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Living with Mr grumpy episode 51 & 52

👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚
🍀Season 2🍀
💧Episode 51💧
Two days later…….
Davis haven’t even said a single word since he walked in through the door
all he just did was lean on the hospital door staring at me
his expressions were blank and i couldn’t read a thing out of them
“Davis!”i called feeling uncomfortable with his inept
is anything wrong?
isn’t he supposed to be happy on seeing me?
he sent me an apology look and backed me like he wanna walk out through the door or something
hold on, what’s wrong with him?
i watch him shove his hand into his front pocket ,brought out what i suspected to be a face towel and ran it over his face before turning to me
“hey!”he cooed
okay, what was that for?
i kept mute, watching him take his usual sexy steps towards me with a pretty smile on his face, pretty enough to melt my heart like it has always done,but it didn’t
how could it, when his ineptitude a while ago,got me worried if not super worried
i kept on staring at him like he has grown a horn or something
he got closer to me and slowly sank himself onto the chair in front of me
“hey baby!
how are you doing?”he asked his voice coming out in low whispers and i could swear it didn’t came out from him
what’s happening?
did the doctor said something went wrong?
or the doctor told him he found something about me?
what the hell is going on?
he’s freaking my breath out of me!
he’s f**king scaring me!!
i kept mute ignoring his question and he made to get a hold of my have but i prevented him, placing them on my thighs
a little bit far from his reach
“baby!” he called in a flaccid tone
it’s pretty obvious he was surprised at my actions
“did the doctor said anything is wrong with me?”i asked worriedly and noticed he took his eyes from me to the floor
okay,now am getting scared
he didn’t ” he replied and i wasn’t even relieved
“did he say am gonna die?”i asked and he snap up his head at me immediately and i could see.surprised look on his face
“oh! no baby, he didn’t!
nothing is actually wrong with you!
it’s nothing serious though”he muttered the last part i audibly but i was quick to grasp it
“and what do you mean by that?”i asked and he made to get a hold of my hands, i made no effort to prevent him this time around
he peck my both hands,hugging then to himself and a blind man can easily tell i was becoming damn scared and nervous,i was almost fidgeting
“I love you Robyn, i love you so much!
i promise am gonna tell you everything you wanna know when we get home.
believe me baby,nothing is wrong with you okay!”he said giving me a reassuring smile which i returned but i was somewhat anxious about it
he wasn’t like this when he came visiting yesterday, though it was kinda brief
“the doctor said am gonna be discharged today “i said like he doesn’t know
and am here to take you home”he said winking at me and i let out a small smile
i alighted slowly from the car alongside Robyn, who moved briskly ahead of me towards the house,while i trailed behind her
the whole house were quiet as usual left for the maids and guards moving about from place to place
everyone else should be with Jeremy including mum
she left with dad few minutes ago not after l knowing Robyn, is fine and i had to keep Robyn’s condition from her parents
i don’t wanna freak them out
she took the stairs upstairs while i handed the polythene bag containing fruits over to a maid
“get them out in 20minutes”i instructed “yes sir Davis”she replied with a slight bow while i proceed to our room,taking the stairs
“babe!”Robyn,called immediately i got into the room
“babe tell me already”she said sounding impatient and my heart skipped
“come on baby, you should go freshen up and eat something first, i will tell u during bedtime”i said trying hard not to stare at her but she began crying already
“you know what your doing isn’t fair right?”she said and I couldn’t tell if it was a question or something
“come on baby i……”
“don’t even baby me”she interpolated and made to walk out of the room when i held her back
circling my hands on her waist
“am gonna tell you baby, but please don’t take it to heart okay!
am hear for you please!”i said and she nodded while i took in a deep breath
“well,the doctor said you were poisoned……. and you……”i was still saying when she shrink in fright or perhaps surprise
how……how come?”she asked looking scared
“i should be asking you that!
you just won’t stop eating anything you come across,
well it’s not your fault though”i said and she gave me a suspicious look
“well, that’s because the doctor found out you were pregnant but the…..”
“oh! my goodness!
Davis are you kidding me or something?
am I really pregnant?”she asked looking all excited and i felt sober
“you were but not anymore “I said and she starred at me with confusion all over her eyes
“what do you mean by that Davis?
where did my baby go to?”she gibbered and i itch my nape restlessly
“talk to me Davis!”she yelled
“am sorry baby, but the doctor said you…..he said we lost our baby due to the poison”i said almost inaudibly and tears had begun flying from her eyes
“my baby?
i lost my baby?
oh! my God! Davis my baby!
I lost my baby!!
oh! good heavens!
i was going to be a mother!
my beautiful baby!
i didn’t even get to see my baby Davis,
i had no idea i was even pregnant!
they f**king flushed it away”she cried like she was going mad and my heart choke at the sight of her.
💧Episode 52💧
she cried like she was going mad and my heart choke at the sight of her
“come on baby,we can always make another baby”i cooed getting her into my hands
“oh! no Davis,
i want my baby back!
please do all you can to bring it back i beg you”she cried and i blink my eyes rapidly to prevent the tears from falling
i should be consoling her and not the other way round
“no one flushed out our baby Robyn, the poison did?”i said patting her in my arms
who the hell poisoned me?”she asked and i kept mute
how was i suppose to know?
“what was the last thing you ate and who was the last person or persons you saw apart from me?”i asked like am some sort of investigation or something
“the last thing i had eaten was…….em…grape……yeah grape!
oh! no wine grape i mean.
or maybe grape wine!
i don’t know”she gibbered and i stared at her in surprise
okay–what’s with this ineptitude she just displayed right now?
i hope she’s perfectly okay?
“and who were the last person or persons you had saw honey?”i asked kissing off her tears admist her hiccups and snivels
“hmm… was that Jemima girl and her friend…have forgotten her name”she said and my heart flipped
she came again when i had left?”i asked in surprise
she came again with a friend of hers and i think she gave me a cup of ice cream
yeah! that was the last thing i had before all this shits began”she said and my heart skipped
goodness lord!
hold on, i hope it isn’t what am thinking?
i just pray it shouldn’t least i will f**king kill her myself
i was becoming restless already all i just feel like doing was to accost Jemima
and if i find out she’s behind it, i will make sure she spends more than a hundred years behind bars
i don’t joke with my wife, let alone my baby!!
“Davis!”Robyn called stressing my name like she was a baby
“yes hun”i replied placing my hands on her cheeks tenderly
“my baby!!”she muttered
her face had gone red already
“we will make another baby hun
please”i said and she kept mute while i plant kisses all over her pretty body
“come freshen up baby, lemme bath you like a baby”i offered and her breaths which were coming out in pants,drew my attention to my already sleeping beauty
i smiled out wrily, gave her a slight peck,before tucking her properly ,pulled the duvet over her,gave her a slight peck again before getting a hold of my phone
moving out from our room
i need to pull a call across to my doctor he should have a hint about the poison
and whoever the culprit or culprits is, should get ready to die
i climbed down the stairs much in a rush, my eyes caught sight of the fruits in different bowls on the dinning table with the maid standing beside it
my wify is sleeping already
i dialed my doctors number and he picked at the second beep
📱good day sir Davis”his voice boomed out and i let out my breath
📱have gat a little job for you doctor”
Mrs Peterson
he’s my son!”i cried hysterically as peter speed up the car towards the hospital were he had been admitted
“and how in Gods name are they gonna believe that?
do you think you can just barge in there and rant about him being your son huh?
besides i don’t seems to believe he’s our son”he said driving past a bend and i shot him an angry stare
“I don’t care if they believe it or not but the DNA test clearly showed he’s our son”i cried
oh good heavens
my baby!
who could ever believe my baby is alive and had been around me the whole time
my own very baby
peter kept mute, battling with his thoughts while i couldn’t help dabbing my face continuously with my face towel
same way the tears won’t stop coming
he pulled into the large hospital premises and i
had begun opening the door even before he could bring the car to a halt
“i need you to be calm on this honey please!
relax and don’t cause a scene”he admonished and i shot him another stare
“maybe the day you get pregnant and eventually push out a baby,then am gonna stop causing a scene but for now,am sure gonna do just that
even if the heavens wanna fall,i don’t care!!”i rasp and got off the car admist his calls,pleas and f**king lectures
i rushed into the hospital and hastily ran towards the nurses behind the counter
“i need to see my son!
please he’s dying,lemme see him please”i cried and the smart looking nurses with sparkling white attires and white crowns each on their heads,won’t stop staring at me like i was acting some sort of comedy
just then,my eyes caught sight of a doctor walking out from an expensive looking ward,.the whole hospital is expensive though and the wards isn’t an exception
i ran towards him immediately
“sir I need to see my son please, he was rushed in two days back “i cried and the doctor stared at the nurse beside him
“well madam,i really don’t get what you are…”he was still saying when i ran into the open door
i think i better go check all the wards rather than stand here all day staring at lame doctors and nurses
oh! my God!
how did you found out we are here?”Mrs Huggins called on seeing me and I felt relieved ,my efforts weren’t wasted after all
the doctor came in.moments later,behind him was peter who looked like he wanna cry or something
probably because I had cause a huge scene already
well,he won’t understand until he feels the pain of losing a child,and later find out his own child has been around him the whole time and he wasn’t f**king aware
i caught sight of Mr Huggins at the far end of the hospital ward, speaking harshly on phone
“what’s she doing here huh?
the last time i checked,she’s related to you and not me!
her daughter got married to your son and not mine
so please kindly tell her to get out same way she came in!
my son doesn’t need disturbance of any sort”Mr Huggins second wife said angrily and i smiled out wearily
“the presence of his mother isn’t a disturbance of any sort!
i came to see my son!! i blurt out and begun moving towards his bed
all eyes were cast on me
what’s this woman own na🙆
so Jeremy is her…….🐸
Robyn’s elder………..🏃
everything is gonna be clear in the next epics and there’s no Davis n Robyn’s POV in it
so don’t be surprise when you see it


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