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July 30, 2021


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Lesbian high school Episode 31 & 32

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👢🍆 {Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👠🍆

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Suspense Erotica Highschool

Written by Olivia Pope A. K. A Candy Bella

Episode 31




Liana Ohmshford

“Really??” I squeaked excitedly as I dug my fork into the pasta. The X. O. X. O guys, I and Sherry surrounded the Dining Table as clanking of spoons and forks could be heard. After the whole squabbles that happened between Xav and I, I didn’t want to tell him about what Nathan wrote to me.
At least, not now

“So, you and Oliver are a thing now huh??” I beamed as I shoved the food into my mouth, gulping a glass of water. Oliver started at her intently and she smiled. “Yep”

It took me almost a thousand years, before asking Oval. “What of you?? Have you gotten a girlfriend of your own yet??”

“Nope” he replied casually, popping the ‘p’
I shrugged him off and continued to eat, when I felt something warm crawl on my laps.

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I sat down properly again, but the hands went deeper at the sidewalls of my laps. I dropped my fork and turned to stare at Xavier coz he was sitting beside me.

“Xav, stop” I whispered, even though it was having an effect on me. He ignored my whispers, caressing his hands on it, he expertly lifted up my skirt, travelling to my underthings, and could you believe Xav was finger f***g me at the Dining table?? Right now when we’re having breakfast with his friends and mine?

What a boyfriend I have!!

I pressed my lips together from moaning out as he inserted both his fingers on my hole. “Ahhhhhhh” I accidentally moaned out and everyone turned to stare at me. And could you believe Xav was scrolling through his phone like nothing happened??

“Liana, did you just moan??” Sherry asked as everyone attention drifted to me. A hand crawled through my laps again fingering me intermittently. I wiped off the ball of sweats that rolled down from my forehead.

“Ah….mmn…… I mean, I hmm… Ahhhhhhh…… Sorry I … Ahhhh…”

“Maybe Xavier got too rough on her last night”

“Yeah and I plan to break her waist today” Came his deep sexy voice. He increased his fingers to three and I couldn’t take it anymore. I was almost tearing up already.

“Xav… Please… Ahhhh…. S-stop” I whispered silently in a way he could only hear me. “Shhh, enjoy the moment… Okay babe??” He whispered back increasing to four, adding another finger again and I lost it. “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…..”

Xazix turned to look at me and his gaze went under the table. He grinned and looked back to his phone.

“So tomorrow is my birthday…. Jeez! Am so excited….And Oliver you must help me celebrate it, okay??” Sherry pouted and he nodded kissing her lips while she blushed. I clamped my lips together shutting my eyes as Xav’s fingers worked magic on me.. After several minutes, he stopped removing his fingers, he starred at me sexily and winked naughtily. I breathed out a sigh of relief and continued eating peacefully.


“Ahhhhhhh….” She moaned out as my tongue found way to her honeypot. She jerked her waist twice, delving her hand through my hair.

I told her I was gonna break her waist…
She moaned out loudly, again and it really drove me crazy. I placed her Laps around my shoulders, tongue f**g her honeypot consecutively. “Xav……. ” She whispered throwing her head to the back. I rubbed her clit blowing air into it, before positioning her on my work-table.

I pushed the books and stuffs aside , and she swallowed hard trying to catch her breath. I pulled off her pant to the other side of her laps shoving into her with full force.

Damn, she’s still tight as ever……… She’s gonna be the end of me. She wrapped her hands around my shoulders for support while I moved slowly into her, before thrusting in again, making her moan loudly. I thrusted in fastly and deeply. A call came through my phone and she wanted to stand up but I held her back turning her to the wall.

I picked up the Phone, teasing her soft fleshy @$$, while she held unto the wall, moaning out consecutively.

“Yes? Hello??”

“Mr. Martin’s, did I just hear a moan??” He asked as I pushed Liana’s waist more closer to me, foreplaying with her boobs.

“Just say what the hell you wanna say and disconnect the damn fucking call” I retorted, groaning as I moved slowly on her ass again, making her moan out.

“Yes?? Okay?? Where?”

Liana turned to me , biting my earlobe seductively, trailing her warm fingers on my broad chest, moving her clit on my d**k making me grow hard.


“I’ll call you later” I muttered throwing the Phone to wherever it landed. I carried her to the bed, wrapping both of her laps around my waist shoving fastly, and deeply into her, not giving her the space to breath. The bed make quacking sounds and the clapping of our skins could be heard. I shoved in and out fastly again penetrating deeply into her.


” Ahhhh…


” Ah-ahhhh

She moaned out tearfully obviously tired.

Oh no, I don’t want her crying coz of me. I reduced my pace thrusting slowly.

“Xav.. I’m tired.. I still have class” She murmured loudly as I groaned in dissatisfaction, pulling in and out again before thrusting out. I kissed her roughly before she deepened the kiss moving out of the Bed..

Now, that’s a Jackpot! She’s so sweet, and the heck? I can’t bear it if I lose her. I admired her curvy shape as she got dressed.


Liana Ohmshford

Thank goodness I begged him to stop. He would’ve eaten me raw totally, though I enjoyed every bit of it …. My cheeks kept heating as I got dressed in a tight ripped jeans and a chiffon top. I turned back and saw him smoking.


I shook my head, walking closer towards him, I snatched the cigarette from him, throwing it to the waste bin.

“If you smoke one more time again. We won’t have $#x for six months!” I yelped, with seriousness obvious in my voice and he gasped loudly. “What? Do you wanna kill my little baby??” He asked pointing to his d$$k area. I nodded crossing my hands above my chest.

“Fine, I’ll stop, …but please don’t dare try what you just said, I’ll just die of hunger” he added and I laughed before striding out and the first face I saw was Sherry.

“How was it??” She beamed as I took notes in my locker. I sighted a red note again and I stylishly hid it in my locker.

“How was what??” I asked in pretence.

“Come on, don’t lie to me baby doll. Your loud moans filled everywhere and it was obvious. So tell me? Is he a good or a rough rider??” She whispered and I hit her playfully.

“Shut up Sherry”

We got into class and settled down


“Sherry I wanna use the restroom. I’ll be right back” she nodded and I quickly walked away , unfolding the red note.

«Hello! Missed me?? Is like you’re joking with your life right?? I swear Liana if you don’t come to the old library I’ll eliminate you. Say how? Coz I know what you’re wearing. A ripped jeans that exposed your smooth skinny body and a chiffon. Don’t dare me!!!»


What do I do??

I think I’ll just slay my demons myself.
Xavier Martin’s

Darn it!!!!

It’s been fucking two hours now and Sherry is telling me that she hasn’t seen Liana.

Where could she have gone again???

Did she meet up with that bastard???

I ran my hands through my hair exasperatedly picking up my gun, loaded with bullets. I cocked it and walked around the secret rooms of the School.

That bastard messed with the wrong person!!


Liana Ohmshford

I walked to the old library, pushing the door open. Jeanette, one of the J. O. Y girls was there, giving Nathan BJ.

She’s here too???

“You came!” He muttered inaudibly wearing his denim pants. Jeanette’s gaze ran through my body and she licked her lower lips…. Bitch!!

“You didn’t come yesterday. Why?” He asked but I kept mute.

“I came here already. Tell me what you wanna tell me and let me go out in peace” I finally muttered as he chuckled sarcastically, pulling me to himself.

”Not so fast! ” he turned my back to the wall, placing a gun to my forehead. All those while, I just smirked at him.


Episode 32


Sherry Washington

Why does she keep disappearing every single time huh??

Just why??

An hour ago, she told me she wanted to make use of the school’s restroom.
And now she’s absolutely no where to be found!!

Where could she have gone??? Did something bad happened to her again???

“Chillax Babe she’s gonna be alright” Oliver soothed assuredly, patting my back as he pulled me to a warm inviting hug that soothed me….

I just hope she’s gonna be successfully found by Xavier, her boyfriend. I really hope so.

Xavier Martin’s

I clenched my fist furiously as I used one of my leg to push the door open, making it crack effectively. The room was barren and empty.


She’s not here!

Breathing out an exaggerated sigh, I strode towards another room again, putting my gun in place before plunging it open.

I sighed frustratedly

Still, not there.

Where the fuck is my girlfriend???


Liana Ohmshford

I smirked grinningly, as his hands found way to my top, slowly taking it off. Jeanette crawled towards us but Nathan stopped her immediately. She huffed angrily, taking few steps a bit from us.
Nathan’s hands went to my denim pants, biting my earlobe seductively.

“I’m gonna f**k you mercilessly and you’ll f*****g beg and scream loudly for me to stop” He threatened, snaking his hands deep into my lace pant. He was so engrossed in whatever he was trying to do to me and I took it as a golden opportunity, turning to face him, I snatched the gun from him pointing it directly to both him and Jeanette.

“This Bitch!!” She laughed.

“Liana, drop that damn gun down!!!” He yelled angrily as I pulled the trigger. “And if I don’t huh??? What the fuck will you do??” I yelled back audaciously as he bit his lower lips wearing back his leather jacket.

“You’re doing all these because of Xavier right??? That Asshole doesn’t even give a damn about you!” He screeched walking closer to me, and I moved towards counting my steps tactically.

“Stop talking about him coz you know nothing about our relationship!!”

He scoffed, knotting his eyebrows sarcastically “Really?? He just wanna get into your legs and toss you aside. That’s only what he cares about Liana. Only your body! He doesn’t loves you. He doesn’t want you!! He just cares about how he wanna stick his d#$k into your sweet hole and then toss you aside like a fucking pile of garbage, because that’s what all the
X. O. X. O guys do!!!” Tears threatened to fall but I sniffed it in, still pointing the gun at him.

“Again, Nathan. Shut your trash up, the X. O. X. O guys have changed now!!” I replied panting hard heavily trying to believe all what I said. The door barged open forcefully and I turned to see who it was.


I lose control of myself and I didn’t know when Jeanette snatched the gun from me drawing me closer to her as she rest the cold gun on my forehead, daring my boyfriend to move an inch.

“I swear Nathan! Get that bitch off of my fucking girlfriend!” He yelled angrily directing his gun to Nathan, who also pointed a Pistol at him. Things were getting really pretty bad and I was starting to get scared.

“Look at him, Liana he can’t even save you. You call this Asshole here your boyfriend?? After everything he did??!!”

“What’re you talking about??!” I asked angrily trying to get Jeanette’s hold from my body. She bit my earlobe, caressing my thigh and I felt like shoving out her filthy bitchy lungs out of her fucking oesophagus.

“Oh! Xavier? You didn’t tell her??? You didn’t tell her what you did to my Sister. How you raped her??!”
My heart raced as I starred at Xavier tearfully. “Lia, Don’t you listen to this bastard!!”

Nathan laughed shooting the gun to the air ragingly “Oh really??? You wanna deny it?? You fucking gang raped my sister and you wiped her memory….!!!! She fucking committed suicide man!” He yelled with tears spurting out of his eyes and that was the first time I saw Nathan Davidson vulnerable. It was as if thousands of swords were thrusted into me immediately I heard what he just said about Xavier.

“Xavier, is it true? D-did y-you rape his sister??” i stuttered in tears as he shook his head negatively.

“No, no no Lia….”

“Don’t you dare call me that name, coz you have no right or whatsoever to call my nickname like that!”

“Liana, This bastard is lying i swear it’s not what you think!” He tried to justify but i threw my gaze away from him in ultimate tears.

“So what now?? are we doing this or not??” The shameless Bitch Jeanette asked as she dipped her hands into my clit. i groaned disgustingly as Xavier punched her on the face. A loud sound of a gunshot filled the air as Nathan pointed the gun at Xavier, ready to shoot.

Oh no!!! I might be pissed off at him immensely but i don’t want him to die.

No I don’t!!


Nathan Davidson

This Bastard!!!

He freaking raped my sister!!

He destroyed her pride completely.

He made her life frustrating and depressing!!!
He caused Amanda’s death.

I’ve always fought for her since we were kids. We did everything together and I couldn’t bear it to see my kid sister hurt! Only to fly back to Washington DC and I freaking heard the terrible news of her death…!

Darn it!!

I pulled the trigger to the air making a loud sound of gunshot pointing the gun at the Asshole, ready to shoot when i heard a familiar Voice.

“Brother??” i stood frozen in my spot as my body system became dumb for two goddamn seconds. i slowly turned and i gasped in shock, tears filling my eyes.




What do you think would happen next? Watch out!

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