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lies of the heart episode 3


By: Ganiyah (Mide)

💘The Feelings💔

★Do Not Copy Or Repost★

Chapter ★3★

Mr. Connor and his wife Mrs. Lillian were watching a movie, laughing when Aaron entered, he took a glance at his mom and dad then he frowned. He was about to climb the stairs when his mother called him.

“What is it, mom?” Aaron asked with a frown.

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“Sweetie, what’s wrong? Why the frown face” Mrs. Lillian said, gazing at him.

“Nothing, mom… I am tired” Aaron said.

Mr. Connor took a glance at him.

“Sorry, dear?” Mr. Connor patted his shoulder.

“Okay” Mrs. Lillian said with a smile.

“Thanks, guys” Aaron said and was about to climb the stairs when Mr. Connor called him.

“Aaron, you are getting older… you are no longer a kid, you are getting married to a lady,” Mr. Connor said, gazing at him.

“What? Married” Aaron exclaimed then Mr. Connor nodded his head.

“Sweetie, he is still a kid… I told you I don’t want him to get married now, he is not done with his studies” Mrs. Lillian said.

“Dad, who is the lady?” Aaron said, facing his father.

Mr. Connor brought out his phone then he showed Ruby’s picture to Aaron.

“Wait… you mean Ruby Smart is the lady” Aaron said then Mr. Connor nodded his head.

“Do you know her?” Mr. Connor asked, gazing at him

“Oh! Dad, I am ready to get married to her” Aaron said and faked a smile.

He hugged his dad then he went upstairs.

When he got upstairs, he lay on the bed.

“Ruby, you will pay for [email protected] me in front of the students” Aaron thought and smiled.

Aaron was in his thoughts when his phone rang then he picked up.

📞”Hi, Rico” Aaron said with a smile.

📞”Guy, you didn’t even wait for us Rico said.

📞”I’m sorry, guys… is Dylan with you” Aaron said.

📞”Yes, I will give the phone to him” Rico said.

📞”Aaron, why did you leave without telling us” Dylan said.

📞”I’m sorry… Dylan, I will be getting married to Ruby very soon” Aaron said with a smile.

📞”What? Aaron, I know you don’t like her, you only want her to pay for what she did” Dylan said then Aaron rolled his eyes.

📞”I want her to pay for it… I wanna hang up now, call you later” Aaron said and hung up.

“Aaron” Mrs. Lillian called, walking inside.

“Mom, what is it?” Aaron said, resting his head on the pillow.

“Aaron, I don’t want you to get married now” Mrs Lillian said.

” Please, let me get married to her” Aaron said with a smirk.

“Okay, if that is what you want” Mrs. Lillian said then Aaron hugged her.

“Thanks, mom” Aaron said.

“Oh! Darling, you are here” Mr Connor said, walking inside.

“Yes, do you want to discuss something with me?” Mrs. Lillian asked

“No… Aaron, I have spoken to Ruby’s mother and she has accepted” Mr Connor said.

“Really” Aaron said with a smile.

Mr Connor nodded his head.

“Thank you so much… I love you, guys” Aaron said and left the room.

“Mission accomplished… Ruby, get ready to pay with your body” Aaron thought.


Ruby was in her room, reading a novel when Hazel entered then she sat down on the bed beside Ruby.

“What is the title of the story?” Hazel asked.

“Guess” Ruby said with a smile.

“Sis, you know I’m not good at guessing” Hazel said.

Ruby rolled her eyes.

“Okay, the title of the story is…”

“Ruby” Mrs. Ava interrupted, walking.

“Mom, you are back” Hazel said and got down from the bed.

“Yes… Hazel, can you please excuse us, I want to discuss something with your sister” Mrs Ava said then Hazel frowned.

Mrs Ava glared at her.

“I will come back later, sis” Hazel said and left.

“Sweetie” Mrs Ava called, sitting down on the bed…

“Yes, mom” Ruby answered, gazing at her.

Mrs. Ava stared at her for a while before speaking.

“Ruby, you are getting married” Mrs Ava blurted out.

“Married” Ruby exclaimed.

“Yes, you are getting married to Mr. Connor’s some” Mrs. Ava said.

“No way, mom… I can’t get married, I already have…”

“You what? Say it” Mrs. Ava said, angrily.

“Mom, I already have someone that I love” Ruby said, gazing at her mother.

Mrs Ava slapped her.

“Mom, you slapped me” Ruby said, holding her cheeks.

She couldn’t hold the tears so she just had to let them fall.

“You are getting married to Aaron… that is final, get rid of the feelings you have for the so-called person and begin to love Aaron” Mrs Ava said and left her room.

“It is not possible, I can’t get married to Aaron, I love Wyatt and I can’t get rid of his feelings” Ruby said in tears.

A few minutes later, Hazel entered.

“Sorry, sis… I heard everything” Hazel said and patted her back.

“Hazel, I don’t want to get married to Aaron… I love Wyatt” Ruby said in tears.

“I know but there is nothing we can do” Hazel said.

“No, I will never get married to Aaron” Ruby said and got down from the bed.

“Sis, you have to listen to mom… there is nothing we can do” Hazel said then Ruby burst out in tears again.


“Grandma, I am starving” Wyatt said, dropping his bag on the chair.

“The food is in the kitchen, go and get it” Mrs Savannah said.

“Okay” Wyatt said and stood up when he went to the kitchen.

A few minutes later, he came out of the kitchen.

“Grandma, where is Leah?” Wyatt said as he sat down.

“She is studying in the room… you know she loves to study, not like you that would be following that rich girl around” Mrs Savannah said with a smirk.

“Granny, she is my girlfriend” Wyatt said.

“Whatever… stay away from that rich girl, I don’t trust her” Mrs Savannah said.

“No, Grandma” Wyatt said.

Mrs Savannah was about to say something when Leah showed up.

“Brother, you are back” Leah said then Wyatt nodded his head.

“I know you saw your girlfriend today… how is she?” Leah said, sitting down.

“She is fine” Wyatt said, gazing at her sister.

“Wyatt, you don’t want to listen right” Mrs Savannah Scoffed.

“Grandma, why would he listen… Ruby and he loved themselves so much” Leah said.

“Keep quiet” Mrs Savannah shushed her up.

Leah frowned.

“I am going out now… see you guys later” Mrs Savannah said and left.

“Don’t mind her, brother” Leah said, gazing at her brother.

“Okay… go and read your books” Wyatt said.

“Okay” Leah said as she stood up.

She went to her room.

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