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Living with Mr grumpy episode 57 & 58

👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚
🍀Season 2🍀
💧Episode 57💧
Authoress succy’s POV
Jeremy kept on walking ,he sniffed the air and had a satisfactory look on his face,seems he likes everything about this place though it looks somewhat strange to him
perhaps he was in another city
or his parents flew him to another country for treatment
talking about his parents, seems they were making him angry cause he looked angry
he kept on wandering about the lonely and quiet street like a stranger in a foreign land
he discovered he was bare footed and …what the hell!!
he was still on the hospital clothe he had on, maybe he ran away from the hospital probably because of the brawl going on between those two women
he still can’t believe the lady he had lived all his life with,referring as his mother,was never his ……but that other lady… she was his mum?
well,he had felt somewhat drawn to her like he had known her all his life
could she really be his mother?
his biological mother?
shows kept on falling as he walked on,everywhere was white including the trees and flowers
they seems to be covered by snow
his feet should be frozen by now as a result of how long he had been walking but damn! he wasn’t feeling cold ,not at all he wasn’t even feeling tired considering the long pathway he had covered,he wasn’t feeling pains from the spot where he had been shot neither was he feeling hungry
his heart was heavy and all he wanna do was ease the burden in his heart ams probably solve the puzzle that seems trap in his head
he sniveled
but couldn’t find anything on his cheek when he took his hand up to them probably to wipe off his tears since he felt he was crying but funny enough, nothing was on his cheeks not even a single tear
hold on, where’s he?
he kept on looking around him probably in surprise on how things change in this strange country he found himself
he came across a big huge tree with a big beautiful bridge beside it,
so many people were moving to and fro on the bridge but they couldn’t come towards him as a result of the bridge which serves am some sort of hindrance
the colours of the trees was green
the leaves looked neatly cut unlike the path where he had been coming from which was snow filled and white he threw one of his leg past the tree with the aim of climbing the bridge,when he felt something hard on his feet and he withdrew it immediately
only to see a beautiful white haired lady
her face shone like, the sun
she was far beautiful than humans perhaps she’s a fairy or something
she had a long white stick with her
Jeremy was surprised on seeing her cause he was sure he hadn’t seen her in the first place
“who are you ?
and why are you posing as a distraction?”he yelled rudely
“am your guide-to guide you in your journey back home”she said and he scoffed
“and what if I aren’t going back home?”he asked with a sneer
“we don’t choos, you make your choice yourself”she said and he smiled
then let me continue my journey in peace”he said and she kept a straight face
“all we do is advice you
lead and guide you”she said and he nodded
“fine then!
trail behind me if you feel like”he said and made to continue moving when she prevented him with that stick of hers
“what again?
I thought you said your just a guide?xh asked angrily
“and we do advice and guide remember?”she replied and he rolled his eyes
“fine! you won!”he replied looking angry and the lady let out a wry smile
“why do you wanna leave home!
cause where your going is a journey of both return, the final journey of a man!
here is the boundary between life and death
your mum loves you and need you
go to her and put a smile on her face”she said and he felt sober
“I know!
but I can’t bare to look into her eyes!
I.was once rude to her, I had not even the faintest idea that she was my mother
I had been living a
all rich and powerful
I had no idea the people I called family weren’t mine!
have hurt pumpkin a lot
I never played the role of a good brother to her
how about Robyn?
she was even my sister and I had offended her greatly
please clear offy way and let me go
if it’s my fate, then am ready for it”he said and the beautiful lady stared at him
“your fate lies in your hand
you have all the time to go back if you want.too to and possibly make amends “she said and he remained adamant
“why should I go back home when here’s holds much luxury!
you don’t get to feel pains, not even your tears
they don’t cry over here,everything seems super easy,
you don’t get to work!
why don’t you join me let’s journey together
we might get married over there
you look beautiful and I like beautiful ladies!”he said and the lady frowned
“they don’t get married over there
you can go now”she said
“farewell” she added
Jeremy licked his bottom lip before proceeding towards the bridge his mind seems to be made up already
and there was nothing any one could do about it
( Authoress Succy’s POV continues at the hospital)
doctor!” Mrs Peterson and Mr Huggins second wife who were already in Jeremy’s ward,ran towards the doctor on seeing the tears falling off Jeremy’s close eyes
the doctor rushed in immediately alongside some team if expert doctors
“mother!”Jeremy called and the two women rushed to their feets like hungry hyena’s
“mother am sorry!”Jeremy’s voice waft into their ears as the doctor wheel him away in a stretcher to the theater
“save my son please doctor
save him”Mr Huggins second wife and Mrs Peterson said simultaneously and both shared a brief glance at each other
“save my son please!
I will run mad if anything happens to him”Mrs Peterson said with tears running down her cheeks
Davis mum had a tear on her cheek as she kept on pacing about restlessly
it took close to about three hours before the team of doctors came out from the theater looking damn tired and unhappy
“doctor how’s my son?”Mrs Peterson asked expectantly while her husband stood behind her
everyone looked in expectantly and the doctor himself became somewhat scared
“am so sorry ladies and gentle men, we did all we could, but…….am sorry we lost him”the doctor spilled out the bomb and Mrs Peterson slumped into her husband’s hands while Jeremy’s foster mother stood rooted to the spot
🍀Season 2🍀
💧Episode 58💧
( Three months later)
so many things had happened in the space of three months, and i still couldn’t believe i had a brother.
an elder brother i so much desire, he was right beside me yet i couldn’t see him.
mum had tried keeping it away from me but i eventually got a wind of it when Mr hugging tried sueing mum over the death of his son over what he called wrong allegation and murder.
the DNA test and the doctor’s who testified to pumpkins mum’s confirmation that Jeremy wasn’t are biological son, eventually brought the case to a halt but mum had been enraged and bittered having lost her son and the stunt Mr Huggins had almost played on her.
it took the help of dad, Davis and Mrs hugging to prevent mum from sueing Mr Huggins to court for libel and slander.
the whole scandal was almost a total mess and castrophe,
pumpkin was devasted and so was I, my husband, parents alongside Cassy and Nicole.
everything seems like a fairy tale, if only I had a chance of telling him how long have desired to have a brother.
someone who would act as a friend to Davis, go about with him, joke with him and catch fun together while his girlfriend and I would bond together, becoming in seperable friends.
we would have been a perfect family.
pumpkins mother was detained for six whole months, for reason best known to Mr Huggins, probably for deceiving him and making him father an illegitimate child, it took the man in him not to had wept on discovering Jeremy wasn’t his son, it was quite obvious he loved his children equally.
after tendering a heart to heart apology to my parents we all became one large family, everything had been resolved amicably and everything that had happened is all history now.
I and my friends are done with high school already and presently we are already in collegue
all thanks to my heavenly sent,
his the overall best!
dad won the election
a lot had happened indeed!
and right now he had already be sworn into the office and yeah!
you can say am the president’s daughter.
his efforts wasn’t a waste after all and my mum!
my ever cheerful mum is still as cheerful as ever
Nicole splashed water on me where I had laid on one of the swimming chair while Cassy was neck deep in the pool.
“lost in thought?” Nicole ask stucking a tongue at me
“whatever!” I replied rolling my eyes playfully, the bikini we all had on were same colour radianting our ever glowing friendship
“having a break from lectures is the best thing that has ever happened to me, I think we should be doing this every weekend, I need to cool my head” cassy blurttered out running her hands over her face to wipe out the water on it.
“all thanks to me, it was my idea” I cooed raising my left hand up in a fashion manner twirling my waist in the process
“oh! please shut it Robyn, it was actually my idea remember?” Nicole said giving me a winks that was when it dawned on me
“oh! yeah it skipped me” I said and they both chuckled
“but that was way too sneer, your talking to the president’s daughter remember?”I teased and Nicole raised her nostrils up in a sneer
“and what will she do? get the cops at me?” Nicole dared and I got off the swimming chair, getting into the pool through the pool stairs
“she wants to fight!!!” Cassy chuckled.
I got into the water before pushing out my head to let out a breath
“let’s play swimming ball” I offered and they both clasped their hands in merriment
“lemme signal a maid to go get us a ball” I added and they both nodded simultaneously
just then the entrance door to the mansion flung open and my husband walked out laughing heartily with his best friend Simeon
“hey beauty!” he waved at me and I did same taking my gaze to Davis
“baby are you going out?” I asked poping my head up from the water
he’s coming in” Simeon replied immediately making Davis lean on his car in an endless laughter.
I made to splash some water on him but he dodged it cleverly
“you saw my friends didn’t you?” I asked placing a hand on my waist
“nope I didn’t, their beauty shone like the sun” he said and Nicole and Cassy blushed.
“it’s enough to blind any sane man, I got blind at first but now I can see” he added sarcastically and I cracked turning towards Davis
” I and Simeon wanna catch up on something honey!
see you when i come back ” he said beeping the car
“okay babe, but I want you to miss me” I said and he gave me a winks
“am missing you already ” he replied blowing me a kiss
“but don’t miss me too much” I added
“yeah I won’t ” he said and hop into the car alongside his best buddy
Authoress succy pov
pumpkin kept on crying out her eyes as she lean on the wall in her room
how on earth did she got into this mess?
Phil doesn’t even look like he was gonna forgive her any time soon and stop blackmailing her
she had given him lot and lots of money and now he’s asking for the impossible
she can’t give him her body, she just can’t!!
she shouldn’t have been in this mess if she had made use of her head in the first place
she can’t stoop so low to be his sex toy never!
she seems to be the loser, her mother was still serving her six months jail terms, her foster brother is gone, she had long lost her boyfriend jerry to her rudeness.
she lost every f**king thing caused of a dirty game and now she’s ready to pay and face the consequences
Phil had given her only a day least he would tell on her.
she’s ready to pay for her sins rather than letting Phil help her to, in a shameful way
she slowly pick her phone and dialed Davis number, Simeon had picked the call on excuse that Davis was driving and needed to focus on it.
but the urgency in pumpkins voice made him give the phone to Davis and she finally let out the cat out of the bag telling him everything he needed to know.
Davis was enraged, he screench the car to a halt, admist Simeon’s words, he swerved the car and in a very high speed!
he began driving back to the house.
he was damn angry cause he felt betrayed!
betrayed by the one he loved, treasured and called a sister!!!
pumpkin Mata don reach court of law🙆
her own don finish😂😂😂


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