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July 28, 2021


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Living with the trio Episode 1 to 3

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🎻💛Living With The Trio🚪
💲[They owns us]💲






They are the handsome freaks❕

They are the cool dudes who don’t want to have anything to do with girls.

Who are they ??

They are the trio,,they have powers, money but girls ??

💌Extract from the story💌

” she’s on her way,,she’s gonna be here any moment “Jett said, pacing to and fro.

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” And if she finds out we are living alone without girls “Tyler added and gulped down his drink.

” Then we are doomed “Ryan added,Jett lips suddenly curled into a smile.

” why don’t we buy girls to act like ours,and when she’s gone ,,we send then off or they be our maid ”

” Super great ”


What will happen when this girls start living with them ??


Chapter 1


⏰Jett’s pov⏰

☎ Ma’am Selena will be arriving in few hours,,prepare

I dropped the call and ran to the living room,now panting heavily

“Ma’am Selena”I said,they were backing me but turned at the mention of her name

“What’s wrong with her”Tyler sat down and poured himself a drink

“She’s on her way,she’s gonna be here at any moment”I started pacing to and fro

“What!”they both chorused

“And if she finds out we are living alone with no girls”Tyler added gulped down his drink

“Then we are doomed”Said Ryan,my lips suddenly curled into a smile, I stopped as an idea popped up

“Why don’t we buy girls to act like ours and when she’s gone, we send them off or they be our maid”I let out and they both came to me

“Super great”

We went into the room and changed into the same outfit,I looked at the mirror

Isn’t this crazy?? I can’t believe we are going to buy girls now!

“Let’s go”Ryan picked his phone and we walked out

🎧 Harper’s pov🎧

I groaned when the noise was getting too much,I’m sure it’s that damn alarm

I reached out for it and slammed it on the floor,and went back to sleep

🎤 I want each one of you out before I start kicking your asses out,we are having some special guest

Ma’am Alora said and I dare not stand up

That’s how she call everyone of us whenever there is a business, I quickly dashed into the bathroom

Swears,I didn’t spend up to three minutes in there before I walked out

I quickly put on a sexy dress; a body hugging gown,that’s the rules here;do your best to look good

I’m Harper Gray and this is the latest place where girls are sold out

“Since?”she said,she was seated on a king size chair

“Sorry mam”I bowed a little and went to join the rest

“Where is Macy?”she said looking at all of us,I scoffed

Who don’t know Macy? To me she act like a village girl

“So sorry am late”I looked up and it was Macy, she came to stay beside me,,, holy shit! Her dress!!

“Macy!!.this isn’t a church so go back and change,your dress sulks”she yelled at her and she immediately ran back to her room

💋The saint!?

🎤Sad bird!!
“They are here”one of thr guard went to her

“Bring them in”she ordered,he nodded and went out

🚻He’s going to pick me

🚻I know those dudes

“Hush,you all know me. Mess up and I’m going to fry you”she said and sprang on her feet,,the noise went down


Chapter 2


😍Tyler’s pov😍

I stepped down from the car and looked around,they also came out and we headed in,,

“Sir”A guy came to us and we stopped

“I’m asked to bring you in”he added and we followed him in

“Geez!”Ryan said,covering his ears

“So much noise”Tyler added and shook his head,as we entered we saw many girls dancing,and some drinking

My eyes went to the woman on the chair; Alora

“Welcome”she stood up and clapped, we stopped at her front

“Everybody now back to your room”she ordered and they all took the stairs,now just four of us

“Cute trio”she winked at us

“Alora,am sure you know what we are for?it suppose to be a secret!”I said moving close to her

She moved back

“Secret? Of course I know,,so back to business”she said

💃Avery’s pov💃

“Shit!”I slapped my head and entered the red car,why the f**k did they have to choose me. Can’t they choose someone else?

“Avery, be a good girl”she patted my shoulder and I looked at her? Like this a marriage,I scoffed

“Smile”she whispered silently, anger written all over her

“Ok mam”I smiled widely, the car moved and I heavy a sigh of relief. They are at the other car ahead of us,I looked beside me

“What!,Macy?”I screamed and she rolled her eyes,why the fuvk is she part. No!she can’t stay with me

“So you end up here”I scoffed. The car stopped inside a huge mansion and we got down except Harper, thinking or what?

I patted her and that’s when she looked up

“How was the dream land?”I smirked

Bad,I’m happy to be in this Paradise”she ran out of the car

“Wow”she shouted crazily and I shook my head

💛Jett’s pov💛

“Don’t create a scene”I warned turning to them,I sighed before i opened the door

Lord,I hope she isn’t home yet

“Come in”Ryan said leading the three of them in

“Go your rooms”Tyler said looking at his wristwatch


“Oops sorry,just go to any room you see, FAST!”Tyler said and they started walking away

“Where were you guys?”we heard her voice and I looked up,she paused at the stairs

“You’re back”we chorused and we went to her,damn!

“Yes,we went to the park”Ryan suddenly said,she ran her eyes all over us


“Yes”I said and pulled one closer

“She?your..”she was about saying when Tyler burst in

“Yes,our girlfriends”Tyler pulled one close

“Look?”I urge and make her lean close, then landed my lips on hers


Chapter 3


🎤Macy’s POV🎤

I just stood still the whole time,don’t tell me he’s kidding me?? I didn’t reciprocate. He stopped and I took in a deep breath

” Wow,,I’m happy you finally chooses a girl”the woman smiled

“Anything for you mom”Ryan said,I heard their names at the club

” You guys are free,you see this handsome freaks here;feel free with them”she said and we nodded

“Mom, this is Avery,Harper and Macy”Ryan pointed as he went to stand by her side

I don’t have to know how he knows her name

“I will see you later,but first,we need to have a private talk”she replied before walking away

“God”Jett breath out and they followed her

I took the stairs,,

“She’s nice,isn’t she?”I head haper say to Avery


I just entered one of thr rooms and laid on the bed,though thr room is great,wide and colourful but I will always be me

The girl everyone don’t care about,the sad bird they don’t want to see,,, macy the weird girl just because she’s trying to protect herself

My mind went back the kiss,I can’t believe he kissed me,,I won’t spare him

But wait,Macy what the f**k can you do yo him,,,,, nothing

🍇Ryan’s POV🍇

“Did you do this just because I asked you to”she asked immediately we settled down on thr bed,,she leaned by the wall facing us

“Mom,we respect you alot and just when we couldn’t find one, we stopped. And we just don’t know how we came to meet them,we really love them”I was the first to speak

“So,are you courting them?”she folded her arms a crossed her chest, now curious

‘No,not yet”Tyler said

“Yes,not yet”Jett also said and went to her

“So when are you leaving?”he asked, his hands in his pocket

“Tomorrow”she replied

“Ok”we stood up and started walking

“I love you sons”she said and I smiled

“Love you too mom”we chorused still walking,we left the room

Hours Later🍒🍒

🍓 Haper’s POV🍓

I was done looking around so I headed ro the garden, I wowed!

This isn’t a dream right?there are many flowers; rose,sunflower and many more.I plucked a rose

“Haper?!”I heard Avery’s voice and I sighed,not again!!

“What’s it?”I asked when she stopped at my front

“Am so hungry and I couldn’t find anyone of them”she frowned her face

“I don’t think you have to starve after coming to this Paradise, come on Avery”I shook my head

“Take this”I handed her the rise and just them a maid walked past us

“Hey!”she called

“Yes miss”the Lady came to us

“Can I get some food,,I’m damn hungry”Avery rubbed her stomach and she laughed

“Of cos,come mam”she and started walking

“Am I going to eat this?,,unbelievable”she yelled at me and threw the rose away before walking away

Seriously?? Am I at fault??

🍡 Macy’s POV🍡

I came out of the room with a towel tied around my body, I opened the wardrobe and was dumbstruck

The amount of clothes here should be able to open a boutique

A knock came on the door,,

“Come in”I said,kinda hoping its not h

“Ma’am”she bowed after shutting the door,I turned to he’d

“Just call me macy,I think that will be okay”o corrected

“No ma’am,its against the rules. I might end up sacked”she replied and I nodded

“You have to wear this”she said dropping the dress with her on the bed

“Excuse me,mam”she bowed again and left

I took it,,why is it this short?? I’m sure he’s the one who told her to give me





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