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Living with Mr grumpy episode 49 & 50

👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚
🍀Season 2🍀
💧Episode 49💧
📱what would i be doing there mum?
sit my ass down sipping some lame ass wine knowing fully well that dad won’t f**king will the industry to me?
there’s absolutely no way am doing that”i spoke into the phone and the guards i had gone out with,trailed behind me as we moved out of the shopping malls parking lot, towards the entrance door
📱you won’t dare go against me son!
why don’t you just get it?
your coming to the anniversary is gonna pay off,
trust me! i don’t play games you know”mum said and I rolled my eyes
what’s mum up to this time around?
she’s damn full of surprises
📱come on son, mummy have a big surprise for you
just show up and see how it goes”mum said and i stopped on my tracks
📱whatever surprise you have for me, should wait!
cause am at the middle of something right now”i spoke into the phone and continued moving towards the entrance door
“suspend whatever you are doing or wanna do at the moment Jeremy!
don’t let me get mad at you”mum’s loud voice boomed from the receiver and i frowned
is she trying to forcefully get me to attend dad’s anniversary which is going on right now or something?
📱well, am not coming and that’s final “i said authoritatively
📱i guess you would like to see the look on Davis mum’s face when your dad eventually signs the industry in your name, and automatically makes you his heir to all his companies, properties and investments” mum’s voice boomed into my ears and i could swear I never heard her
📱what mum!
what are you up to?” i asked looking around but no one was in sight left for my guards who are out of earshot
📱trust me son, mummy is up for something huge”she replied and i heaved a sigh
📱how about Davis, mum!
how about him?i asked a little bit worried
📱forget about him son!
he’s been taken care of already
hurry up son!
i need you here in the 20minites”mum said and hung up
woah! woah!
I sure won’t miss this
i covered the space between the entrance door and i when someone suddenly bumped into me
what the hell!
Mrs peterson
(Robyn’s mum)
i hurriedly walked out of the shopping mall with my both hands holding the shopping bags i had held when i suddenly bumped into someone
oh! a young man
“am so sorry young man, am kinda in a hurry”i apologised and the young man wore a smile
“your lucky am in a good mood madam!
i really don’t forgive easily you know!”he rasp and walked in with his guards
hold on,isn’t that one of Davis siblings?
is brother right?
i can as well as ask after Robyn from him?
i turned to draw back his attention but suddenly froze at the sight that met my gaze
A red circle like dot
maybe it’s coincidental!
i shriek on seeing another beneath the first and yet another
hold on, what’s going on?
why do i feel like…….wait a minute, any one can have that right?
but why a male and not a female?…..i can’t let this slip off!
what if my thoughts are right? cause i placed those marks myself
i handed the shopping bags to my driver and hurriedly ran back into the mall
i caught sight of him in the clothes section and race up to him
“hey!”i called smiling widely
“you again?”he asked poking a finger at me
his guards were pacing to and fro the clothes section, preventing other customers from from going in
i was lucky to get in though
“what are you doing here again?
i forgave you, doesn’t mean you should stalk me!
or do you wanna bump into me again?”he asked rudely with his eyes fixed on the male mannequins in the clothe section
“oh! no!
actually there’s something on your hair and since you forgave me, i decided to come reciprocate it”i lied taking my hands into his hair like i wanna take something off it, i took a strand of his hair and smiled to myself
“well, thanks about that”he replied reluctantly and i nodded walking out
oh! my gee!
i did it!
it was damn easy
now let’s see how this goes!
by the time Davis came back from only God knows where,it was already getting late and most of the invitees had began moving out in two’s and three’s
those new friends of mine didn’t even showed up again and i forgot to ask them for their contacts
how stupid of me
“hey! babe, did i stayed long?”Davis asked trying to give me a peck on my lips and i quickly placed my fingers on it and he ended up pecking them
“come on Robyn, that’s too harsh”he feign a frown and i deepened mine
“you promised to come early didn’t you?
you said your gonna be back soon!
you should have just told me you wanna go die over there”i rasp giving him an eye roll and he took his seat beside me and was all over me,pulling my cheeks
trailing his fingers on my nostrils, mouth
I couldn’t find the strength to shove him off
“am sorry baby, Simeon won’t allow me leave
claiming he wanna show me off to his girlfriend and you won’t believed the whole time we waited, she never showed up”he said bursting out into a mocking laughter
“he’s never lucky with women”he added and i slammed hands on the table making him focused his gaze on me
“get me out of here Davis!
am having a banging headache
oh! no…. am catching a cold already”i said
i.just don’t know what’s f**king wrong with me
perhaps Davis was right about my eating habit
am beginning to fall sick!
i feel so uncomfortable
“you gat to be kidding me”he smirked opening another bottle wine
“get ready to drink alone”i yelled angrily sizing him up,
just then, we heard a gun shot and the bottle wine suddenly fell off his hands
what’s going on?
i corked the gun, making sure the boys were done putting things in order down there
using the office curtains as i coverage, i aimed at the young man beside the lady
the distance from the office window where I stood to the ground where the party was going on was pretty far but i could see clearly and was able to aim at my target , who tell down immediately
the party was in disarray and the chaos was too much
I smiled to myself
finally i can get my Robyn back
i planned on revenging but fate gave it to me on a platter of gold
now Mr Peterson will kneel and plead with me to marry his already widowed daughter by the time i am done with them
i heard the sound of the hospital siren and caught sight of an ambulance driving in through the gates
i aimed at the four tyres and shot at them
let’s see how he’s gonna survive this”
i took to my heels immediately i caught sight of the cops
what the hell!!
i need to get out of here as fast as possible
my ringing phone brought me to a halt and i punch the answer button on seeing the caller was my boss
he must have heard the news already!
it was damn so fast
📱done and dusted boss”i spoke into the phone,watching left and right
📱shut the f**k up you motherf**ker
that wasn’t Davis Huggins but Jeremy, the clients son!!”he yelled and i couldn’t believed my ears
Episode 50
i froze in shock immediately i heard those words from my boss
holy shit!
am so dead
📱but sir…”i tried saying when he yelled again
📱if you really love your life,go faraway from Texas
don’t let me get a hold of you cause if i do, you will wish you never knew me”his voice boomed from the receiver and i knew i was done for
📱please sir!
it was a silly mistake sir!”i pleaded and he hung up on me
m so dead
i rake my hair with my fingers, making it ruffle
i could swear I had gone mad at that moment
what the hell was wrong with me?
why couldn’t i just carry out this assignment like have always been doing?to the rest?
now have lost everything
every f**king thing
damn! it!
i flung the floor across the hallway in anger
i need to get out of here as soon as possible and runaway
faraway from Texas but am sure gonna come back fully prepared and take down the boss for forsaking me cause of a silly mistake
i heard footsteps behind me and quickly hid behind a pillar
i caught sight of two cops moving slowly and quietly towards the office i had escaped from
damn it!
i slowly turned and cleverly jumped over a small passage, moving into another hallway
the screams and cries from outside the hallway made me remorseful knowing am the reason behind those cries and tears
if only i could turn back the hands of time
but i just can’t
if only i could get out of here in one piece,am sure gonna pay the boss back in his own coins
i will make sure he has a taste of his own medicine
i will let him see hell from me
“freeze!!”i heard as voice behind me and i stopped on my tracks immediately
my eyes scaled down the window and i caught sight of some of our boys ,being led by the cops into their waiting van
fear clouded my heart as the realisation suddenly hit me
this is the end of the road
“i aren’t a criminal sir!”i replied with my hands up on the air as i turned to face the cops
luckily i had the gun tucked into my pocket as a result they couldn’t tell if i was armed or not
” there’s only one way to find out!
turn around”one of the cops ordered with his gun pointed at me while the other cops moved to search me
i turned around in one swift and hit the cops head against the wall,i shot at the other cop before he could pull the trigger and i ran towards the window
the sound of the gunshot seems to have attracted the other cops cause they rushed towards the scene immediately
without thinking, in lift myself and jump off the window panel,crashing onto the floor and into the waiting hands of the cops
i felt so much pains,i couldn’t lift any part of my body
not minding my pitiful state,the cops handcuffed me and eventually winks me away admists my.tears
fear gripped me immediately the bottle fell off Davis hands,he stood up immediately, looking around probably in search of the victim whom the bullet had fall on
just then, his younger brother who had been sitting beside his mother the whole time,fell face down gasping for breath
Mr Huggins was shocked and stupefied
he placed a call to the cops immediately while the guards covered Davis and i immediately
i was damn scared and shivering already
“Davis! Davis!”Mrs Huggins screamed hysterically like she would go mad that very moment
“is my son okay?
where is he?
where is he and his wife?
tell me!!”she yelled pulling at one of the guards jacket
she pulled off her heels immediately and began drumming it on the unfortunates guards head even before he could reply
“he’s over there ma’am!
we’ve got him covered”the guard managed to reply and she rushed up to Davis and i
“you should start going home son,this party isn’t save anymore “she yelled already crying
“get a grip on yourself mum!
your causing a scene”Davis replied taking a.glance at me
“it’s better i cause a scene than watch you die here please”she pleaded and i shot Davis a look
aren’t you coming with us?”he asked
i will come home later
just go!!”she yelled and she ran back to stand beside Mr Huggins ,an ambulance drove in immediately and gun shots from no where suddenly fell on the tyres, damaging it instantly
fear gripped me immediately and i cried out to Davis
“lets get out of here please”i cried and he got up immediately
“let’s go!”he said stretching out his hand to me but i couldn’t e even hold him
“come on Robyn!”he cooed and i couldn’t even tell how i was feeling at the moment
“i can’t stand!”i cried and he carried me bridal style towards the car
we got to the car and he made me stand on my feet, i was feeling drizzling already
“hey wify! are you okay?”he asked while the driver tried driving the car out of the parking lot,so we could hop in
“my…… head… ……dying”i cried trying to hold on to him cause the whole scenero looks surprising to me
my head was spinning and my sight was getting blur
“hang on baby,we will see a doctor on our way going”i heard Davis voice faintly and soon i was bleeding nostrils
I couldn’t breath and i began losing consciousness of my environment
all i heard was
“Robyn! Robyn!
get the cars!!
call the ambulance!!!”and I slowly passed out
i paced about the waiting room restless than ever
my personal doctor and his team were doing all they could in the theatre,just to save her
what the wrong with Robyn?
what could be wrong with her?
she was bleeding from her nostrils!
she was f**king bleeding before she passed out!!
nothing must happen to her!
least heads will roll.cause of her
mum calls and that of other people i couldn’t tell,kept on disrupting me and i switched off my phone
am going mad right now and all i need is Robyn
i caught sight of my doctor walking towards me, looking extremely exhausted
they f**king spent 5hours in there!
“doctor please tell me what i need to know “i almost yelled impatiently
“it’s a little bit complicated but please see me in my office”he said and i frowned
“tell me all I need to know right here and right now!!”i yelled and the doctor apologised immediately
sir Davis,from the test we did before carrying out the surgery on her shows that she was poisoned!
and it ate deep into get system
she’s kinda fine now but she’s still unconscious”the doctor replied and my head exploded immediately
how? when?how did that f**king happened?”my voice came out in a whisper and I couldn’t even move my feet
“i really can’t tell sir Davis and am sorry,she lost the pregnancy as a result of the poison”he said and my eyes shone
what’s he talking about?
“she wasn’t pregnant in the first place”i replied watching him closely
am sorry sir Davis,
but the test result showed she was two months pregnant and am sorry she lost the baby”he said and i froze
my baby?
my own baby?
who ever is behind this should get ready to die!
please let’s gather our nail n hammer
so we can help Davis prepare Jemima’s coffin oo😂
carpenters are needed now oo
pls DM 😂😂
not me oo❌
go and DM Davis😂😂
lyk,comment and share
have a nice day cuties
luv y’all😘😘


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