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Loner episode 13 & 14

💕(Falling for Mr Arrogant)💕
Written by Enogieru💓✍️
For a moment, I stood freezed.
“Why are you so mean Dad?” I yelled. “You started all these by stealing his money”.
“And so Lucy” Loretta fired at me. “What about me?, what wrong did I ever do to Douglas” Tears trickled down her face.
“Loretta, this isn’t about you. It’s about my feelings for Douglas” I spoke softly.
“Since when” Loretta chuckled. “Since when did you start developing feelings” She yelled.
“It’s not what it seems like” I said in a teary voice.
“Then what!, so because I left the country, you felt it wise enough to fall in love with your arrogant boss as against our plan” she protested walking out on Dad and I .
“Don’t also forget that the same Douglas made you walk again” I screamed.
The battle line was drawn, I would prefer losing my life in saving Douglas than to allow Dad capture him.
“Lucy, be prepared to loss me” Dad threatened.
I got into my car in anger and drove back to Douglas’s mansion. At the door way, I met Paschal.
“Where have you been?” Paschal questioned.
“To see a friend” I lied.
“Hmm…..” Paschal scowled at me as he kept rubbing his eyes. “What have you been up to?”
Sounds funny tho, but I knew what he meant.
“Lucy!” Someone called and I turned to see Douglas.
I smiled at him but he shot a death glare.
“Loretta is back in the country” He said with so much anger.
“So Loretta is back and she thought it wise not to visit the cartel” I gave a lone face knowing fully well that I had to pretend.
“The same question I ask myself, now am just getting to know that she has met with her family” Douglas said bringing out a cigarette from his pocket.
I pulled closer to him and I took the cigarette from him, “you promised to stop smoking” I smiled at him.
Staring at me for while, He walked to his room. It was getting tougher. I mean Douglas would stop at nothing to get Loretta once he knew Dad was involve.
I hurried to my room to pick my phone. I went to the penthouse suite. Recently, Douglas had given me free access to the penthouse. The penthouse was mainly for us discussing our @ss@ssination mission.
I dialed Loretta’s number and she picked on the fourth ring.
📲…..”Loretta, you have to be careful, Douglas knows about your arrival”.
I said quickly and hung off so as to prevent questioning. I was still pacing round the penthouse when Douglas walked in. I turned off my phone quickly.
“Are you by chance related to Loretta” Douglas eyed me skeptically.
“No, I’m not. I met her in the cartel” I lied.
“I found out that your father, Mr Raymond, happens to be her father, How do you explain that” He yelled making me Jolt in shock.
“Huh, I don’t know anything about that” I stammered frightened.
“Well, I would get to the root of this” He walked out on me.
I left the penthouse and hurried downstairs. Getting into my room, I wore a dark hoodie and threw my phone in my pocket. I got on my tiptoe as I arrived Douglas room. Since he was suspecting me now, I was careful so as to avoid troubles.
I peeped through the Door curtain and his bed was empty. I stole the car keys by his bed side, rushing back to the car space.
In a twinkle, I was out of Douglas compound. I hurried to Dad’s usual spot but before I could s£nd a text, my vision went blank.
“Let me go” I struggled trying to push the away the persons holding me.
I could hear only faint whispers as the people kept dragging me.
Getting to a particular spot which I couldn’t tell, they stopped and pushed me violently to the ground.
“Untie her eyes” I heard someone commanded.
The clothes across my eyes were lose and I opened my eyes slightly.
“Loretta, how could you” I got up from where I sat and rushed towards her with a fierce look.
But before I could move another step, I was pushed again making me crash violently to the floor.
“Lucy, I’m in no mood for Jokes” She scoffed and let out a frown. “Don’t dare me Lucy”.
Oh no!!!!, I s£nt an anomalous message stating that I was in trouble. Hopefully, Douglas was smarter to them all.
Six hours gone, and the entire place was deserted. I tried screaming Loretta’s name but she wasn’t responding.
My hands were tired firmly as there was no possible means of escape. I was still trying to free myself when I saw him, Douglas.
“Lucy, I’m sorry” He hurried as he tried to lose me.
“You didn’t see anyone while coming” I glared at him.
“No, I only got a text that you needed help” He said klzzing me.
In a swift and just like I was dreaming, Dad rushed and covered Douglas nose with a small cloth. Douglas kept struggling but Dad overpowered him. I stood there and watch him fall helplessly to the ground.
“No, Douglas!!!!” I screamed as I rushed to hold him. “Did you kill him?” I stared at Dad with tears in my eyes.
“Nah, he isn’t dead” Loretta came in resting her back on the door entrance.
“Lorretta, how would you conspire with Dad and do this to Douglas” I said with anger.
“This has nothing to do with Dad, Douglas made me what I’m today” Loretta said in a sad tone. “I’m an @ss@ssin today, it’s all because of Douglas” She was yelling.
She was still shouting when Douglas coughed.
“Oh, Boss Douglas” Loretta said sarcastically as she bent down beside Douglas.
“How could you Loretta” Douglas said pitifully.
“You made me do this and I won’t regret not even in my grave” she laughed loudly and p@ssed a gun to me.
“Kill him”.
I didn’t hear her well, did I?. I glared at the gun which was still in Loretta’s hand.
“Kill him or I will kill you” She repeated herself and this time in a more scary tone.
“Loretta, I would do no such thing” I challenged her boldly.
“Lucy, I hate repeating myself” She gave a devious grin.
I took the gun and focused my face on Douglas. Loretta kept smiling as she fixed her gaze on me pointing another gun to me.
I had barely pulled the trigger when someone shot. The target was Loretta, she changed just change position when we heard the sound of a gun.
Loretta and Dad took their heels while I stood freezed. I waited eagerly for the Saviour to come out of his hiding.
“Paschal” I screamed his name once he was out.
“How did you know I was here” Douglas smiled as we @ssisted in freeing him.
“That’s isn’t necessary” Paschal smiled as he helped Douglas get up from the floor.
We left the small building as we drove in Paschal’s car to Douglas’s mansion. Douglas came down from the car as he walked straight to the penthouse ignoring greetings of the other cartel members.
I walked to my room as Shane kept questioning me about the day’s event.
“What happened?” He asked
“Nothing” I shrugged.
“But Boss Douglas, before leaving, said he got a text that you were in trouble” He said with his eyes glued to my face.
“Please let me be, Shane” I said opening my room door as I fell on my bed.
“Have you heard from Loretta” He asked again.
“Shane, if you are interested in seeing Loretta, why not go look for her” I replied rudely.
“Seems you aren’t in a good mood, I will just go” He sighed in defeat leaving my room.
“Whatever” I hissed loudly.
I got up from the bed immediately Shane was out of my room. I changed to a red gown which was slightly below my knees. I took off my shoes and walked to the washroom barefooted. I washed my face and returned back to my bed.
About to close my eyes, when someone walked into the room with his face masked. The figure was holding a knife as he rushed towards me.
“Help me!” I screamed trying to take off the mask.
“It would have been better you had died” The figure said.
His voice was deep and coarse. I couldn’t recognise whom it was. Just before I could get up from the bed, he made attempt to stab my abdomen. Smarter than I thought, I made a quick turn as I kept struggling with the unknown person.
“Help!!!!” I screamed with all my strength.
My door opened and before I knew what was happening, the figure had jumped through the window.
“Lucy, Are you okay” Paschal said bewildered.
“No” I said frightened.
“Did you see him?” Paschal said sitting beside me on the bed.
“No, he was wearing a mask” I wiped the ball of sweat on my face. “Someone is trying to kill me”.
“I would tell Douglas about this” Paschal sighed. “I think you should sleep now”.
“I can’t sleep” I said with a teary voice.
“Maybe, I should take you to Douglas’s room” He said as helped me get on my feet.
We got to Douglas’s room to meet him sitting on the couch.
“Boss, someone is trying to kill Lucy” Paschal said.
“I don’t understand” Douglas glared at me.
“Someone entered the cartel with a mask threatening her with a knife” Paschal said.
“How is that possible” Douglas yelled.
“It’s a mystery to me Boss” Paschal smirked.
“Paschal, get more revolvers and the instruction is shoot at sight any foreign. Ensure no one p@sses that gate without my orders” Douglas roared. “Do I make myself clear” He asked angrily.
“Yes boss” Paschal replied almost immediately.
I woke up to see Douglas lying beside me as he kept scrolling through his phone.
“Ouch” I muttered changing my position on the bed.
“Are you alright?” He asked starring into my eyes.
“Nope, I don’t think so” I said faintly.
“Well, I guess you need enough rest” He said touching my face.
I was about to say something when I felt the urge to throw up. I got up from the bed and walked quickly to the washroom.
“What the problem?” Douglas asked touching my shoulder.
I stared at him in my weak state but before I could mutter a reply my vision went blank.
“Ensure, she gets enough rest and stay away from strenuous works” I could hear faintly.
I recognised Doctor Donald’s voice.
“Any special medication?” Douglas asked.
“No” Doctor Donald replied.
“Did I p@ss out?” I blinked my eyes.
“Congratulations, Miss Lucy. Please do ensure you avoid any form of strenuous activities” Doctor Donald smiled.
“Congratulations?, I don’t get” I rolled my eyes.
“Lucy, Doctor Donald said you’re four weeks gone” Douglas said proudly.
For me, I couldn’t tell whether to be happy or not. The whole recent crises had tore everything apart. I closed my eyes to prevent tears from falling. How could I be carrying the child of someone whom my family detest most?.
“Don’t you think there’s no need to keep the baby” I said thinking of a way to convince him.
“Why” Douglas asked.
“We’ve countless battles to fight and keeping a baby at this moment won’t help” I said sheepishly.
“Lucy, as far it’s my baby, we are keeping it” Douglas said turning of the room light. “Don’t even try to abort the baby” He said sternly.
“Why don’t we go out?” Douglas suggested.
“To where?” I asked.
“Anywhere, at least we haven’t had any attack for weeks now” Douglas said and I insisted we went for shopping.
We came out of the shopping mall, I led the way as Douglas walked behind me. I took the car keys from him and was about to open the car door when I heard a gun shot.
Oops💔💔……..who was shot?????…….more troubles


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