👰Living With
Mr Grumpy🌸

Written by me: Authoress Succy💕📚


💧Episode 15💧



I fixed a lollipop into my mouth immediately the literature teacher left the classroom

“it’s 2hours more to the close of school”Nicole said sighing heavily with a bubble gum stuck inside her mouth

she loves bubble gum, you can as well say she’s addicted to it

“can you please quit this Job of a time keeper and let me focus?”Cassy snapped at Nicole and i smiled to my self cause i know quite well the both of them are gonna start a show or something more than that,

am bored though, cause Cassy as been going through the lame ass poem our literature teacher left us with while Nicole kept her head buried into her phone,so am the idle one here

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there’s nothing wrong in feeding my eyes with this is it?

Nicole drew her nose up in a sneer

“the last time i checked, i wasn’t talking to you in the first place, neither did i for once told you i am the school f**king time keeper”Nicole rasp pushing a strand of her hair backwards in a stylish manner with a grin playing at the sides of her cheeks

Nicole! does that means you were talking to yourself?”Cassy asked smiling sheepishly, shoving her books into her locker

something like that, pervert!”Nicole retorted rolling her eyes at no one in particular

“woah! i never knew i had a lunatic for a friend all this while!
i might as well mistake you for one”Cassy fired and the looks on Nicole’s face made me slam my butt hard on my seat in laughter and earned some stares from nearby poke nosers as i burst out into an ear piercing laughter

“what the hell!” Nicole rasp feigning annoyance

“it wasn’t my fault you know!
cause one common traits about about lunatics is that, they enjoy speaking to themselves you know!””Cassy teased with a mocking smile and Nicole made to shot back at her, when those gormless pests saunter towards my friends and i

“who else could be acting as nuisance distracting the entire class with their ugly laughter if not Robyn and her bunch of tauts” Ariana said while her friends chuckled and i restrained myself from slamming my palm hard across her tiny lips

“i really don’t see how this affects you Adrian!
not like it’s your business”I retorted angrily

“who cares if it’s my business or not!
for all i know, worthless things like you can’t be any of my business”she rasp almost poking a finger into my eyes and i gulped hard to prevent me from doing something stupid

“why are you here?
your being here is a distraction!
get that!”Nicole yelled at her and Annie’s eyes shone

“did she just yell at you….i mean us?Annie asked looking angry

“she’s the least of my problem babe, i will clip her wings
trust me!”Ariana said and Nicole scoffed

“well i came to have fun you know!
make jest of you but have gat other important things to do”Ariana said stretching her hands and Annie handed her a card, placing it on her out stretched palms

“this is an invitation to my parents marriage Anniversary and your fortunate i feel like inviting you b*tch!
but don’t feel so lucky dear cause have gat other plans for you”she said and i took the card from her admist Nicole and Cassy’s disappointed expression

“you should know better than to bater words with me” i said offishly and tore the card into shreds,throwing the shreds from it towards their direction

“what the…..”Adraine yelled but suddenly turned speechless
Ariana flounce out of the room in anger and her friends followed suit.



i alighted slowly from my ride and my driver helped out with my back pack

i feel so disenchanted and debilitated coupled with the banging headache i was having

all i could think of that moment was a cold shower and a warm nap

my feet took slow steps towards the entrance door and my eyes caught sight of a familiar car in the parking lot,
then it fell on another

mum and dad are home!
how the f**k did this happened?
they are busier than bees and are hardly at home,
they could even be away for a week but they seems to be home!

this is the best surprise of the year

l rushed in, irrespective of how tired i was, i caught sight of dad climbing down the stairs and mum was on the couch going through a fashion commercial she had done

“mum! dad!” i called in excitement
“hello princess, how was school today” mum and dad chorused simultaneously and spared each other a glance then i heard mum scoffed

don’t tell me they are at longer heads again!

my eyes caught sight of a wrapped gift on the table with an envelope glued to it

did dad got me a gift or perhaps mum did!

i took a glance at the envelope again and flinched
hold on, this was the exact type of envelop Ariana had given to me!
don’t tell me my patents were invited!

i ran my eyes through it
damn…….oh shit!


“An emergency meeting with the stakeholders of D.H movie industry” my secretary kept on reading and i nudge him to continue

“A dinner with Mr Randy and Co. limited”he kept on reading my schedules for the week

“take that out!
am too busy to attend a f**king dinner, get danny to see to it” i ordered and he nodded and kept on reading my weekly schedules

“A movie contract with Mr Bitz and D.H movie industry, an appointment with Mr festus and his movie team and lastly an invitation to Mr winters marriage Anniversary” he concluded and i frowned

“Rule out the anniversary!
i have no time to party
fix the company’s budget and the workers payroll as soon as possible” i said to him and he nodded the a slight bow adjusting the files he had on his hands

“i will send for you when i need you” i ordered and he bowed before leaving

i twirled my chair around,looking out through the window when one of my phone rang
i picked it up and connected it to the office projector on seeing mum was actually the caller

“hello on!” she smiled at me from the projector screen

“yeah mum”i replied plainly

“there’s an emergency son!”she added and i frowned

“what sort of emergency mum?”i asked anxiously

“well, considering your busy schedules i decided to address what I wanna tell you as an emergency” mum chuckled while i rolled my eyes

“go on!” i stated icly
“Mr and Mrs winter are having their marriage anniversary during the weekend and your dad and i were invited and guess what Davis!
your coming with us” mum said and i scoffed

isn’t that the same invitation i just terminated!

“whatever mum!
am busy!”i said and she frowned

“don’t even think of turning me down Davis, you remembered what your father told you about the company right!”mum said i kept mute

“they’ve gat a pretty daughter, she’s gonna make a good choice don’t you think?”mum asked and i shrugged my shoulders

“whatever!” i rasp and she giggled and hung up
then the projector went blank
i twirl the chair around in anger, i f**king hate parties!!


💧Episode 16💧

i rolled my eyes repeatedly at my reflection in the standing mirror

i looked stunning yeah!
I need no one to tell me that but the solemn fact that am being forced to this goddamn party is what’s making me go crazy with anger

being forced is something i never really like, it’s not just my thing.

i heard the sound of my room door open and close, and i heard a gasp followed by the sound of heels hitting the tiled floor, i needed no one to tell me it’s mum.
i picked up my earrings and try fixing them into my ears, totally ignoring mums presence

“you look stunning princess, but that doesn’t mean you should spend the whole day, dressing up” mum said and i batted my lashes at her

are you kidding me or something?
caused the last time i checked, you and dad are forcing me to this goddamn party against my wish even after telling you the host daughter and i are rivals in school” i said with so much venom of anger and pain evident in my voice

“been forced to the party doesn’t mean you should keep your dad and i waiting” mum rasp with are hand on her waist

“it’s really not your fault nor dad’s!
it’s clearly my fault cause i couldn’t stand up to defend myself” i said feeling hurt

i fixed my earrings and brush my hair down, letting my long hair fall down to my waist line

“it’s really not what you think princess!
your dad and i really meant well for you” mum said and i slip my foot into the silleto heels mum bought for me

i took one last at the mirror, pick up my purse and slowly cat walked out of the room, leaving mum to trail behind me

“wait up Robyn, who’s gonna lock up your room door?”she asked immediately i walked out of my room climbing down the stairs

she’s obviously saying all that to slow me down,but that age long trick isn’t gonna work today

i ignored her and climbed down the stairs,
i heard the sound of keys clicking and i need no soothsayer to tell me she’s locking up my door

i got into the sitting room to see dad on a sofa, looking all dressed up with his eyes going through his phone

the sound of my heels made him pop up his head and a satisfactory smile crept up his face on seeing me

“oh princess!
you look so pretty and elegant in this outfit ” dad complimented stretching stretching his hands out for a hug and i stopped few metres away from him, feigning an angry face

“seriously dad!
does that means i aren’t pretty without this outfit?”i asked and dad placed his hand over his mouth immediately

“oh! no princess……i was just short of what to say!
i aren’t good with compliments baby…..your mum can tell about that,
not to worry princess, you look good” dad said and i forced out a smile walking into his arms while he wrap his hands around me in an embrace

we all got outside and took the waiting ride, i got into the front seat while mum and dad sat at the back
the driver ignited the car engine and soon the car was moving out from our pretty large gate.

my eyes ran into mum through the side mirror and i took my eyes from hers, rolling it in anger

am really not suppose to be mad at mum but i just can’t help it!

“are you okay?” i heard dad speaking to mum and i connected my ear pod into my ears
i really don’t wanna eaves drop on them

i felt bored and same time angry
this party is damn boring!
not like it’s boring though

the shiny florescent bright lights and colourful dressed guest with wide smiles on their faces,made the party lively

different guests kept on moving to and fro,some dancing while some kept on chatting away with their friends
while i sat alone on a round table filled with all sort of drinks and dishes
funny enough, i just don’t feel like taking any!

it was night time already and we are suppose to be on our way back home,but mum and dad had gone chatting with some few friends and business associates, leaving me to myself

i yawned heavily
gosh! i feel so tired and my feet hungry for a walk
have been sitting for like an hour now and the feeling isn’t funny

i got a hold of my purse and walked past a few tables, soon i found myself at the entrance of the hosts mansion, it’s beautiful though, just like ours!
but theirs is a little bit bigger

i made a U turn and began moving back to the route i had took, from my table
i bumped into someone,

oh! no……..
Ariana and her group of friends

“oh my gee!
see who we have here!”Adrain said more like a mockery

it’s the little pest” Annie said and they burst into mocking laughter’s

“i really aren’t in the mood for you all, so get off my way” i rant shoving them off my way admist their laughter and few stares from on lookers

“and she isn’t here with her bandits”Annie cut in
“oh please!
paupers don’t stand a chance to get invited to anything that involves my dad you know”Ariana teased and they walked on while i did same

i kept on moving
few metres from my table, i caught sight of someone moving towards my direction alongside so many guards

he looked somewhat important cause the guests kept on jeering and smiling,murmuring while some kept screaming

i lost balance and almost fell,my purse fell far from my reach and i made to get it, but damn!
the cute guy was few steps away from it
i got a clearer view of him

hold on–isn’t he the cute guy that splashed muddy water on me the other day?
what the hell is he doing here?

he moved closer to my purse and took his eyes to it before placing them on me
i looked on with a smile
suddenly he took a step forward and step on my purse
my new designers purse!

hold on–did he just step on my purse?
what the heck!
has he suddenly gone blind?



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