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Living with Mr grumpy episode 29 & 30

👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚
💧Episode 29💧
The makeup stylist Mrs Huggins had hired for me, kept on applying tones and lots of makeups on my face
ranging from expensive makeup to latest and higher quality makeup
i was pretty sure i won’t be any different from a doll, by the time she must have been done
it’s been over an hour since she did spa stuff on my face and have been sitting my ass down for like ages
the other ladies,who happened to be her colleagues worked on my nails and hair
i breath out in relief as she took her hands off my face
taking a view of the work she had done on my face
she smiled and clapped her hands in excitement and self praising of her work
“your pretty face made my work super easy” she said giving me a winks and all i did was blush and muttered an inaudible ‘thank you’
she got a hold of my wedding dress and i stepped into it while she helped me with the zipper
so am really getting married?
Cassy and Nicole called that they won’t missed the party for anything in the world, and am pretty sure they are on their way already
“woah!” one of the lady who had worked on my hair, making it long and curly, exclaimed pulling my cheeks tenderly
“what a sexy bride you will make” she remarked
“every sane guy will definitely fall on each other on seeing you” another of them chipped
“thank goodness my crush won’t be there!
he will definitely fall” another chipped in and i smiled
“just so you know, your crush is getting married soon” the first lady chipped in and the second lady frowned
“i don’t believe such flying rumours!
for all i know, Davis Huggins is mine and i won’t share him with any bitchy bitch!” the lady said looking angry and my heart skipped
oh! my God!
she’s talking about him right?
i mean, my groom bears same name right?
i need to get out of here before this ladies will get to know am Davis bride!
they won’t mind murdering me!
their desperation is quite obvious
where the hell is mum!
the makeup stylist got a hold of my veil, fixing it on my shining neat hair,while the others fixed my shoes on my legs
the door of my room flung open and the sound of heels kissing the floor, told me that mum is definitely the brain behind it
“good morning ma!
good morning ma!”the ladies chanted and mum smiled out a response
“are you guys done?” she asked and the stylist who seems to be the leader, nodded affirmatively
“alright then” mum said turning to me
“i guess the mirror had told you how you look!
but to me, you look superlatively beautiful” mum said and i hugged her, trying to hide my blushing face
“hurry up sweetie!
your ride is waiting to take you to the church
you must not keep your groom waiting!
and guess what cuties?
your friends are in your ride already” mum said and i felt relieved knowing my friends are here
she pulled the veil over my face and lead me out
“your dad and i will trail along” she said shutting the car door
Cassy and Nicole screamed, hugging me immediately and a tear rolled down my cheek
oh! God!
am getting married!
luckily for me, the veil couldn’t let them notice the tear on my cheeks
they kept chanting noisily as the driver speed up the car, heading towards the church auditorium
where the wedding had been schedule to take place
“being friends with you had obviously earned me a name!
a cute one at that” Cassy said and i rolled my eyes
“and what name is it?” i asked eagerly
“the friend to a celebrity wife to be” she said and i tittered alongside Nicole
suddenly the car tyres let out a screeching sound and i looked up to see a black van with tinted glass in front of our car
my driver stopped the car immediately and i shivered, fidgeting in fear and the door to the black van burst open, with Charles looking wide and livid with anger
“what’s the meaning of this Charles?
what the hell is this?” i asked in anger and Nicole and Cassy,who sat beside me on both side, prevented me from alighting the car to go give that bastard an eye for an eye
“you wanna know what this rubbish is all about huh?
then go ask your dad!
he f**king caused this!
and listen to me pretty, i aren’t letting you go without a fight!
mark my words!!” he yelled and i felt infuriated
this swine!
how dare he intrude my father in this!
how dare he
” you rogue rascal bastardised scallywag!
the next time you dare intrude my father into your silly mess, i will make sure i poke my hands into your eyes” i yelled angrily, trying to pull the veil off my face
“i won’t mince word with you cause have gat just 5minutes but get this straight, am coming back for what’s mine” he yelled rushing back into his car and zoomed off while my driver did same
“did you see that?
did you just see that?” i rasp almost at the verge of crying
“I never knew Charles could be such a dog” Nicole spat angrily
we all kept mute, Charles had spoilt our mood already and i tried my best to cheer up as the driver drove the car into the church premises
“let’s make welcome the groom!!!
walk down the aisle over to the alter please”the officiating priest said for the 6th time and i could hear my heart beat as i took my eyes towards the church exit
not even his shadow could been seen
mum was consoling me already while dad and Mr Huggins seems to be having their own dialogue
Mrs Huggins kept watch at the door every now and then, like a watch woman while the rest of the Huggins family all sat down, screwing their phones like nothing was going wrong
Nicole and Cassy looked worried as hell
oh! heavens!
thank God it was a private wedding with only the family members in attendance, i would have slumped onto the floor already
“where’s the groom please” the priest asked looking tired and impatient
“he’s on his way here sir!
have sent his best man to go get him” Mrs Huggins said and i let out a frustrating breath
just then, a young man ran into the church premises looking tired
he held his suit jacket and bow tie on his hands
“oh! Simeon!” Mr Huggins called in relieved
“where’s my son Simeon?
where’s Davis?” he asked immediately he rushed in
“speak up Simeon!
where’s my son!” Mrs Huggins asked worriedly
“I don’t seems to understand him ma!
i met him still sleeping in his room” the young man said and i felt a bomb exploded loudly inside my head
on my wedding day!!!!!
💧Episode 30💧
“what the hell!!
go get him as fast as possible”Mr Huggins yelled and the so called Simeon scampered away quickly
A padol Jeep drove out of the church premises immediately, and i need no one to tell me he’s the guy on the wheels
“am sorry dear, he’s gonna be here in a jiffy” Mrs Huggins said reassuringly and i let out a faux smile
luckily for me, my veil hid the tears on my cheeks
i couldn’t take it anymore!
am being forced out into marriage to some grumpy sexy guy, who doesn’t really likes me or care about me cause if he do he won’t be f**king sleeping on our wedding day
i can’t imagine myself being under the same roof with a rogue and a big mouthed bitch whom i had earned an enemy in
i just don’t know if this wedding can go on
I don’t even know if he won’t divorce after a year or two
hold on,am i gonna get pregnant for him?
like,carry his baby someday?
oh my God!
i didn’t even thought of that
wait a minute, does that means we are gonna make out?
oh! holy heavens!
not once, not twice!
damn it!
we are f**king married
oh! God!
The ringing of the church bell drew me back from my wonder land
screams and chants of
🎎He’s here!
🎎Omg! he looks cute!
🎎This brother of mine is a hottie!
so many remarks and compliments drummed inside my ears as he stood by the church door, surveying the church premises with his eyes
the few paparazzi who had gotten wind of the event and had snuggled themselves in,got ready to take shots of him
he looks super dashing in the white suit he had on, words couldn’t described how he looked,his shoes were as shiny as the sun, his face shone brightly, though he wore a small frown
he ignored the Aisle and walked instead towards the audience who were mainly his families and friends
“pumpkin,you didn’t check up on me as usual!
what happened?” he spoke a little bit harshly to the girl i had met at the mall and she fidgeted a little
“am sorry brother!
but it skipped me, it won’t happen again!”she apologised staring down at get fingers
she’s scared him?
hmm…seems nice!
“it never skipped you for the lady years we’ve been living together
then why now?
you made me f**king late for my wedding!” he rasp and she jumped back in fear
just then,one of the advance ladies stood up alongside that jerk of a guy Jeremy!
“don’t you dare scare my younger sister that way!
she isn’t your timekeeper in the first place”he rasp and the younger girl pumpkin….yeah pumpkin!
stared daggers at her brother
so she’s Davis stepsister, how come they appear so close, despite the longer heads between their parents?
“pumpkin come over here now!!!”the lady thundered
seems she’s her mother and the pumpkin of a lady looks stubborn cause she ignored her mother
“please walk down the aisle sir Davis, your bride is waiting”the officiating priest said and that was when he took his eyes to me
i froze immediately i caught sight of the beauty on a huge white flowing gown
my mouth dropped open in shock
hold on,is she the girl i saw last night?
the same lady i went on that silly date with?
holy heavens!!
she look crazily beautiful!
i couldn’t tell what was wrong with me but i know i want her!!
my body wants her
my heart wants her
she’s a light shinning across my dark heart
I suddenly felt like loving again
i felt like caring for someone again!
all i feel around me waslove and i could tell it!
not like I haven’t seen her before but i guess i was covering that love with anger and right now i feel like falling helplessly in love with my beautiful bride
i want to feel her warmth
i want to be cared for and loved again
seems this marriage stuff is a blessing after all
she suddenly looked different from every other ladies and i could swear she must have fell from planet Jupiter down to earth
“come on sir Davis, we waiting” the voice of the priest rushed into my ears
“am so sorry sir” I muttered walking down the Aisle towards my beautiful bride, she kept on staring at her fingers
I got closer to her and locked our hands together,
funny enough, mum let out a clapping ovation and her parents followed
what they were clapping for, I honestly don’t know!
I locked eyes with Simeon, my buddy and he gave me a thumb up
I stole a glance at my bride, I winks at her and she looked happy, shocked, scared and surprised
the priest led us into a short prayer before we began the normal exchange of vows
“do you Robyn Peterson, take Davis Huggins as your lawfully wedded husband?
to love and to cherish, in sickness and In health, till death do you apart?”the priest asked my bride and she hesitated for a while before replying “yes I do”
the priest turned towards me and asked similar question “yes I do” came out my reply
the priest got hold of our wedding rings and we wore it into each others fingers
“in the name of our lord Jesus!, I declare you both husband and wife”the priest said and a clapping ovation followed
“you may now kiss your bride”he added and screams and flash lights from paparazzi flashed into our eyes
I got hold of her veil, pulling it off totally
she kept staring down at her fingers
lines of tears could be seen on her cheeks
I don’t care if she shed them cause of me, but I would make sure it’s the last time she ever cried
I slammed my lips into hers


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