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July 23, 2021


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Lesbian high school Episode 20 to 22

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👠🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👢

Episode 20



Liana Ohmshford

Is he being normal , and serious right now?? What type of an overcritical question is that huh? I starred up to him, but he only winked naughtily, making me gulp really hard nervously.

“Give me your reply tomorrow morning” He whispered, thwacking his hands on my butt, making me gasp angrily in shock. The heck? How dare he fucking do that?? This Jerk. My anger increased as I traveled my hands towards his cheeks, giving him a reverberating hot slap. Before I could utter “JACK ROBINSON!” Xavier already sprinted to where we were, fisting him on the face violently. People crowded us and the scenario turned extremely wild.

“Oh my gawd! He’s gonna kill him!!!” Exclaimed sherry mockingly as she laughed at Nathan’s disfigured face.

“Next time, you don’t lay your filthy hands on my girl” He said curtly, and I thought my ears were mistook words. Did he just call me his girl?? Xavier Martins just told everyone in this Highschool that I’m his girl!!

Oh my heart!

Sensations of happiness resonated deeply through my mind as I starred excitedly at him.

“I Swear y’all will regret this” He threatened, walking off staggeringly due to the fists and thwacks Xavier gave him.


I still couldn’t get the thoughts off my mind, even still in class, I wasn’t able to embrace concentration. Xavier’s word kept echoing through my mind. “Next time you don’t lay your filthy hands on my girl”

I found myself smiling sheepishly as I thought of it over and over again. The way he said it held so much possessiveness in his his baritone voice. It made my heart shudder in hope and extreme gleefulness.

We weren’t paired up anymore, coz the project was disrupted by the incident that occurred the previous day, so it was pending till further notice. Class was over and I packed up immediately, wanting to head back to the dormitory when a Blondie walked to me.

“Heyyy!!!” She squeaked excitedly as if that was the obvious thing in the world. Okay? Who’s she???

“I’m Shelby Wyatt”

“Liana Ohmshford” She rolled her eyes playfully. “Everyone knows your name”

“I just wanna be friends with you. ” She added humbly. I took my time to rummage my gaze on her. She doesn’t look too suspicious,but something caught my gaze.

A tattoo. Why’s the tattoo familiar to me??
Hope It isn’t what I’m thinking?? No!!!

Lorraine Ohmshford

I watched in anger as he defended that Stupid bitch even In my presence. He even called her his girl.

What the fuck??? The bitch was blushing too, and that made my anger increased extremely. I walked towards the hallway furiously, when two girls stopped me.

Alright.. Who are they???

“They call us the. J. O. Y girls!” They both muttered and I raised my eyebrows. “So??”

“We need your help”

“What help?” I asked strictly as one of them laughed maniacally, sneaking close to me. She whispered something to my ears, after biting my earlobe. She smiled and I grinned back.

I think I’m loving this plan, as long as it includes ruining that Bitch’s life. I’m so in.

Sherry Washington

I bade Liana goodbye and soon walked towards my locker. I was about opening it, when I felt a strong hands grip my lips, dragging me forcibly to the restroom. I wanted to scream, but he palmed my lips the more. I managed to turn and I saw Oliver.

Wait?? It was Oliver that dragged me here forcefully??? Jeez!
What does he wants again?? After using me and tossing me aside???

“Shhhhhh…. It’s me Oliver”

“Yeah, I know your name” I replied sarcastically, clutching my books tightly on my hands. He was looking so dripping hot and I was almost forced to kiss him.

“Look here, I know you’re angry but that doesn’t change a thing okay??” I fought with the tears that threatened to fall. “Why did you drag me here???”

The next statement he made almost triggered me to the bones.

“I want you to suck my D**k”

Nathan Davidson

I placed her in a doggy position, shifting her under things to the other side of her @$$. But that didn’t wash my anger away. I couldn’t stop pondering about what happened earlier at the basketball court.

That freaking Bastard!!!

How dare he fucking kick me on the balls just because of that worthless Bitch! He literally made me a subject of mockery in the presence of the whole students.

“Just shut up Bitch?!!” I screamed at the whore on her fours that kept screaming nonstop. I brought out my erected d!ck shoving deeply into her, while my other hands dragged her hair, my right hand went to her nipples and I squeezed it hard, still thrusting into her. Our skins made slapping sounds, followed her by her loud gasps and screams. I turned her to lie flat on her back, taking off my shirt. Her hands went to my back and I penetrated into her more deeply, biting her lower lips in completion. I tore off the sheath I used, discarding it into the wastebin. I paid the whore and she staggered off.

He embarrassed me right?? Time to add him into my revenge list. That slutty Liana or whatever her name was. She’s gonna face the ultimate consequences.
It’s just tomorrow night. She’ll scream my name so loud, begging me not to stop. Ha! She dare mess with me. Let’s wait for tomorrow then.


Episode 21&22


Sherry Washington

I gasped loudly, holding his jacket strongly for support as he pinned me to the wall, pushing into me intermittently. I moaned out loud as he squeezed both of my butt, thrusting harder into me.

He soon reached his climax and rounded up, forcing me into a long slurping kiss. I breathed out as he kissed my forehead, winking at me before walking out.


I’m so sore and I’m feeling pains all over my body. It’s not my first time but I could have sworn I felt his rod nearly grazing inside my V. walls. I arranged my hair and dress before walking out of the restroom, packing my books.


I slung my bag around my shoulders, heading towards the hallway. I waited for Liana to come out so we could both head to class but she didn’t even show up. I breathed out, checking my wrist watch consecutively but she didn’t still show up. I gave up walking over to class alone.

Lorraine Ohmshford

Darn it!!!!!

I cussed angrily walking towards the wardrobe coz I was just clad on a bumshort and a transparent blouse. My phone rang immediately and I rushed to pick it. I smiled really hard after checking the Callers. I. D

I’m sure they’ve taken care of that Bitch!!!

“Hello, have you abducted her already???” I asked in excitement but it all turned to a frown when I heard;

“It seems she beat us to our game. She haven’t been found since yesterday in the school’s premises”

What??? How long will it take to just kidnap that Slut. Just how much time huh???

“I want Liana to be Kidnapped now!!! You’re delaying the job!!!! Don’t call me unless you have good news okay???!!!” I yelped loudly, tossing the phone on the huge bed angrily. I slowly turned back and I saw Xavier with his hands above his chest.

I stood rooted to my spot as I starred at him with fear.

Oh my!!! I think he heard what I said!! I’m so toast.

Different thoughts ran through my mind as he walked closer towards me. I walked backwards, he walked closer again and I mimicked my previous actions until my back hit the wall.

I’m so dead!!

“You whore!! What did you do to Liana!!” He yelled angrily using his hands to choke me


~Somewhere in Blackville high~

Liana Ohmshford

Where the heck am I ??? Who put me here???
Oh no!! I haven’t been kidnapped before and I’m really scared.

I tried to stand up from where I was sitting, but I realize that I was strongly tied on a wooden chair. I looked around the strange place and I found out that it was an abandoned library. Cobwebs filled every where and it looked really old. The door cracked open, revealing…. Nathan!

Nathan freaking Davidson!!!

Why on earth would he kidnap me??? I shivered in ultimate fear as he moved closer towards me.

“We meet again”

“What did I do to you. Let me go now!!!” I yelled angrily causing three huge slaps to Land on my face. Tears streamed down from my eyes as his fingers found way under my skirt, taking my underthings off immediately.

“Point of order, you really offended me. I wasn’t goanna hurt you. I just wanted to have a taste of that sweet p***y but you were really proving stubborn. But now I’ll have to this the hard way” He whispered, trailing kisses to my cleavages.

“Nathan p..please” I whimpered.

“I’ll give you just two options. Undress now or I’ll call seven of my men and they’ll have to take it forcefully with you” He breathed out withdrawing from me.

“Why’re you doing this?? Please Iet me go”

“Do you really think I’m joking with you??? Seven of my men or me!!” He yelled questioningly.
I nodded slowly in tears as he chuckled, and unloosed the rope from my body, pointing a gun on my forehead in case I try anything stupid.

Is this how I’m gonna lose my virginity?? To someone who doesn’t even love me ????

“Take off your clothes”



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