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Living with Mr grumpy episode 1 & 2

👰Living with
Mr Grumpy🌸
Written by me: Authoress Succy✏
💧Episode 1
i could hear the sound of my god damn alarm ringing into my ears
i placed the pillow over my ears but the stupid alarm won’t stop invading into my sleep
i got off the bed, and put it off before sauntering into the bathroom with shaking legs
i splashed some water on my face and brush my tooth before slipping myself into my work out clothes
a mini short and a tube crop top
i slip an ankle chain on my left leg
place a ruby ring on my small finger
i wore my head warmer before changing the earrings i had on my ears to a ruby earring
i slipped my feet into a black sneakers before going out of my room
i took the steps hurriedly down to the sitting room and i bumped into mum
“good morning mum!” i greeted signaling for my person all maid to come over, which she did beaming with smiles
“morning angel” mum said giving me a slight peck on my cheeks
she looked dressed up
don’t tell me she’s still on this?
“how was your night princess?” she asked and i rolled my eyes
“it was cool mum!
where’s dad?” i asked and she smiled
your dad left for the airport an hour ago
he has an appointment with Mr president” she said and i scoffed
“alright then!
i guessed your leaving too” i said and mum smiled
“yeah dear
i have a fashion magazine to shoot a shot for!
and i wanna go check up on my manager
she’s been behaving funny lately” she replied running her hands allover my head warmer
“i thought you and dad made a promise not to leave me all alone in the house?” i asked placing my hands on my hips while my maid placed my flask on its pack and stood few metres from me
but i could tell she was hearing the conversation between mum and i
who cares though!
“your not gonna be home alone Robyn!
you’ve gat maids and guards at your beck and call
i promise am gonna be back before you know it” she said and i shot her a glare
you hardly keep to your promise!
dad is a little bit better!
am off the gym” i said and mum raised a brow at me
“is there any need for that?
you don’t look bad” mum said slipping a bubble gum into my mouth
“have been eating outside my menu recently
i don’t wanna get plump
so am off to the gym
wanna work on my hips” i said and mum grinned
“alright baby!
have a nice day” mum said picking up her hand bag
“yeah whatever!”
i replied moving to the gym section in the mansion
Am Robyn Peterson
the only child of my parents
am what you call perfect!
cause yeah!
am perfect
have gat it all
every f**king thing are at my beck and call
my dad is a business tycoon
he owns chains of companies and investments while mum is a model
you can say I took over my beauty and body shape from her
i arent rude, sassy or bossy but am wild
if not wilder!
my parents are hardly at home
they are damn busy and they’ve gat little time for me
well am my own boss, with no one to probably remind me of the do’s and don’t
my personal maid sat on a chair in the gym while i jog round the large room
few minutes saw me panting heavily
“get me the flask Evelyn” i signalled to my maid who rushed up to me with my flask
i gulped down the water before handing it back to her
she handed me a face towel and i dab my face with it
“check the time!” i signalled to her,moving to another section in the gym
“it’s 6:39 ma’am” the replied
the time seems slow
am getting tired already
i ran up and down the stairs in the gym before squatting up and down
i bend my hips, legs and hand and in a flash i felt my head spinning
am damn tired!
“seems we are gonna leave early today
pack up!” i signalled to my maid
“it’s not yet an hour ma’am” she voiced out and i rolled my eyes
“stop intruding into my say and do as i say
am your boss!” i rasped
not minding the fact that she’s a bit older than me
we got into the sitting room and i toss the sneakers i had on, aside before climbing the stairs to my room
i don’t wanna run late for school today
am the school queen and shouldn’t be late
i got into my room and pulled my buzzing phone from my short pocket
i punched in the answer button and Nicole’s voice boomed into my ears
“what’s up beauty!📱
her loud voice sounded from the receiver
“is that a good morning?📱
i asked rolling my eyes playfully like she could see me
“screw that babe!
you missed out the fun📱
she giggled from the other end and i wrapped a towel on my body,moving into the jacuzzi
“it wasn’t fun without me
was it?📱
i asked and could hear her scoffed
“it was super fun!
cassy and i covered the dance floor
you need to see how the other girls were gwaking at us📱
she said and i sigh
“where’s Cassy?
is she in school already?📱
i asked placing a hand on the wall
she arrived a moment ago but she’s with mike📱
she said and i smiled
“alright then, today would be fun i bet📱
i spoke into the phone and she chuckled
“that’s for sure📱
she giggled
“alright then,
am on my way!📱
i said and hung up wrapping a towel on my hair
mum won’t let me go clubbing last night and i missed the fun
but today’s gonna be the club and i,
i would hit it harder than i can
💧Episode 2💧
I ran down the stairs,trying to buckle the wrist button of my shirt
I caught sight of dad and mum in the dinette alongside his numerous wives and bastards he calls children
“good morning mum!
good morning dad!” I greeted taking a seat close to mum who ruffled my hair
“morning handsome!
how was your night?”mum asked smiling
while dad fixed me a stare before taking his eyes down on his meal
“my night went well” I replied picking up a cutlery, idug into my breakfast
while mum won’t stop smiling and exchanging hot words with the other wives with her eyes
you can call her ‘trouble’ but she’s the best mum ever
my personal guard stood behind my seat,with my phones and briefcase neatly arranged beside him, where he stood few meters away from the dinette
“Davis” dad called after a few minutes of silence
I shot him a gaze before fixing my eyes back to my breakfast
“have gat an offer for you son!”dad said and I rolled my eyes
“I don’t think that’s gonna be necessary dad!
have gat a movie crew I wanna shoot a movie for!
right now am as occupied as hell” I said spooning some margarine into a slice of bread
“c-mon Davis!
it won’t hurt if you add this to it, the pay is damn huge son
trust me” dad said and I scoff
“you don’t seems to get it dad!
am occupied already for three straight months!
the stress itself is pulling me down, that I had to visit my doctor every weekend” I said and dad frowned
“are you indirectly rejecting the offer?
it’s an opportunity you won’t wanna miss son!”dad coaxed and I frowned
why can’t they just get it!
Being a successful actor didn’t just started up in a day
I worked so hard for it!
for eight whole f**king years and I hate being disappointed
have gat so many industries who’s paying me to shoot a movie with its crew but I just can’t cause am occupied already!
now dad is trying to add to my worries
if I don’t take things slow,they are gonna make me drop dead someday
being a celebrity is sometimes frustrating, annoying and ridiculous
I can’t stand outside on a field or even a fun pack, without being surrounded by crazy obsessed fans,
acting live on stage is even the worst,they would almost fall down the hall with their Jericho like,voices!
“am sorry dad!
but I don’t think I need this dad!”I said to dad taking a glimpse at my wrist watch
“are you kidding Davis!
it’s 13million dollars we are talking about here Davis!” dad said and I knuck my fist together
“and so what dad!
and so f**king what?” I restrained myself from yelling at him
he’s getting on my nerves!
13million dollars is no money!
so I won’t kill myself cause of it
right now,all I need is a blow job from a round butty ass lady and a massage cause right now my head doesn’t look like it’s properly functioning
“c-mon Davis!
why don’t you just try it out since your father…..”mum was saying when I interpolated angrily
I was feeling debilitated already and my appetite seems no where to be found
“cut it out mum!
I clearly said I f**king don’t want it
why don’t you guys just leave me alone!
not like am the only son here!” I yelled in anger,slamming my knuck fist on the dinette
“fine Davis!
it’s okay!
I think I will need to find another replacement for it” dad said and mum nodded
“am so sorry Davis” mum said and I kept mute, sipping from my wine glass
“well, since the royal son is too occupied, don’t you think my own son can fill in that vacuum?” dad’s second wife, who bore a son and a daughter, who happened to be my favorite amongst dad’s children
“what makes you think your son is legible enough to replace my precious son?” mum asked giving the second wife an eye roll while dad’s second wife frowned
here we go again!
mum and her hurting words!
seems someone is sure gonna cry out her eyes cause mum is bad with words
serves her right!
next time she isn’t gonna meddle into my business
“did you just say that to my son and I?”she asked looking furious and daring, but mum looked undaunted
“it’s obvious I just did!
I believe no one is deaf here” mum said sarcastically and dad’s second son Jeremy,shot me an an hard stare
hold on, am not my mum
am I?
he should be giving mum that look and not me
and maybe he should tell his mum to keep her nininess to herself
“you swine!
my husband picked you from the trash and better your life
you met me here in this house and I deserve some respect as your eldest mate…..” she was still saying when dad’s first wife stood up in anger
hitting her palm on the table,making me shrink
okay-i think this is the height of it!
I got up, wiped my mouth with a serviette and walked towards my person guard
“the last time I checked, you were the one who got picked from the trash” mum fired back defiantly
“and who the hell made you the eldest wife!
are you trying to shove me out of the way or something!” dad first wife barked and dad flare up
“enough of all this!
my house isn’t a battle field!” he yelled but his screams seems to aggravate the situation
I threw my car keys to my personal guard
“let’s go Steve!
am making use of the red Porsche” I said to him and he nodded with a slight bow as we both walked out of the dinette
so much for having a polygamous home
get ready for more savages😂😂


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