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May 14, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Living with the trio Episode 13 & 14

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💖Living With The Trio🚪
(They owns us♥)

Chapter 13👑👑




🌺 Avery’s pov🌺

I walked out,,,I tried Macy’s number but it’s switched off,I just hope she’s fine. I got to the garden,,I turned sharply when I saw Ryan,,, gosh!! He must not see me,,,

” Avery!! ‘I heard him called,I walked back to where he is
” Yes “I said,,his back turned at me but wait,,,how did he know it was me??

” I want to ask you a question and I want you to tell me the truth,,,who were you talking to when I suddenly walked in to tell you my mom is leaving?? “He asked

I stood there dumbstruck,,,
Oh gawd,,,how did he know???
” Nobody “I simply said.

” Lie!!! “He turned swiftly to face me,,I moved back.
” I don’t know what you’re talking about,,is better if I leave “I said and turned but he pulled me back,,,

” Do you think I will put my family at risk,,hell no!! You better start telling me all you know,,, else…”I turned to look at him

” Else what?? Just tell me,,okay fine,I was talking to someone and that person is the one who too Macy away,,,but you know what?? I told her immediately we left here,,,and that was because I don’t wanna betray her,,, got it???

Now leave me!! “I shouted and throw his grip away,,

I ran into my room in tears,,

Is that why he has been avoiding me?,,I told her,didn’t I?? Now just tell me,,is it my fault??

☔ Tyler’s pov☔

I stopped the kiss,,what’s wrong with me.I can’t believe I just kissed her,,,

” God! “She mumbled, touching her lips

” Am sorry “I rough my hair

” It’s fine “she said and went out of the pool,,I looked as she hurried away instantly. Am sure she’s mad at me now,,

” Tyler!! “Jett jolted me out of my thought
” So this is your new style of swimming?? “He laughed and I got out of the pool,, all wet.

” No,,I just,,,, forget it “I snapped and we started walking back inside.

” We’re going to mum’s company now ,you can go and change your cloth and if you want to go in this,,,you’re free “he said,,and laughed again.

” Enough! I’ll go and change. Is Ryan also coming with us?? “I asked

” Of course,, he should be here anytime soon “he said and I nodded. I took the stairs and entered my room.

💌 Melanie’s pov💌

” We’re going for the arrest soon and you’ll be the one to lead our team “Ayla my friend said as we stopped at the front of my office.

” This time I won’t tell him go,,I’ll make sure I bring him down myself. He’s going to pay for the pains he brought my family “I said

” You’re right. We must not let the bad man escape this

time,,, let me go and prepare “she said and I nodded.

” Alright “I replied. She walled away and I entered my office.

Minutes Later

🎀 Daisy’s pov🎀

We walked out,,I opened the car door and he entered,, I got in and drove out of the mansion

” Where should we go first?? “I asked as I drove down the road
” The first warehouse,,”he answered. I looked back,, who’s following us.I faced the front,, maybe we’re going the same way.

” Sir! It’s like someone is tracing us,,the car has been following us for a while now “I told him
” Stop the car and let’s see if it won’t go “he said and I turned off the ignition.
The car also stopped,, with a few distances between us.

” I’ll go and check “I said and stepped out of the car,,I head towards the car,I paused when the door opened,,

Just when I brought out my gun,someone shot me,,

” Arrest her!! “A Lady ordered and the police ran out of the car,,I heard the screening of cars,, to see more police coming,,

” Boss!!! “I shouted and immediately the car starter moving,, the police surrounded me.
I started firing guns at them,,

” Handcuff her!! “The Lady yelled,then zoomed away after him,, the shot mg knee

” You’re under arrest “I fell on my knees,,deep in pain.they came forward and handcuffed me,,,

🎯 Melanie’s pov🎯

I drove after him crazily,, I stopped my car and fired guns at his tyre,,I started running after the car and each minutes,,,, I keep on shooting the two tyres at the back.

It soon flattened, making the car stop.He got out and fired at me but I dodged it.

I shot his legs and he fell on the floor,I went to him,,
” Hi “I put on a sly smile
” Do you still remember my face?? Melanie Gray,,the girl you killed her parents?? oops you might not remember,,, cause you’ve killed a lot “I said

” Since when you turned me into an orphan, I vowed that till my last breath,,, I won’t stop looking for you “I was saying and didn’t know when he lifted his gun,,,
He pulled the trigger but I shot him,,

” To kill you the same way you killed my parents,, you’re wicked!! “I kept firing at him,, even when I know he’s dead already.

” Bastard “I said and turned to go
The police came out of their van and some ran to him,,

” Ma’am,,,are you hurt?? “Drake asked

” Am alright “I replied
” Why did you kill him,Melanie “Alya hurried to me

” I never met to,,he raised his gun at me,,,it’s self defense “I answered.



Chapter 14❤❤


😍 Macy’s pov😍

I arrived at the airport after some hours,, I entered the plane and took a seat,,,I really can’t wait to be out of this country,,,

I took out my phone and checked the latest update,,,

👥Now the country is free” it seems everyone is so happy right now

👥It won’t be a surprise if she gets a promotion,,,Melanie is good!!!

Suddenly,,I came about dad’s picture, he was laying in a pool of blood,,,who killed him???

” Put on your seatbelt ma’am “A lady came to me but I ignored her,,

📷Finally the hardened criminal ” Franco Myers “is dead,,now the country is free of crimes,,, he was killed in an encounter with a Lady police🎤🎤

I ran out of the plane,,,
” Ma’am the plane is about to take off, please come in “Someone shouted,,

I stopped running, I couldn’t control my tears. Who killed him???
I know he’s committed a lot of crimes but I shouldn’t be now,,,

” I’ll miss you,,father “I cried,,sniffing in my tears.

📌 Writer’s pov📌

____________[Police Headquarter]

Melanie got out of the van with other police officers,,, they started walking inside. She stopped when s senior officer approached her,,,the rest went in,,

” Sir! “She saluted
” You did a great job,,the police have been after him for a long time,, and today,,, you brought him down “he said

” Thank you sir “she replied with a smile

” Take care “he said before walking away,, she entered her office and met Alya inside

” Why are you here?? “She asked as she saw her pacing around,,,
” Take a look at this “Alya handed a phone over to her,,

” From the record with us,,he doesn’t have a child,, and here he saved a contact with my daughter,,, something is wrong “Alya said nervously

” Then where is she?? Am sure she have heard about his death,,we need to find her,,maybe she would tell us what she knows about her father “she said,,,looking up from the phone


The trio sat in an empty conference room,,, they waited for the managing director to come in,,
The door opened and he walked in,,

” Am sorry for keeping you waiting “He apologized and went to sit down
” can you go on,,please “Ryan said impatiently,,,

” I won’t be able to manage here anymore,, ma’am Selena got me transfered to another company “he said

” Why would she do that?? “Jett asked curiously
” I also don’t know,,I’ll have to a take my leave now “he replied and went out
Jett stood up and walked out of the building,, he failed a number


📲Jett,how are you??

📱Am fine,, what did you want the MD to step down

📲It’s for you all,,the three of you will have to take over the companies on Monday

📲But,,,, isn’t it too early??
📲It’s not too early,, am sorry I have to go
📲Alright mom

The call ended and I started walking in,,when my phone rang again,,

📲Sir,,we can’t find Alora,it’s like she knew we’re coming for her

📲If you can’t find her,then what about Franco??

📲He’s dead,he tried to escape but fortunately,,, they managed to kill him

📲Please try all you can,I want you to find Macy and bring her to me

📲We will,am going to get back to you.

🎀 Macy’s pov🎀

I got down from the taxi and paid him,,he zoomed away. I looked up to see the police has surrounded our house,,, damn!!!

How do I get in?? Yes!! The back,,,


I jumped down from the fence and luckily,, I didn’t see anyone. I opened the door gently and walked in,,,

I entered my room and took my bag,,I’ll have to destroy any evidence that will lead them to me,,
I heard footsteps and quickly hid behind the door,,,,

📲We kept Franco’s body with the police
📲I will go there right now,,,,

The person said and when I didn’t hear anything again,,,I opened the door slowly,,,

I looked at him from afar,, he doesn’t look like a police then who is he??I will have to follow him

I want to see my dad for the last time,,,

He went out though the back and I followed,,,he entered his car and I hailed a taxi,,,

” Follow that car “I pointed immediately I entered,,,
He stopped the car and I also get down,, I took out some money and gave the driver….

I hurried after him,,,
I kept following him and I was more than surprised when he finally entered the place,,, where he was kept.

📲Ma’am,,,he’s dead. I’ve seen his body
📲Ok ma’am,,
He hanged up and closed the body,, I his behind a curtain as he walked out.

I came out immediately he’s gone and uncovered him,,,I touched his face and my eyes went to his body,,, he was badly injured,,

I heard someone’s footsteps,,and covered his body,, I went into hiding.

The door opened,,,

” Am having a feelings someone came here ”
” I don’t think so,,we secured this room”
” You can go ”

She began to check the room,,,I mistakenly hit my leg on something,,oh gawd!!!

I don’t want to be caught,,but suddenly the curtain opened,,and my gaze met hers,,,the police

” Who are you??” She pointed a gun at me
” Am a nobody!! “I replied,,with my heart beating faster

” always try your best to get out of any tough situation,, even if you’ll get hurt “I remembered dad’s word

I snatched the gun from her,,
” Give it back to me!! “She yelled angrily
” Move back or am gonna shot you “I said,,pointing the gun towards her

” Don’t try me “she said,, and I smirked. She finally moved back,,,I throw her gun on the floor and ran out.




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