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July 23, 2021


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Lesbian high school Episode 29 & 30

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👢🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👠🍆

Written by Olivia Pope A. K. A Candy Bella

Episode 29



Liana Ohmshford

Oh my world!!

I don’t even know what the heck to say….he’s asking me to be his girlfriend?? Like be his sugarplum???…. Am I dreaming or what??

Xavier Martins just freaking asked me to be his girlfriend!!!…… The happiness that radiated through me was extreme. I nodded shyly and he smiled, pulling me closer to himself. We engaged in a long kiss and we both pulled away before it leads to another thing entirely again….. I smiled nonstop at him and he returned them with a charming smile.


Xavier was admitted from the hospital after two weeks. And he has really been a good romantic boyfriend, and he promised to wait till i’m ready for intimacy.

What more could I ask for again?? But anytime I think of Lorraine…, I become really heartbroken.


I yawned loudly, stretching my hands up, as the Alarm kept blaring constantly, almost barricading my eardrums…. I sighed as I turned it off… Who set it there anyways???.

I undressed immediately, wrapping a towel over my body, I stepped into the bathroom, walking slowly towards the bathtub unwrapping the towel, when I felt the door creak open.

Curiosity and fear took it’s toll on me and I jerked my chin to the direction of the door.


My cheeks heated and at the same time, I was really nervous and shy. He kept starring at my naked body, while I used both of my hands to cover my boobs, shuddering in ultimate embarrassment.

Gawd… What’s he doing here??

He smirked, taking few strides to where I was. “Damn..! What’re you doing to me Liana??” He whispered slowly into my ears, grabbing my butt fiercely, I bit my lower lips from moaning out loud coz his touches sent effects all over.
He trailed kisses down from my chest to my lips, helping me sit on the bathtub in a sitting position with my legs spread across his shoulders. He kept rolling his tongue with mine as a loud moan escaped from my mouth, when his fingers found way into my honeypot. I held unto him for support as he increased it to two fingers, making it too painful for me to bear.

He suddenly stopped starring into my eyeball with concern. “Are you ready??. Look I know I promised you I won’t touch you till you’re ready, but I wanna ask you now… Are you ready for this Liana. It’s your first time and I wanna take it slow with you” He muttered inaudibly under his breath, caressing my chin, and I nodded at once.

“Damn…. I was born ready!!” I replied pulling him for a rough hungry kiss. He moaned silently in between the passionate kiss, grabbing my waist tightly, pulling me really close to him, that I could feel his hardness resting on my V. We tongue rolled each other ceaselessly as his hands went to my butt, squeezing it slowly but temptingly. I moved more close to him and I gasped loudly when I felt something hard enter me… I saw Xavier with a smirk on his face, teasing me on my V. Walls. I held tightly unto him, sinking my fingers into his hair, while his hands went to my waist and he tried to push in, but I was tight. He rubbed my clit, blowing circles of breaths into it and it felt really hot and painful.

He kissed me soothingly, pushing in with full force this time and I screamed hurtfully holding his shoulders for support. “Damn you for making me…feel…like this Liana.. Damn you” he moaned out loudly as I threw my head to the back. He held my waist possessively, thrusting in fiercely and I felt like my V. Was on fire. He kept shoving into me consecutively without stopping.



“… Wait, stop it’s too painful, please” I pleaded with tears flowing out of my face but he didn’t listen. Instead he thrusted even more faster and deeper. I moaned out loudly encircling my legs around his waist, giving him full entrance as he pushed me to the wall, nearby the shower.

He put it on and the water cascaded on the both of us. I was feeling exhausted so I just let him take full charge. His lips found way to my abdomen again, back to my lips. He turned me over to the wall, pushing from behind. My hair scattered around my face as I touched the wall for support. “Hmm….. Xav……Don’t stop” I moaned out silently as his hands went to my waist, drawing me closer to himself. He pushed in and stayed there for a while before moving slowly, very slowly. “I want you to beg me to f* k you Lia” He whispered, massaging my clit as he kept on moving slowly again, driving me immensely crazy.

But my pride didn’t let me beg.

No I won’t beg!

“Ahh….” I moaned out again as his hands grabbed my boobs, playing with it from behind. His other hands fondled my butt as he moved his groin on it exasperatedly.

“Beg me!” He muttered again teasing me. I gulped hard. “Please…”

“Louder” he whispered trailing hot kisses on my back to my waist.

“Xavier please just do it already, you’re killing me….” I moaned out desperately. He chuckled slightly, penetrating into me slowly giving me the to rest, and it felt really good.

I can’t even bear seeing him with another person. No, he wouldn’t even think of it…….




“Hhmhmm…….’ He kept on thrusting deeply and slowly. Then he thrusted fastly, barely giving me space to breath. The water kept dropping on us as he kept pushing intensely. I suddenly turned to him but he was still inside me. He pulled out eventually still starring at me.

“I want you to lie down flat” I commanded, tucking my hair in between my ears seductively. He nodded in affirmation, lying down on the bathtub obediently.

I increased the activation of the shower crawling down to seat on his abdomen.

“Don’t do anything Xav. Just watch” he nodded again as I breathed out, moving my hips slowly on his thigh. I placed both of his hands on my waist as I kept teasing him until I inserted myself into him, moving slowly.

“Fuck!!” He cussed pleasurably, playing and sucking on my boobs while I kept inserting my clit on his rod, moaning out in ultimate pleasure. He moved his waist high thrusting into me. I gasped loudly as I pushed his abdomen down, throwing h a warning glare. He sighed frustratedly, nodding again as he returned to my boobs.

I trailed kisses to his tattooed broad chest, still shoving slowly.

“Hmmmmmm…. Liana… Go harder” he encouraged squeezing my butt as I shut my eyes, trying to catch my breath and I started moving really fast even though it really hurts.

“Fuck!!” He cussed rolling me over as he pushed into my fiercely, making me scream slightly in pleasure. He couldn’t wait for me to finish huh?

I smiled, encircling my legs around him as he kept pushing. I tried hard to catch my breath. “I..think I’m about to come”

“Let’s do it together baby” he groaned pushing one last time again, and again till we both reached our climax. He rolled beside me, breathing hard. He starred at me, piercing my eyeball with his.

“I love you Liana Ohmshford” he whispered caressing my hair, with his hands on my waist.

“I love you too” I breathed out, still feeling immense pains all over.

“For giving me your virginity. I promise to take care of you, and I promise never to leave you. I’ll be with you forever and I’ll never hurt you, okay?” I nodded slowly, still smiling. His hardness suddenly sprang out and I chuckled a bit.

“It seems like junior still wants more huh” I smiled as he drew me to himself, parting my Laps.

“Then let’s give him” he replied coming on top of me again.


After the make out night with Xavier, I decided to arrive at school the next day coz I couldn’t go yesterday. My thigh and laps kept hurting. I breathed out taking books from my locker when a red sheet fell. I gasped out in fear, reading it loudly.

«Hello Bitch!!! Miss me much? Well you bet. I want you to come over to the old library by 5 in the evening.
Come alone. And if you don’t I’ll do something you’ll really regret. I can’t wait to have a taste of those cherry of yours. Don’t keep me waiting!!!

Anonymous »

Oh no!
What do I do now??


Episode 30


Nathan Davidson

“Are you sure she’s gonna come??” Asked Jeanette as she starred at me intently, flapping her hair backwards……I chuckled cockily, pulling her for a long slurping kiss. She hesitated before deepening the kiss.

“Of course. If she doesn’t come, she sure knows the consequences” I replied still biting her lower lips with enthusiasm. She winced a bit pulling away.

“Why not just poison her with a sleeping pill and then we’ll have her to ourselves” She suggested hopping out of the Bed immediately.

“Poisons are meant for Cowards, and if Liana doesn’t succumb to my request. She’s gonna regret it” I replied through gritted teeth.
“And I have something concrete; her weakness to bring her down!!!!!” I added

“Time to have some fun”

I walked to Jeanette direction, taking off her red brazier. She gasped turning her back to me.

“Stop it Nathan. We’ve had six rounds today already and you’re still not satisfied???” She scoffed in disbelief as she pushed me away, making me almost fall but I staggered and stood still, turning her butt towards me.

“Nathan, I said stopppp!!!”

“Nathan I said stop it!!!”

I ignored her bitchy cries, and pushed her to the wall dragging her hair roughly.
She tried to free herself from my grasp but my agility can’t be compared to hers. I took off her underthings and pushed in with full force immediately without wasting time.
She screamed loudly in pain as she held unto the wall for support. “Have you forgotten what you agreed to if I would help you??” I whispered to her ears, biting it, she winced hurtfully, moving away a bit from me. I chuckled slightly, pushing her waist more closer, as i turned her for face me directly. I teased her sweet hole before thrusting deeply through her.
She kept wailing and screaming but I didn’t bulge. I changed her to different styles before ejaculating.

Liana’s so goanna get it from me…….! I’m sure the pictures have been posted on the school’s page now. I can’t wait to see the look on her face.



I sighed heavily, wiping off the tears that flowed from my eyes. I sat up on the bed, thinking about everything they did to me.
Luckily for me, I escaped from death. After I tried to kill myself, I was saved.

“Miss. Amanda, you need to take your drugs” One of my personal nurse persuaded as she handed me a glass of water. I collected it immediately, starring at her with a warning glare. “I told you to stop calling me that name!” I yelled hurtfully. She apologized, walking away.

They’re all gonna pay. Those people that did this to me. They’re gonna pay miserably I swear.


Liana Ohmshford

I sighed frustratedly, tearing the paper into pieces.
My instinct was right, it was that Asshole, Nathan.

I don’t get it, why does he keep going after me anyways??? I don’t remember the moment I stepped on his toes or crossed his boundaries. I didn’t annoy or offend him in any way, so I don’t really understand why he’s trying to ruin my life in this highschool.

I’d better tell Xavier about what he wrote after Class.

People at the hallway starred at me weirdly, some were even whispering and pointing fingers at me accusingly. They kept on starring at their phone, muttering incoherent words.

What could be their beef??? And why’re they starring at me like that???

I shook my head , walking back to class.

“Ding ding ding” The bell rang indicating school was over. Students trooped out of the class, but not without throwing glares at me. I ignored them, walking towards the direction of the dormitory room.

I haven’t sighted Sherry today, maybe she went out with Oliver….Those love birds.

I shrugged the thoughts off, pushing the door open. I gasped loudly in shock as I sighted everywhere disorganized.
Flower vases were broke and the glass table was also broken too. There, I sighted Xavier taking hard drugstore. The stench radiated the entire room and it soon had effects on me coz I began to cough out loudly in pain.

What’s with him???

He’s still taking drugs huh??? One of the X. O. X. O guys was there trying to sooth and calm him. What’s happening???

“Xav” I called and squatted to his position but he pushed me away making me grow confused.

“I’ll just leave the both of you now” Oval said patting Xavier on the back before walking out. I lifted up his chin starring at his green eyeball, but he didn’t even stare at me.

He kept checking something on his phone and tears flowed from his eyes.

Why’s he avoiding me???

And what’s in his phone that’s making him act like this??? I’m really confused!!!

“Xavier, please talk to me. You’re killing me with the this silent treatment” I cooed softly caressing his curly hair, but he yanked my hands off, turning away from me.

Okay, that’s it!. I’m tired of him giving me the silent treatment. I’m giving him a piece of his own cake.

“Xavier I said talk to me!!; if you’re tired of me, just tell me already…..
I’m not even surprised at your nonchalant attitude. You’ve gotten what you wanted right??? You’ve used me and now you wanna toss me aside. Fine!! But before I leave just tell me what I did to you !!!!!” I yelled angrily, taking his phone from him. I got really angry and I threw it on the already broken glass table and it broke instantly.

Seems he doesn’t know how crazy I could be sometimes..

He finally starred at me with pain and hurt written on his face. “How could you Liana?? How could you do this???

I gave you everything I could.

I loved you. I stopped being a Playboy coz of you. I stopped going to clubs coz of you. I stopped watching porn coz of you. I stopped involving myself in illegal business coz of YOU!!! How could you do this huh!! How!!!” He yelled angrily in his baritone voice making me flinch fearfully.

What’s he insinuating????

“What’re you talking about Xav?” I asked softly as he chuckled sarcastically, bringing out another phone from his side pocket. He threw it to me and I picked it up. My eyes almost popped out if it’s sockets as I viewed the contents.

A picture of I and Nathan smooching each other???

No! This is fake, I never did any of this… Who could’ve posted this on the school’s page???? Which explains why everyone’s being starring at me weirdly since.

Oh no! This is not true!

I’m sure it was that shameless Asshole that pulled out this stunt.

“Xav, it’s not true. These are all fake. Please believe me, I didn’t do this” I pleaded but he wasn’t looking at my side at all. “Xav….…”

“Just leave me Liana”

“Fine, I’ll leave you alone Xavier. If you don’t wanna believe me, that’s really fine with me

okay?? Fine!!!!

I’m so highly disappointed with you. How could you believe I was cheating on you just because of a stupid fake picture huh??? You know I understand. You don’t trust me! Right??? Fine!!
But if you find out the real truth, don’t come running to me coz I’ll never ever come back to you again!!” I yelled angrily as I walked towards my room, packing my luggage’s.

I’m so hurt right now. I’m really regretting everything that happened between us. I’m regretting coming to this deteriorating highschool in the first place…. I can’t just believe he would do this to me.

How could he huh??? How could he not trust me???

I sniffed back the tears, zipping up the travelling bag. I dragged it, and wanted to walk out of the room, when I saw him, blocking my way. He was standing at the main entrance with an apologetic look on his face.

“I’m really sorry for being a Jerk. I can’t believe I was so stupid for believing what that Asshole posted about you. I’m sorry Lia ” he muttered inaudibly under his breath and my grip on the travelling bag released. I slapped him twice before unbuttoning his shirt, pulling him for a passionate kiss.



Now that’s true love. So guys do you think Jeanette deserves what she’s going through in Nathan’s hands. Do you think she deserves forgiveness? Who do you think is the unknown??
Comment yah thoughts and leave a long sweet comment sweethearts

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