, hand over to me the do¢vment belonging to the cartel else I’ll kill you” Loretta said about leaving the room.
“Is that suppose to be a threat?” I asked boldly.
“I’m not usually this charitable, I won’t warn you again Lucy” She grinned as she left the room.
“Arghh” I cursed loudly.
Loretta had seized all the cars keys so I had to board a taxi. I got to Dad’s spot but didn’t bother to text him. I searched the bush, until I heard whispers and decided to follow it’s direction.
“Dad, what is going on” I asked noticing Dad was wearing a lone face as he kept discussing with the people around him in a low tone.
“I would take 70% of the money while the others would be shared among yourselves” Dad said ignoring my questions.
“No, Mr Raymond” They kept protesting.
“In that case, I’ll take all the money” Dad grabbed the bag as he stood up.
“Not so fast” Loretta said as she jumped across a small window. “Mr Raymond, I brought these @ss@ssins and I demand they should be paid as agreed”
I stood fixed and watch Loretta talk to Dad. On a second thought, why was she referring to him as Mr Raymond.
“Loretta, I brought the contract” Dad’s counteance changed.
“We all agreed to share the money equally, so why do you now insist on taking a bigger share” Loretta frowned.
“The only reason why you aren’t dead like your mother is because you are my child” Dad grinned.
I opened my mouth in shock.
“Same way Mr Raymond, the only reason why you aren’t dead like Mr Douglas is because you are my father” she laughed loudly.
“Loretta, I bet there’s no way we can ever get the do¢vment belonging to the cartel” Dad said slowly as he laughed.
“I never wanted Douglas, Mr Raymond. I knew your plan and I decided to play along” Loretta grinned. “Mr Raymond, back to you, why did you kill my mom” Loretta eyes turned red.
“Your Mother was stubborn and she deserved it” Dad said.
“Wow!!!, I see” Loretta smiled. “So even after she single handedly helped you train your child, you still had the mind to kill her because she didn’t tell a lie for you” Loretta moved a step closer to Dad.
“She would have told a lie and saved me from been chased by Douglas” Dad said. “She knew what her plan was and that was why she took you to Douglas” Dad continued.
“And what plan was that” Loretta asked as a cunning grin formed on her l!ps.
“Loretta, your mother’s plan was to kill me and that was why she exposed me to you” Dad screamed.
“Why didn’t you kill her ever since, why did you choose to kill her now?” Loretta asked.
“Because now was the perfect time” Dad laughed and Loretta joined in laughing.
How on earth did I know this two, what was the difference between them and Douglas. How I wished Mom was alive, how I wished Douglas was still beside me, how I wished!!!.
The Laugh soon turned to a frown as Loretta eyes turn red.
“Raymond, I have known you to be a cheat and a liar and not my father. I could still remember how you killed Mr Roland after collecting money from him to complete a task” Loretta said in a smile. “You took money illegally and you are in no way better than Douglas” She paused
“Daddy!!!” I spoke for the first time in hours.
“Lucy, I felt it wasn’t necessary telling you the things your father had done when you told me you wanted to fight for your father” She paused. “I hate oppression and for as long as I live, I will protect the helpless. Mr Raymond, say your last prayer” she pointed a gun to Dad.
Before I could say anything, Loretta pulled the trigger and shot Dad twice.
Everything happened like a trance!. Before I knew what was going, Dad was in the pool of his own blood.
“Loretta!!!!!” I screamed her name. “Why did you kill him?” I asked in tears.
“Lucy, this man doesn’t deserve your sympathy” Loretta smirked pointing at Dad. “He has been after the lives of so many” She laughed sarcastically.
“Loretta, you aren’t getting away with this” I rushed towards her with a fierce look hoping I could kill her.
But before I could make any attempt, she seized me by my hands. We were still struggling, Beside us was a cliff.
“Lucy, let me go” Loretta pleaded as I held her by her neck.
“Loretta, you deserve death” I grinned pushing her down the cliff.
Loretta was about falling, when she gripped my wrists and we both fell down the cliff. No sooner than later, my entire vision went blank.
I opened my eyes to see myself connected to an oxygen concentration. I tried to move my body but I was to weak to do so.
“What happened?” I asked the nurse who was standing me.
“Miss Lucy, what you need now is enough rest” The nurse said as she raised my eye brows.
I was about closing my eyes when Shane walked in.
“Shane” I muttered faintly.
“Nurse, how is she?” Shane asked staring briefly at me.
“Getting better” The nurse smiled and excused herself.
I blushed at Shane who in turn returned a smile. We kept staring at each other until I decided to break the awkward silence.
“Have you seen Loretta?” I asked not really concerned.
“Yes, I brought you two here” Shane said.
“How did you manage to find us” I asked.
“I saw you two arguing and struggling with yourselves, at a point I wanted to interfere but I decided to stay put and then the next thing I saw was the both of you fell of the cliff” Shane sighed. “I called the hospital at once and hoped the two of you survive” Shane gave a sad face.
“Is anything the matter?” I asked noticing his sad face.
“It’s you Lucy” Shane sough.
“What about me?” I asked rolling my eyes.
“You lost your baby” Shane bowed his face.
“What!!!!!” I closed my eyes trying to prevent tears from falling.
“Lucy” Shane held my hand. “You have to be strong” He said.
“Yes, I know” I said smiled at him still in tears.
I was about to close my eyes for a second time when Loretta walked in.
“What are you doing here” I screamed in anger.
“Lucy, you have to listen to me” She went on her knees instantly.
“Loretta, leave this place this minute” I struggled to get up from my bed.
“Please listen to her” Shane spoke softly patting my shoulders.
“What has she not done, first it was the only man I have ever loved, second it was my father and now she has killed my child” I yelled in tears.
“Lucy, we both fell off the cliff accidentally” She said sadly. “Your father was after your life because he saw you as a threat to his life” Loretta said getting up from her knees as she pulled a chair close to me.
“I don’t understand” I spoke calmly.
“When Mr Raymond knew you fell in love with Douglas, he wanted to kill you” she paused as she dazed into thin air. “Remember, when a masked face attacked you with a knife?” She asked.
“Yes, I remember” I nodded sheepishly.
“That was your father, that was Mr Raymond. Your father was a greedy ingrate, he never said thank you but wanted more” Loretta blunted in so much anger.
“You were working with him, weren’t you?” I glared at her.
“Hahaha” She laughed briefly. “When I got back into the country, I came with the intent of fighting Douglas. I sought refuge in the bush for days until I met Mr Raymond. I told Mr Raymond about Douglas and he promised to @ssist me. Before the quest to get Douglas, Raymond and I had gone on multiple @ss@ssination. And after each of every operation, he refused to pay me giving me numerous excuse.
We fixed a date to spy on Douglas but on getting there, Raymond refused to enter the mansion. Somehow, I later got to know he’s our father after series of explanation. I was careful not to expose myself to him because he never for once addressed you as his daughter and hid his true identity from me” She sighed loudly.
“So what happened” I asked eager to hear the story end.
“On a particular day, I went to see my mom discreetly not knowing Mr Raymond had followed me. He heard mom told me that he was a betrayer. I guess he was angry with my mother, hence his reason for killing her” Loretta shrugged. “I was there, I watch him kill my mother and there I vowed to kill him” She said bodly.
“Hmmm” I sighed totally confused. “So what about everything you did with Dad”
“Those were pretence” She said. “I had to pretend about everything, so as to get a perfect plan to kill him”.
“But you shot Douglas, didn’t you?” I screamed.
“Yes, I did” she said. “I’m sorry Lucy, I allowed my lack of forgiveness empower me” She went on her knees.
“What are you even saying” I yelled
“No matter, how h@rd I try to explain you won’t understand. Everything, I did was to make your father believe that I had no business with you, so as to spare our lives” She sighed. “Raymond, s£nt me to kill Douglas”.
“And you did. Someone who deserved a second chance, you killed him” I screamed.
“I know you hate me now, please forgive me dear sister” She said getting up from the chair.
“Loretta” Shane called her
“I’ve to submit myself to the law” She whispered.
What’s do you think should happen to Loretta


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