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Loner episode 11 & 12

💕🔥 LONER💕🔥
❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant )❣
Written by Enogieru💓✍️
I quickly turned off the phone. I had lots going through my mind. Shane was right, my priority should have been hearing from Loretta first.
I walked to Douglas’s room to meet him lying on his bed.
“Wanna ask for Favour?” I muttered but loud enough for him to hear me.
“Which is” Douglas scoffed.
“I need to lay my mom to rest” I blinked my eyes knowing I was lying.
“I thought you’ve done that long ago, Lucy” Douglas glared at me.
“When?” I yelled. “When you won’t let me leave the cartel, I don’t even know what my parents house looks like now” I sobbed.
“Lucy, you can go but don’t exceed a week” He ordered and I left the room excited.
I left Douglas’s mansion and went to look for Dad. I got to that spot and wrote a text like he instructed.
In less than a minute, I heard footsteps behind me.
“Lucy, did you get my text?” Dad asked
“Yes, I did” I sighed sitting on the floor. “What the plan like”.
“You need to hand over Douglas to me” Dad grinned.
“I don’t understand Daddy” I rolled my eyes completely confused.
“I got my eyes on that cartel, bring Douglas for me Lucy” Dad’s tone was sardonic.
“Dad, stop acting this way. You stole Douglas money and you know it” I yelled angrily.
“Are you also in love with Douglas” Dad gave a light chuckle.
“Dad, I don’t not know but handling Douglas over to you is gonna be impossible” I said still in anger.
“In that case, you will have to choose between me and your Boss” Dad fired and walked away.
Why was Dad acting like he knew what was happening in the cartel. I believe Douglas was smarter compared to Dad and as for handling Douglas to Dad, that was a big NO for me.
I boarded a cab and went straight to Mom’s house. The whole place was entirely messy. I mean it been months if not a year since I last visited.
I had tidy the house before going to the hospital to ask for mom’s corpse. Using her phone, I had s£nt mails to most of her contacts inviting them for the funeral.
I got to the cemetery past 2 in the afternoon. Someone of the persons I invited arrived before me. Pushing past the crowd, I knelt beside her her grave dropping a small flower on the grave.
“I will give you flowers yearly mom” I said in tears.
I was still beside the grave sobbing when someone touched my shoulders. I raised my head to see the person.
“Loretta” I whispered in shock.
Without say anything, Loretta helped me get up and led me out of the cemetery.
When did Loretta get back into the country?, how on earth did she did that without Douglas knowing?.
Loretta drove me to my mom’s house with the aid of my direction. With different thoughts running through my mind, I went to my room to sleep.
I woke not to find Loretta anywhere in my room. I walked down to the balcony but still couldn’t find.
“Looking for me?” She said making me Jolt a bit.
“Where have you been” I glared at her.
“The environment isn’t safe so I decided to take a walk” She smirked walking to my room. “How far have you gone with the plan” She sighed.
“Retta, It isn’t as easy as you think” I complained.
“Lucy, you would be the only one going there” She smiled. “Douglas must not know am alive”.
“Why Loretta?” I rolled my eyes.
“Story for another day” She got up from my bed and exited my room.
The week came to an end and I went back to Douglas mansion. Things weren’t going as expected. Douglas returned to been extremely nice.
“Lucy, I think we should go on a vacation” He said on evening while we were doing our routine evening exercise.
“Do you mean members of the cartel” I frowned.
“No, just us” He smiled at me.
Of course, I agreed. I didn’t tell anyone not even Shane that I was going out with Boss Douglas so dad won’t find out.
The day came and all was set for Douglas and I to leave the country. I was overwhelmed but at the same time nervous. Since we didn’t want to go in our personal car, we boarded a taxi and according to Douglas, it was for security reasons.
We had barely drove thirty minutes when someone ran past our taxi. I immediately recognized it was Dad.
“Narrow!” The taxi driver caused loudly.
“He looks familiar” Douglas said staring at me and I turned my face away from him.
“Lucy” He tapped me wrist.
“Huh” I responded still lost in thought
“You know him?” Douglas asked
“Who?” I pretended ignorance.
“That person that p@ssed few minutes ago” He said.
“I didn’t see anyone” I lied smiling at Douglas.
Dad won’t put me in trouble. We got to Demas Hotel and Douglas had everything planned. He had booked a room for us already.
“You like here” Douglas asked while we were eating Lunch one evening.
“Yes, I love it” I smiled sheeplishy.
“Someday, we’ll bring our children here” He chuckled lightly.
“Hmm, our children” I scoffed and he let out a frown.
“Don’t you intend giving birth?” He asked with his eyes still glued to my face.
“I intend” I fake a smile.
We chatted about few other stuff and once we were done retired to our room.
Oops!, Douglas and I didn’t sleep on the same bed tho, we had our different bed.
It was the fifth day of the vacation when Douglas told me a had a surprise.
“What surprise” I smirked.
We got to a shopping mall and Douglas kept a ring in one of the shoes.
“Lucy, don’t you like these shoes” Douglas said pointing at the shoe.
I picked up the shoes when a ring fell from it.
“Please marry me, Dear Lucy” Douglas went on his knees.
❣(falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by Enogieru💓✍️
I stared at Douglas with tears in my eyes. How could he be so fast in proposing?.
“I’m sorry Douglas, I can’t marry you” I turned and walked out of the shopping mall with Douglas walking behind me.
It was never my intention to refuse his wedding ring, but what would Dad say?. How would Loretta feel?.
I got into the car and waited for what seems like hours for Douglas to arrive. The ride back to the hotel was peaceful. Lost in thought, I laid on my bed with my eyes close.
Douglas was rolling restlessly on his bed. Once in every five seconds, I stole a quick glance at Douglas.
“Lucy” He called my name and I pretended not to hear. “I know you aren’t sleeping” He stammered.
“Huh” I rubbed my eyes pretending to be sleeping.
“You hate me right?” He asked.
“Douglas, I don’t. And please don’t bring the whole engagement thing into this” I said.
“Lucy, we would be going back to Nigeria a day after tomorrow” He turned his face away from mine.
“Phew!!!” I sighed in defeat.
The Journey back to Nigeria was peaceful. Soon we arrived at the Almighty Douglas mansion. I miss this place, sincerely I missed every member of the cartel.
“Have you heard from Lucy” Shane asked while we were walking to the gym.
“Probably” I lied rolling my eyes.
“Loretta was here” Shane shrugged and I let out a smirk.
I left Shane in the gym and walked to my room. I changed into my night dress and laid on my bed. I was just falling asleep when I heard a loud knock on the door.
Moving in my night dress covering it with a chitenge, I staggered with my sleepy face to go and open the door.
I was shocked to see a very drunk Douglas at the door, he couldn’t stand straight.
“Boss Douglas” I shouted holding his hand when he staggered out of balance.
“What happened to you?” I asked helping him inside my room.
Boss Douglas raised his drunk eyes and looked at me.
“Lucy” He whispered my name.
“You are so drunk Douglas, I need to get you to sleep” I told him trying to get him to stand up straight.
I struggled to take him to his room and he made me stop by his room door. Pushing me to the wall again.
“Lucy, you know why I got so drunk? ” He asked with a laugh.
I shook my head, “I don’t know but you have to get to bed now, it’s late and you can’t even get yourself to stand”.
“Oh no!, I don’t want to sleep Lucy, This is all your fault Lucy” He added, his drunk voice hoarse. “I want you Lucy, you have driven me crazy over the years and l can’t control the feelings I have for you .I got drunk to forget about you. But seeing you this close is so had” he added.
I was shocked at the new revelation I was hearing. I looked at Douglas and had no words for him. I wondered if it was the beer that was making Douglas talk or it was a confirmation of my suspicious.
Douglas, it’s time to sleep now” I cut him short and tried to push him away.
I pushed him towards his bed and as he fall down in the bed grabbing on to my chitenge. Instead of withdrawing, I stayed put and didn’t get myself to move.
“I love you Lucy and I want you to be mine someday.” He whispered, his hands in my night dress.
“Stop it now” I whispered not really convincing Douglas who had lifted himself on top of my body
He manged to get me out of my dress and by the time I realised what was going on, I was completely speechless.
Oops!, I opened my eyes to see Douglas’s bed empty. I was expecting him to still be beside me after yesterday’s event. I was still searching the room with my eyes when Douglas cleared his throat.
“Looking for me” He rolled his eyes as he sat beside me on the bed.
“No” I pretended.
I got up from his bed and went into the washroom. Once I was done, I changed into my previous dress. I was about leaving the room when Douglas pulled me back.
“I’m sorry about last night Lucy” He chuckled but was looking serious.
“Nothing happened” I shrugged freeing myself from his grip.
I was heading to my room when I ran into Shane.
“Where were you last night?” He asked in a rude manner.
“That’s none of your damn business” my reply was rather curt.
I was beginning to dislike Shane, I mean he was or he is always getting on my nerves. I got to my room to meet several missed calls on my phone.
I clicked on the message box to see an unknown message.
💬Lucy darling, time is no longer on our side.
No doubt, the text was from Dad. Delivering Douglas to Dad in his weak state was gonna be a big betrayal on my part.
I quickly clicked on the reply button.
💬Dad, I can’t do it. I won’t allow you destroy Douglas.
I clicked on the reply button and waited for the next text. Almost immediately another text came in.
💬see me, so you can understand better.
I glared at the text, what was there to even understand. I wore a black hoodie and a skinny Jean.
I got to Dad usual spot and I signified my arrival. I was expecting Dad.
“Lucy” Someone called my name in a rude manner, I turned to see Loretta.
“Retta, how did you know about this place” I widened my eyes.
“I don’t think that important now” She said in a sarcastic tone.
“So what’s important” I eyed her almost getting angry.
“Deliver Douglas to me” Dad chipped in.
This was big trouble!!!!.
Now it’s getting tougher😩……


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