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July 30, 2021


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Lesbian high school Episode 1 & 2

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🍆👢{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined} 🍆👠

Written by Olivia Pope A.K.A Candy Bella.

Episode 1



Liana Ohmshford

‘Ding, ding ding ding ding ding…! It’s a beautiful morningggggggg’ Came the annoying loud voice of my Alarm. I groaned in my sleep, using the huge fluffy pillow to decimate the sound, by stucking it on my ears, but it only increased the more.

I shut the alarm off and hopped back to the bed again, when I heard Mom’s perturbing voice.

‘Won’t you wake up??! It’s already morning Liana’ She screeched loudly but I simply ignored her, enjoying my sleep. The next action my body harbored was a cold liquid being poured roughly on me. I opened my eyes and sighted Mom with her hands on her hips, and a bowl of water in her hands.

‘Mommmmmm!?!’ I yelped angrily standing up from the Bed instantly. She ruined my beautiful sleep, Why does she have to huh? Why???

‘Don’t you know you’re starting your new boarding school today? ’ She queried and immediately I heard that word, my heart thumped in fear.
Reality vanned in, My eyes popped out shockingly.

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Oh no!! I’m starting a new school today, and I slept off, I instantaneously peeked at the wall clock and it clicked ‘7:43’

Oh no!!! I’m late! I’m freaking late! What on earth is wrong with me??! Why do I have to be so forgetful?

‘Serves you right, next time, you’ll wake up early, Breakfast is already downstairs incase you’re hungry ’ She added walking out of my room as her footsteps faded gradually.
I ambled off to the bathroom quickening my actions.

I got dressed in a blue fitted pant and a yellow crop top with the inscription ‘Naughty gal’ I wore my White sneakers, packing my long hair into two ponytails, folding them twice, because it was extremely long, nearly reaching my waist.

Let me give you an Autobiography huh?

I’m Liana Ohmshford, 18years of age. I’m crazy, rude and sassy. I live alone with my Mom, and my Dad? It’s complicated. He abandoned my Mom when I was 6, and ever since then she has been the only one taking care of me singlehandedly.

I starred admiringly at my perfect figure through the Mirror that was placed in my room. I had a slender physique, down to my curvy hips, defining my seductive curves.
This is the first time I’ll attend a boarding school and I’m freakishly nervous. My heart couldn’t stop thumping repeatedly.

I descended the stairs as I made bouncing sounds, Mom was already downstairs with her face teary.

What a dramatic Mom??!!

‘Mom, will you stop crying?? I’m only going there for 3months, not 20years!’ I said with an eye roll, as she caressed my hair intermittently, sniffing and sobbing. She pulled me in for a hug, never letting go.

‘Mom, I’ll be late ’ I muttered, obviously pissed off, of her childish attitude.

‘One more hug please ’ She muttered inaudibly under her breath, I rolled my eyes sarcastically as I locked my arms with hers closely, engulfing her into a warm hug. She said some silent prayers before unlocking the hug eventually and I breathed a sigh of relief.

‘More hug ’ She requested and I glared hard at her, before exiting the house, heading outside. The Chauffeur was already outside coz I could sight him clearly from the blue car. I hopped into the Car after putting my travelling bag into the boot.

He couldn’t even help me with it! Humph! He flashed me a small smile, before zooming off.


‘Wowwwwwww, is this heaven or Paradise?!’ I exclaimed surprisingly, using my palm to cover my mouth but I failed woefully, My loud screams filled the entire atmosphere and everyone turned to stare at me awkwardly and weirdly like I’ve grown two horns.

What is wrong with her??

Why’s she screaming crazily??

New student huh!

She’s Crazy!.

Has she gone nuts?

Different kind of comments emerged out of their mouths but I ignored them, walking through the Hall way when three sexy girls passed through my direction.

They all dyed their hair pink and they looked identical and classically dressed. One of them pecked the other’s lips and the rest giggled.

‘Maybe they’re best friends? ’ I shrugged the dirty thoughts off as I starred nonstop at their outfit. The figure that was articulated at the back of their red jackets was the shape of a girl almost naked.

‘J. O. Y girls ’ was boldly inscribed on it. I starred at them in awe. What type of a boarding school is this??! I wanted to waltz off when four hot guys trooped in silmutaneously, shocking me to the bones.

Is this a Greek god or a human?? I know you must be definitely anticipating for a description of their looks and outfits, but right now, I can’t, the shock that passed through me like an electron didn’t enhance me to have time for an elaboration.

They’re so hot!

I love them so much

I want a night stand with you Xavier

Oliver, please marry me

Xazix just take me away to Planet Mercury

Oval just drown me immensely with your cuteness.

I stood transfixed in my spot, listening to the dirty comments and compliments. One of the guys starred at me longingly and I gulped hard nervously, as my thigh almost wobbled to the floor. He stole a quick glance at me, before walking away.

Okay I’ve had enough of this drama. I’m heading to the janitor’s office in request of my locker key and dormroom number. I let out a long exaggerated sigh, scrambling off till I sighted a white door, I pushed it open and saw a pretty lady in her thirtees.

‘Good morning. I’m a new student and….’ my statement was impeded by her.

‘What is your favorite sex position?’ She asked whisperingly, Sitting down on the mahogany table starring at me seductively, while I starred at her in confusion.

What’s she insinuating? Favorite position?!?

‘My locker key Ma’am, and number of my dorm room ’ I stated, tactically changing the topic. Once a smile jumped into her face, she searched for something in her table, arranging the files and documents. She brought out the locker key and handed it to me, while I quickly collected it. She shocked me to the bones when she bit my earlobes twirling her tongue with it as a laugh escaped from her mouth. I ambidextrously used both of my hands to wipe off her salivary spit from my ears, groaning in disgust.

‘Enjoy your stay here, if you need anything, feel free to ask me’ She mumbled and I faked a smile before walking out, Still perplexed about the whole thing.

I traced the number of my dorm room and landed at a white door. Moans filled the area which got me wondering what might be happening. I pushed the brown polished door open and my eyes almost popped out of it’s sockets on the heart shocking event I saw.

What the heck???! Two girls on each other??!? Sucking and kissing themselves???!!


Episode 2


Jeanette Blues

I hopped into the huge fluffy bed with my girls, grinning widely from ear to ear unceasingly. Onita crawled up sneakily, grabbing my toes, twirling her tongue repeatedly on it, I moaned out loudly as she took the other one, biting it softly. She walked closer sitting on my Laps, as I widened my legs in reciprocity, grabbing her hair, I forcibly placed her on the Bed and she giggled excitedly removing her net pop socks, and her jacket revealing only her pant and brazier. I grinned excitedly sighting her perfect shape. I trailed kisses to her abdomen sporadically, licking her navel, twirling my wet lengthen tongue with it at the same time. She laughed maniacally as I used my teeth to tear off her C-string, widening her two legs before kneeling in front of the space I created. She held my back with both her polished nails while I pinned my hands on her fresh laps, licking her honeypot consecutively. She moaned out silently as I bit it softly. I turned her over, squeezing her bossom and biting my teeth exasperatedly on the other one. I took off her brazier, sucking on her boobs, at the same consecutive time, prickling the other one.

‘Go faster babyyy…’ She screeched immediately as I dipped my finger into it, moving in and out, I changed it to two fingers increasingly. Yvonne crawled at my back squeezing my bossom from behind expertly, while Onita switched positions and I turned Yvonne over, riding fastly on her bossom kissing her lips roughly at the same consecutive time. I turned her to face me, and she brought out her fingers, I grabbed it, sucking on it softly as I jumped on her honey pot, squeezing it with my fingers.

We all kissed ourselves silmutaneously, laughing non stop as we settled back on the Bed.

‘To the J.O.Y girls..!! ’ We cheered loudly, taking a glass cup, sipping it softly. Yvonne sat on my laps, while Onita caressed her back.

‘A new girl just got admitted here ’ She notified crawling close to me but I raised my hands up as a sign of restrict and she crawled back to Yvonne. I was so interested about this new girl that just got to our high school.

‘And I wasn’t aware? ’i asked , scoffing in disbelief as Yvonne freed herself from Onita sitting comfortably on my laps while I dipped my hands into her anus, biting her oval nose in return.

‘She’s gonna join us, send a message to her anonymously, and run a check on her. I need to know everything about this new girl ’ I replied, biting my teeth on her back licking it.

‘What if she doesn’t wanna join us. Her toughness can’t be brought down easily at all’ Onita replied crawling back to us as she dipped Yvonne’s fingers into her glass juice, forcibly gulping it into her throat, spanking her butt.

‘You do know what happens when we’re rejected by those strong headed girls right?? If she doesn’t join us. I’ll do to her what I did to Veronica, and Immediately she’ll come begging to suck our clits’ I muttered shamelessly, caressing the girls thigh as I sipped from my vodka.

No one rejects the J.O.Y girls offer. No one…!!!

Liana Ohmshford

I gasped loudly in shock and perplexity as fear and anger reverberated through me. Is this what they always do ??? Oh my!!

They caught gaze with me and I was expecting them to gasp surprisingly and stop what disgusting attitude they were engaged in but they only laughed, sucking on each other’s nipples. Holy moly. One of the blonde walked to me, but I moved backwards and my gaze drifted to a knife and an orange. I quickly reached for it and pointed it to her, my eyes were bloodshot and anger radiated through me.

‘If any of you lesbian bitches come close to me, I’ll slit your throat ’ I threatened murderously, and they walked back immediately with her hands up indicating a sign of surrender.

What type of a school is this huh??? Jeez!!!

Suddenly we heard the bell ring for science class and I quickly packed my books. I got into the class and met the shock of my life.

A girl on a table and another girl biting her nipples. Could you believe that they were half naked??? Holy shit!! Their attention drifted to me and they bursted into a long laughter. I quickly found a lonely seat and I sat on it, watching the Crazy dirty scenario. One of them wore a very short tight skirt and a armless red dress that outlined her boobs and cleavages.

A Male teacher walked in with a science textbook, I was expecting him to scream loudly at them or give them a massive punishment, but he only winked naughtily at one of the girls, while she blew him a kiss. All these while, when the teaching was going on. Some wrote love letter, while some lifted up their skirts winking and biting their tongue at the girls while some guys caressed the laps of the girl sitting beside her, but she pushed him away, going to meet the other girl.

The Greek gods walked into the class again and everyone screamed excitedly. I starred dreamily at one of the guys, he looked at me plainly before sitting at the back.

‘You….!!’ The teacher suddenly called and I stood up. Everyone attention digressed to me and some opened their boobs for me, winking flirtatiously. I sent her a deadly glare and she giggled and looked away.

‘State the law of gravity ’ He asked and I mentally yelped. What a cheap question?? I thought inwardly and answered him. ‘The law of gravity clearly States that anything that goes up, must surely come down ’ I explained intellectually and everyone including the Greek gods bursted into a mocking laughter. I wasn’t finding anything funny so I wondered while they laughed unexpectedly at me.

‘That is 100%wrong ’ He replied shocking me to the bones. He faced the other girl that raised up her hands and she stood up ‘The law of gravity clearly States that any girl Boob’s that comes up must surely ooze out discharge and come down’

What !!! What type of a dumb explanation is that??? That is wrong!! What’s wrong with these people???

‘That is Correct ’ The male teacher remarked and I gasped loudly in surprise. What type of a stupid elaboration is that???

I sat down with confusion articulating in me intermittently. A brown haired girl sat with me and I shifted from her, her lips constructed a sweet smile and she shook her head at me.

‘I’m not like others. I’m not practicing lesbianism. My name is Sherry by the way’ She said, having a straight smile on her face which later metamorphose to a friendly smile.

I believed her wholeheartedly and sat back with her still confused about the whole drama that has been occurring since I got here.

‘This high school?? What is it all about?? So many strange things are happening ’ I cried out and she laughed, opening the first page of her textbook. I starred at it and my mouth hanged open when I saw the picture of two girls kissing each other. ‘That’s my economics textbook ’ She stated as-a-matter-of-factly

‘Don’t tell me that despite everything you saw, you don’t still understand?? ’ She asked and I furrowed my brow in confusion ‘Understand what?’ I asked and she sighed.

‘Every year if a male is admitted here, he’ll have to rape a girl to prove his worthiness. I’m still wondering why you didn’t get laid though. You see those Greek gods?’ She asked and I nodded for her to continue talking.

‘They have one secret or the other hanging on them. Before they became the X.O.X.O guys, they paid a price. If you’ve been given a offer to join the J.O.Y girls and you refused. You’ll be disvirgined, that’s if you’re a virgin. And if you’re not a virgin, you’ll be forced to suck a sachet of cum. All of the girls you’re seeing here, they all had their first orgasm.
There’s only one way out….!’




So many secrets ooo. The main question is: How did Sherry escape this madness??

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