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Loner episode 1 & 2

💖(falling for Mr Arrogant)💖
“Mom!!, mom” I screamed trying to prevent mom from falling to the ground.
“I….love….you …..Lucy” Mom stuttered before closing her eyes.
“Mom!!!” Tears rolled down my cheeks.
I couldn’t believe I lost mom to the cold hands of death. Dad and Mom didn’t live together because they were seperated.
I had to rotate my stay with them. I was 18 years old and I wanted to enroll into college.
I took my phone and dialed Dad’s number.
“Dad, mom is dead” I yelled in tears.
“You said what” Dad said and the background was silent.
I re dialed the number and Dad didn’t pick. I called the hospital to tell them about mom.
I had barely dropped my phone when my phone screen showed a text update.
💬: Dad is at St. White Hospital, He had an attack.
I sighed in defeat as I threw myself on the couch helplessly. I could still remember how mom left two years back.
Two years ago(flash back)
I had come back from school to meet mom crying on the couch.
“Mom, what’s wrong” I asked pitifully.
“Lucy darling, you won’t understand” Mom gave a fake smile.
All these time, Dad sat staring at us and didn’t utter any word. I knew something was wrong.
“Lucy, go to your room and changed from your school uniform” Dad ordered.
I grabbed my bags reluctantly and went to my room. I didn’t completely go to my room, I stood where I could eavesdrop.
“I’m sorry, Rita, it was not intentional” Dad pleaded.
Mom sighed loudly, “what’s not intentionally Raymond?, is it the fact that another woman is carrying your child” Mom blurted.
“Rita, believe me, I least expected her to get pregnant” Dad said sadly. “It’s was more like a one night stand”
“And you were drunk?” Mom asked
“I guess so” Dad replied almost immediately.
“Raymond, I want a divorce” Mom said and my head spinned in circles.
I didn’t want my parents to divorce. I rushed to the living room to meet Dad already on his knees.
“Please Rita, give me some time and I’ll sort this out” Dad was almost in tears.
“I can’t live with you anymore, you broke the promise and have destroyed the trust” Mom got up from where she sat.
Noise was coming out of her room and no doubt she was packing her things.
“Maybe I should beg her myself” I said staring at my dad.
I was about going to her room when she trudged down the stair case with her luggage.
“Mom, do you truly want to leave me” I sobbed in her palms.
“Lucy, you are the only reason why I won’t divorce your dad” Mom reduced herself to my height.
“Mom, please give dad a second chance” I cried.
“Lucy, I’ll not cheat on your dad not even in my grave” mom rolled her eyes. “Your dad started cheating long ago and I kept on forgiving and now that she’s carrying his child, what am I supposed to do” Mom shrugged.
I hug mom tightly, “I’ll miss you mommy”
“When I get a place, I will let dad know and be rest convinced that Dad is free to visit with you anytime and any day” Mom said, stared at dad briefly before letting me go.
I came back from my thoughts still in tears. Mom never got a chance of settling with dad. Earlier this year, mom was diagnosed of Lung Cancer. We thought we could manage her till we get enough money for an operation. Dad had spent almost all he had in paying her medical bills.
Dad loved her but the reason he cheated or he kept cheating was what I didn’t understand. The ambulance came and mom was kept inside. They were driving her to St. White hospital also.
I tucked my hands into my hoodie pocket. I was wearing a skinny jean and a green hoodie. The brown sandals I wore was the gift dad gave me when I clocked twelve. I got a cab and went to St. White hospital.
I got to dad’s ward and he was partially lifeless.
“Please dad, don’t leave your little princess” I swiped the hair blinding my eyes.
Dad was fond of calling me his little princess. I kept staring at Dad noticing there was no response from him.
“Lucy Raymond”, The nurse glared at me briefly, “An autopsy said your mother died of Lungs complications”
“Autopsy” I screamed and fell to the ground.
So Mom was truly dead, as in gone forever!!!.
If tears could bring mom back, I wouldn’t mind crying for centuries. My World was gradually coming to an end. I came out of dad’s ward to sit in the reception still in tears. All I could think of was mom, I went back to Dad’s ward to see the oxygen concentration ticking fast.
“Doctor!!!” I screamed loud enough for anyone to hear.
The doctor rushed into the ward and I was asked to leave immediately.
“Dad, please be strong for me” I klzzed his palm before leaving the ward.
I was in the reception still thinking of what was going to happen next.
“Lucy, the doctor wants to see you”
I jerk my head in shock. Hope dad wasn’t gone like mom. I walked briskly to the doctor’s office.
“Lucy, we need money to commerce an operation” The doctor said.
“How much” I asked totally confused
“10 million dollars” The doctor said and I yelled. “Lucy, your dad has barely 48 hours to live if that Operation is not done”.
Tears gushed down my face. I couldn’t afford to watch my dad die. I walked through the streets of Jacksonville thinking of where I could probably lend money.
I saw a small restaurant and I walked in.
“Gud afternoon ma” I greeted politely
“Please, I was wondering if I could work here” I said not sure of how to start for a loan.
“Ohh, Rufus!!!Rufus!!!” The woman yelled someone’s name. “I thought I told this boy to remove the vacancy post. We have gotten the required number of workers” She said talking to her self.
Going out to pull the Vacancy board, she came back to me “So sorry darling, no more Vacany” She smiled before returning to washing the plates.
I didn’t even see the Job vacancy before entering the restaurant. I was thinking of dad. I left the restaurant and sat on a pavement thinking of where to go next when a car parked in my front.
“Little girl, what’s wrong” Someone from the car asked.
“I need money” I stuttered
❣(Falling for Mr Arrogant)❣
Written by Enogieru ✍️💓
I peeped into the car to get a clear view of the person wanting to probably help me. He was wearing a white long sleeve, a black tie. His hairs were neatly arranged. He sat at the back seat and beside him was a brief case.
“Did you say you need money?” He gave a devious grin.
“Yes” I nodded
“Boss, isn’t she a prostitue?” The boy in the driver’s seat asked
“I’m not a prostitute” I snapped.
I walked away angrily. The last thing I would ever do is to receive insults all because of money. I had barely walked fifteen seconds when the car came to a halt in my front.
“I will help you” He said loud and clear, enough for me to hear.
“You said what?” I asked in excitement.
“Get into the car” He said opening the car door.
I entered the car and sat next to the man. The people in the car were three. Two boys at the front and the man which they referred to as boss at the back. I glared at everyone before focusing my gaze on the so called boss.
“Sir, the doctor said I need 10 million naira” I said praying he shouldn’t change his mind.
“I’m willing to give you any amount but you must work for me for seven years” The man said.
Seven years was a lot!!!!!.
“Sir, do you mean I should become your slave?” I asked not so sure of what he wanted.
He laughed, “I don’t call it slavery”
Fourty eight hours and my dad would be dead if I didn’t do anything. Now I had to make a choice, what if dad didn’t survived the operation, what if the man ended up using me for rituals?.
“Whatever he’s up to, I must save dad life first” I said within me.
I suddenly had the courage, “I’ll work for you but I need the money first”.
They all laughed for a second time and I ignored. He opened the brief case and wrote a check of 12 million.
“Two million in case you need other things” He handed the check to me. “My eyes are on you” He wore his dark sun shade gl@sses and asked me to get down from the car.
I took the check and rushed to the hospital. After verifying and confirming the money, Dad was moved to the emergency ward.
Time was tickling. I kept pacing around the reception room waiting for a positive response. I was still moving around when someone touched my shoulders.
“Don’t you think you should get some rest” His voice was soft. I turned to see the man, the saving grace.
“What your name, I’ve been meaning to ask” I smiled at him
“That’s not necessarily for now” He said and walked away.
I got home. Still in thought, I nestled into the bed and was consumed by a deep slumber.
I woke in a jolt when my phone continued to ring. It was from an unknown number.
“Please God, protect my dad” I prayed silently as I pressed the green icon.
“How is your dad” I rolled my eyes at his voice
“I have not checked the hospital yet” I grunted an answer.
“You need to start your Job soonest” His reply was curt.
“But why,” I protested “my father is still in the hospital” I complained.
“That wasn’t our agreement, six hours to meet me. I’m s£nding an address soon” He said and ended the call.
The address came almost immediately. I sighed at the text before packing my hair in a ponytail style. I boarded a cab and went straight to the hospital.
“Doctor, how is my dad?” I asked
“Congrats, Miss Lucy, the operation was successful” The doctor beamed.
“Can I see him” I asked restlessly
“Currently, he’s sleeping and as soon as he’s up we’ll take you there” The doctor said and excused himself.
I checked the time and noticed I had two hours left to the time that man had given me. I left the hospital to get food for my dad. I was still looking for where to get food when a car parked in my front.
“Get in” They commanded.
I tried to run away. They ran after me and not so fast I was caught.
“Let me go please” I pleaded in tears.
“Mr Douglas is in the best position to do so” One of them said throwing me into the car.
The car came to a halt in a mansion. I frowned as I was led out of the car. At the balcony was the man who gave me to save my father’s life.
“Were you playing with me” His tone was harsh.
“I wanted to see my dad first” I yelled
“Lucy, don’t dare me” He growled
“You gave me money to save my dad’s life, thanks, but you should at least wait for me to see my dad breathing” I yelled in tears.
“Take her to the dark room,” He ordered and I was dragged to a dark room.
The room had swords, weapons, knife, guns and many other harmful things. Tears trickled down my face as my hands were tired to a pole across two end.
The lashes were about to land on my body. I closed my eyes to receive the lashes.
“Stop!!!” A voice ordered.
I opened my eyes to see the boss, the same man who gave me money to save my dad’s life and the same man who ordered that I should be thrown into a dark room.
“I didn’t ask you to beat her” He said angrily. “Free her!” He said and left the room.
I sat on the floor with my hair covering my face. Was this what I was going to go through for the next seven years, I wondered
“You are lucky” The girl sitting next to me said.
“Lucky” I let out a smile
“The boss, Douglas, is mean and ruthless, you are lucky he didn’t asked them to flog you” She gave a painful smile.
“What did you do that made them flog you” I stared at the beating marks on her body.
“I was asked to kill my fiance but I refused” Tears flowed from her face.
“So what happened” I asked
“I told my fiance of Douglas’s plot and asked him to escape. Somehow Douglas found out and ordered I being thrown here” She smiled. “I’m Loretta” she introduced
“I’m Lucy” I said facing her briefly before turning my face away
I brought out the picture of Dad and Mom holding hands. I had took the picture from mom before she died and since that time till now, the picture was in my pocket.
Douglas walked in and I tried to hide the picture. Not smart enough, he grabbed the picture and started at it.
“Mr Raymond” He smirked.
So the Savior knows Lucy’s father…….Hope Lucy doesn’t get any toxic punishment.
Wait!!!, why did Douglas stop Lucy from being flogged?…… More secret to be exposed.


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