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last day at mystery high episode 21



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 21


By : Kebby NG Media Services

Sharon stood in the room, starring at Gladys who glared at her in return.

“So? What would your answer be? Will chose to disrupt the wedding and condemn your mother to face the consequence or would you accept the marriage and live happily ever after with your prince, the girls I know of your age want that”Gladys said

“Well I Don’t. Don’t you see that you all are condemning Louis and I into a life full of misery, we don’t love each other, you all married for love but we will be marrying each other for the wrong reason”Sharon said

“I doubt that, like I said earlier, Louis is your other half and even though you aren’t in love, you are meant to be!”She said

“Meant to be my foot.if I do marry your grand son, i will make his life a living hell, that I can promise” she said and turned to leave

“Don’t let your anger over rule you, who knows you might enjoy this marriage if you put your mind at it”Gladys said

“How can I enjoy some thing that just the mere thought of it makes me angry”Sharon retorted

“You need to get used to it now or you wont be able to, a piece of advice, my grand son is lovable just put your mind at it and who knows, you might just love him more than life itself “She said

“That will never, ever happen”Sharon said as she left the house in.

“Be careful of humans”Gladys said after her and waited one or two minutes.

“Make my life a living hell!”Louis yelled as he walked out of the room towards his grand ma

He didn’t know why the old lady had asked him to visit her but after this, he knew why she had insisted on him visiting.

“You heard that right! You’ve got your hand full on this one”Gladys said

“I won’t marry her If she doesn’t want to marry me” Louis said only to receive a hit from his grand ma

“You should have thought of that before getting in the way! You should have thought of that before making her yours, you foolish boy”His grand ma said trying to hit him again but he was able to miss it.

“She must really hate me right?”Louis asked

“Didn’t you hear her! I doubt if she will ever like you and you know that you must make sure she likes you” Gladys said

“Is it a must! Can’t we just get married and end it that way”

“It would have been a different issue if she had Loved you but she doesn’t love you and this is some thing you have brought on your self, it’s the only solution that I have gotten for a while now”she said

“Is there no other solution apart from marriage?”Louis asked

“None. So I suggest that you start convincing that girl to marry you, black mailing her with her mother wouldn’t work for long, make sure you woo her even though it’s a lie from your part, she must fall for you or else……”

“Or else what? Come to think of it, you never told me the importance of all of this, all you keep on saying is that I must make her love me even though I don’t feel the same, why? Why must she fall for me? I already marked her and as long as she is mine,Harvey can’t get close to her”Louis said

“Should there be a reason before you fall for some one, there shouldn’t be right! Remember she still doesn’t remember that you bit her and made her Into one of us, once that happen, I hope it wouldnt be too late. So just do as have said, you don’t want to know what the out come of this will be ” Gladys said as she began to walk into the room.

” She won’t ever remember grand ma and though I still find this a lot tiring I will do as you have said. I will make her fall for me and will try to live a happily ever after life with her”Louis said and turned to leave too.

Gladys turned to see her grand son walking off with a smile on his face.

What will happen if she doesn’t get to see him smile some day!

With that thought still in her head, she head to her room hoping that the two kids will some how get along.

Sharon got down from the bus, still shocked by her disscussion with Louis grand ma.

She knew coming to this place would change her life drastically and that change is about to happen now,she thought as she walked the few distance to her house.

She stopped when she saw a car park in front of her house.

It was the same as the one earlier, the emblem was there and that irritates her.

She has been hoping to see Louis face to face , so she can tell him to go to hell with his wedding and now it turns out that he is in her house.

She rushed into the house screaming all sort of insults ready to hit him when she saw him face to face but then she stopped when she saw who was sitting in the living room with her mother.

“You bloody son of a…….”She paused when Harvey and her mom stared at her with a worried look on their face.

“What’s wrong my child?'”Her mother asked she walked towards her

“Oh! I thought it was some one I knew, am sorry, I will head to my room, you two can continue with your disscussion” Sharon said heading to her room only for Harvey to block her path.

“I came to see you not your mom, not that you haven’t been a pleasant host Suzanne but Sharon and I have a lot to talk about too”Harvey said as he pulled Sharon out of the house with out waiting for her mom to give them permission.

He is used to having things his way and no one not even Sharon mother would stop him from talking to his other half.

Sharon let him pull her out of the house,into the path way but when he wouldn’t let go of her hand, she pulled away.

Right now she is at odds with every one of the royal family, having Harvey here just makes her more angry.

“What’s the matter”Harvey asked

“I thought you wanted to talk”She questioned in return

“Yes I want to but then I want us to do it while taking a stroll”

“Am not in the mood for taking a stroll right now? Just tell me what you want and leave”She said

“Why are you suddenly distant, you were quite warm to me before”Harvey said

“I don’t remember ever being warm to you. All I know is that you are Louis brother and right now I don’t want to see either Louis or any one of his family”She said

“What happened….I was just gone for two weeks, what changed you Sharon, you aren’t even smiling?”He said as he stared at her.

“Where were you for two weeks”Sharon find her self asking, though she still can’t believe that she and Harvey had gotten close to each other in the past.

The last thing she remembered was having collided into him and nothing more but now he was speaking like they have talked to each other more than once already.

“I was at the states, father s£nt me there to deal with some stuffs and now am back ” Harvey said

“Welcome back but now I have to return to the ……”

“What’s going on Sharon? Why does it look like you don’t want to talk to me “Harvey asked

“Its because I don’t want to, I don’t want to have any thing to do with you royal, you all make me sick, I hate you all” Sharon said as she tried to pull off but Harvey held her to him

“What’s wrong Sharon? Did Louis do some thing, did he try to make your life a living hell? Did he……”

“Stop putting words in her mouth “Some one said from a distance and they both turned to see Louis standing by the end of the road.

Just the person she has been wishing to see, Sharon thought as she glared at Louis who made his way towards them.

“What the hell are you doing here?”Harvey asked as his hold on Sharon became more fierce, some thing Louis noticed and didn’t like at all.

Having s£nt Harvey to the states instead of louis to deal with some problem that had to do with the company was to get Harvey out of the way.

His father didn’t want a fight occuring between both his sons and so he s£nt Harvey off hoping he will be there for another week when Sharon and he will be married but as it turns out Harvey had to come back unannounced like this and the first place he had to come to was Sharon, he really hope that she won’t spill the bean about their up coming marriage.

“I came to check on her just like you’ve come to do”Louis replied

“And just what right do you have in checking what’s mine”Harvey asked this and sharon found her self starring at Harvey.

Just who the hell was he calling his? She thought as she tried to pull away but his hold on was still strong.

“From what I heard last, you haven’t been given permission to return, the company at the……”

“The states is all good to go, you don’t have to concern your self about it, I will handle it my self and I will also handle this issue now, leave Louis and stay away from Sharon, this is the last warning that am going to give you “Harvey said

What’s wrong with this two, why are they acting like she was their possession.

“It’s because you are!” Louis said suddenly and she stared at him shock,Did he just read her mind, if he did then he must certainly know how much she hated him right now.

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